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Midterm Study Guide 2015

by: Sydney Loethen

Midterm Study Guide 2015 History 1100

Sydney Loethen
GPA 3.733
Survey of American History to 1865
John Wigger

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About this Document

Study guide for the upcoming midterm. Covers almost every numbered point on the study guide and puts all of the important information from class in one spot.
Survey of American History to 1865
John Wigger
Study Guide
midterm, Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sydney Loethen on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to History 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by John Wigger in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Survey of American History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
History 1100 Midterm Study Guide Columbus and his voyages O O 0 Wanted to be part of nobility I Chose life at sea Didn t prove the earth is a sphere I Columbus underestimated circumference by 13 Never sailed around the world Reasons for exploration I Find passage to Asia I Religious mission Brought bubonic plague chicken pox small pox cholera diphtheria gonorrhea in uenza malaria measles mumps scarlet fever whooping cough yellow fever Enslaved Tainos Indians Impact of European diseases on Native Americans 0 O 4 disease pools I Europe I Africa I Asia I Americas 0 Isolated had absolutely no resistance to the diseases because had never encountered before Native population of central Mexico dropped I 25000000 in 1520 to 850000 in 1608 Puritanism in England 0 Henry VIII wanted a divorce to get a son I Pope said no I Severed ties between Catholic church and England 0 Calvinism or predestination I God decides everything I Gods sovereignty allows him to predetermine everything 0 Authority of the Bible I English valued written word and literacy 0 Holistic view of society 0 Covenants I If you have ability to live good life you are chosen I If you think you re damned you must live a good life to keep the community s covenant with God Jamestown 0 Virginia Company OO O I J oint stock to set up new colony Death at Jamestown I 144 left England 0 105 reached Chesapeake in April 1607 O 38 still alive in January 1608 I Malnutrition I Weakness I Disease John Smith I Lead Jamestown colony I Only 12200 died under his lead I Negotiated with Powhatan and Pocahontas John Smith leaves I 400500 died I Starvation Sir Thomas Dale I Reports men spent all their time bowling in the streets I Weren t preparing to grow food or built shelter Too many gentlemen Hunger and disease Communal organization I No individual incentives Dependent on Indians Lack of work ethic Tobacco saved colony I Provided motivation I 25200 a yearworker Tobacco in the Chesapeake O O Unfree labor I 85 immigrants arrived as indentured servants I 80 men served for 57 years Price collapse I Sunk 97 I 36 pencelb to 1 pencelb 0 Cost 2 pencelb to produce Productivity I 65000 lb in 1620s I 1 million in 1630s I 20 million by 1670s Little opportunity Land exhaustion I Could only plant tobacco for 3 successive years 0 Price remained low Indentured Servants in the South 0 00000 Landowner benefits I Cost 1012 each I 50 acre head rights 0 Turns into human trafficking Terms of service I 7 years Hardships Alternative labor and slavery Trying to leave could result in harsh punishments Richard Frethome Gottlieb Mittelberger The Pilgrims O O 0 English separatists I Meet secretly or decide to reform the church To Holland I Wanted freedom I Very tolerant Life in Holland I Kids grow up Dutch I Didn t want kids to be Dutch I Moved to Plymouth The Great Puritan Migration O O O O O Nonseparating Puritans 20000 I 1630s Middle class Virginia had waterways vs New England had towns Puritan Theorv 0 000000 Calvinismpredestination God s sovereignty Bible s authority Holistic view of society Covenants between God and his people Society is fundamentally hierarchial Church and State I Only church members could vote I Born and baptized in England I Had to relate conversion experience Role of Covenants O God isn t out to trick anyone I If you live a good life you ve probably been chosen I If you don t have a good life you re probably headed to hell I Still must try to live a good life to keep covenant with God 0 Keep the community pure I Purge anyone like witches who were destroying the pure community Witchcraft 0 Ann Hutchinson I Gave her own talks I More conservative I Claimed God spoke to her 0 Put on trial before ministers 0 Hearing voices was a problem I Exiled to Rhode Island 0 Middleaged women 0 Usually women 0 Indians weren t accused I Not part of the covenant O 16 childless I Made you stand out 0 Domestic troubles I God s grace wasn t upon you so more susceptible to the devil 0 Crime 0 Doctoring and midwifery 0 Lower social standing 0 Abrasive character I Looking for intentional acts I Not insanity they recognized mental illness Salem Witch Trials 0 Town history I Dramatic uneven growth I Unequal wealth distribution I Lots of young girls lost parents in war 0 Porters vs Putnams I Wealthy vs farmers 0 Everybody believed in witches 0 Girls started acting very unusla after fortunes 0 Spectral evidence I Willing to listen to testimonies that people saw spirits I Can t defend yourself 0 George Burroughs I People would break out into hysterics and seizures when he entered 0 141 indictments 0 l9 executed I Hanged I 14 women 5 men 0 When accused I Go to court 0 Profess innocence 0 Get let off or put to death 0 Admit and apologize 0 Let off 0 Had to name accomplises 0 Ann Putnam s confession Indians settlers and guns 0 Settlers I Had guns I Far outnumbered Indians I Won but barer 0 Indians I No guns I Much more skilled with bow and arrow I Bow and arrow were much faster Gender Imbalance in Chesapeake 0 Men outnumbered women 41 0 Premarital pregnancies common I 13 pregnant when wed Bacon s Rebellion 0 Nathaniel Bacon IWealthy 29 year old IEstablished plantation upriver from Jamestown IFriends w governor 0 Con ict w local Indians IBacon s pigs were stolen ITried to take Indian land 0 Governor said no 0 Bacon raises army 39Attacks Susquehannahs and Occaneechees 0 Bacon burns Jamestown 0 Bacon dies 0 Symbol of discontent Development of African American societv in Chesapeake O 3 stages of community development 39Stage 1 16501690 0 Small plantations 0 Little communities 0 Mostly immigrants 0 Con icting legal status 39Stage 2 16901740 0 Large scale slave importations 0 Hard to develop community 0 Small plantations 0 Social con icts among slaves 39Stage 3 17401790 0 Slave importations decline 0 Plantation size increases 0 Black population growth 0 More stable communities Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards 0 Know info from books Spark Notes Metacom s War 0 Metacom s tribe killed a Christian 0 Indians are shot 0 English suspicious of Indian allies Metacom out of resources 0 O 800 colonists and 3000 Indians killed Marv Rowlandson 0 Know info from book 0 Review with Spark Notes The Settlement of the Carolinas 0 James I Charles I Charles II James II 39Overthrown in Glorious revolution James II 0 Restoration colonies 39Carolinas 39New York 39NeW Jersey 39Pennsylvania 0 Church of England 39FeW priests no bishop Charles Woodmason 39Anglican missionary 0 Naviation Acts 0 Mercantilism 39 Government control of foreign trade 39Colonies provided markets for English Early settlement 1663 by Charles 11 Early settlers from Barbados Livestock tobacco lumber turpentine pitch Introduction to rice 0 Rice and the Early Development of the Carolinas 0 annual plant 0 originated in China 0 traditionally grown in Africa labor intensive requires ample water for ooding fields Slavery in the Carolinas 0 First African Americans 39Uncertain legal status 39Close connections With Barbados 39KneW how to grow rice 39Immune to some diseases 0 Yellow fever 0 Society based on slave labor Black majority Con ict and accommodation 39Task system and black markets 39Regulations on clothes and food 0 Threat of slave uprisings 0 Runaways The Seven Years War 0 Dispute With French 39Over Ohio River Valley 0 Virginia expedition 39Under George Washington 0 Braddock s defeat 39Killed in attempt to capture Fort Duquesne 0 British defeats in America and Europe Population and Consumer Trends 0 330000 to 1 million 0 Life expectancy in south caught up to the north 0 Colonial women 39Average 8 children 42 grandchildren 0 British women 39Average 5 children 15 grandchildren 0 Consumer revolution 39Import textiles ceramics glassware shoe buckles clocks etc 0 Worldwide population growth I China Europe colonies The Proclamation Line of 1763 O Consequence of 7 Years War George Whitefield and the Great Awakening 0 Family circumstances 39The inn 39Death of his father at 35 39Society split into really wealthy and commonpeople 0 Early education classical education and acting 39Get to university 39Had to read classics in original languages 39Really good at actingpublic speaking 0 Innovations 39Dramatic field preaching 0 Preach out in open 0 Attract large crowds I Preached in new ways 0 Didn t write out sermons 0 Lots of passion LongTerm Impact of Great Awakening 0 Religious faith as personal preference Decline of Anglicans Congregationalists Quakers Rise of Baptists Presbyterians and Methodists 39New Light colleges 0 African American Christianity Religious toleration 39Breakdown of old categories 0 0 IO O Colonial unity I Drew Americans together The Stamp Act 0 Tax in Britain and colonies 3926 shillingsperson in Britain 391215 per person in America 0 Tax on paper 0 Virtual representation 0 Extent of protests Riots 39Resolution passed in Virginia 0 Stamp distributors 39The weak link 39Attacllted by colonists The Medieval Warm Period 0 9001200 AD 0 Some of warmest 4 centuries 0 Temp above average 0 Tied to European expansion I Height of Norse in uence 39Iceland and Greenland settled 0 European expansion 39Agriculture at very high elevations 0 Grew grapes for wine 39English and French populations boomed 39Age of cathedrals 0 Optimism British Lovalists during American Revolution 0 20 white population 0 Recent British immigrants 397 Years War soldiers 0 Made deal to stay in America 39Still attached to homeland O Strongholds 11 NY NJ GA NC SC 39Where previous soldiers settled in Native Americans during American Revolution 0 Slaves 39Freedom offered to join the British side 0 Indians 39Proclamation Line of 1763 protected them American Revolution Radical 0 French supported the Americans 39Hated Americans less than they hated the British 39HUGE deal 0 France declared war on Britain 39Britain now fighting a world war Sugar and Slaverv in the Caribbean 0 Sugar 39Scarce luxury commodity in England 39Previous got from Mediterranean basin and Morocco 0 Not produced in large quantities 0 High price 39English learned to make sugar from Portuguese and Dutch 39Sugar boom 0 Barbados 0 Price of land increased 10X 0 Slavery 39Sugar planters first English to practice slavery on large scale 39250000 to 1480000 from 1700 to 1800 0 Death sentence for slaves I Indentured servitude didn t work I Revolts Pirates in the Caribbean 0 1560s1730s 39Aimed at Spanish ships Mirrored trade and colonization con icts English Dutch French pirates More democratic 39Elected captain 39Divided plunder by formula 39Divided up room no special treatment 39Officers ate with everyone Became pirates when merchant ships were taken Most in mid 20s Attracted to egalitarian command structure


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