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Introduction to Leisure Services

by: Tad Lang

Introduction to Leisure Services RCLS 2000

Tad Lang
GPA 3.68

Paige Schneider

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About this Document

Paige Schneider
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tad Lang on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to RCLS 2000 at East Carolina University taught by Paige Schneider in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 116 views. For similar materials see /class/221329/rcls-2000-east-carolina-university in Recreation and Leisure Studies at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
What Is Your motivation This type ofmotivator includes controlling obesity preserving cardiovascular health and achieving wellness PHYSICAL MOTIVATORS This type ofmotivator includes relaxation and escape PHYSCOLOGICAL MOTIVATORS The life stage ofthe individual the nature of the activities and this affect leisure motivation GENDER This type ofmotivation consists of elements that drive a person to participate in a certain activity just for the activity itself and an external reward INTRINSIC MOTIVATOR Emotional Intellectual and Spiritual Motivators of recreation are important in fulfilling social needs ego needs and this the highest level of Maslow39s Hierarchy SELFACTUALIZATION Leisure amp Age Teens often claim this is the reason they engage in criminal or thrill seeking activities BO REDOM This type of recreation in the lives of older adults serves as a Viable substitute for work after retirement because of the socialization aspects sense of recognition and selfworth it provides VOLUNTEERISM This group of adults are consistently deprived of leisure time SINGLE PARENTS This initiative is a coalition of organizations who have organized a campaign to encourage kids to get outside because they understand that playing outside can improve a child39s emotional health reduce stress and reduce behavior disorders such as ADHD NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE This industry has begun to recognize the importance of physical activity as a leisure pursuit for adults thus they have become more health conscious and are providing more and more opportunities for their guests to be physically active TRAVEL INDUSTRY Socioeconomical Factors While sex refers to an individual39s biological classification this describes characteristics or roles that society attaches to males or females GENDER While ethnicity refers to an individual39s unique social and cultural heritage this refers to a persons genetic makeup RACE This group is currently in the dominant minority in the United States HISPANICS Gender sexual orientation raceethnicity and this affect an individuals leisure experiences SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS These three social classes have been the predominant users of nonprofit and public recreation services POOR WORKING CLASS MIDDLE CLASS Constraints amp Diversity Going to see a band you hate because your boyfriendgirlfriend loves them is an example ofthis kind of constraint INTERPERSONAL Skipping out on going to the movies with your friends because you just don39t have the money is an example of this type of constraint STRUCTURAL This perspective of program delivery is Where an agency offers programs designed to include different ethnic groups together so that they can interact and learn from one another MELTING POT APPROACH This perspective of program delivery is Where an agency offers different programs tailored to the needs of different ethnic groups MOSAIC APPROACH These are the three steps Chavez suggested when taking steps to include different racial and ethnic groups INVITE INCLUDE INVOLVE Community Benefits This is the term used to mean a significant clustering ofpeople with a common bond COMMUNITY Lawrence Allen found that ofthe seven dimensions of community life this was the best overall predictor of resident satisfaction RECREATIONAL This is the term used when an individual gives of their time and talent to their community HUMAN CAPITAL When human capital is merged with this a term meaning an individual39s social networks they have the opportunity to strengthen the community SOCIAL CAPITAL When participation in an activity results In things such as relaxation and stress reliefA person experiences this type ofbenefit INDIVIDUAL Benefits This is the term used to describe separate Recreation programs for people with disabilities SPECIAL RECREATION This type of recreation is used to help clients become selfsufficient increase self esteem improve functional states and learn social skills THERAPUTIC RECREATION This is the type of recreation delivery system that provides opportunities for people with and Without disabilities to interact together INCLUSIVE RECREATION This community benefit of recreation helps to prevent What type of behavior ANITSOCIAL or DELINQUENT This function of community recreation is focused on making the community a desirable place to live by providing pleasurable and constructive opportunities for leisure ENRICHING QUALITY OF LIFE It39s All Public While some federal agencies such as the US Forest Service are focused on conservation efforts the mission of the National Park Service focuses on this PRESERVATION This was the first legislatively created National Park YELLOWSTONE Although public programs are still supported by tax dollars this has become an acceptable method ofincreasing the budget ofpublic recreation agencies FREEBASED PROGRAMS or CHARGING FEES What level ofgovernment is primarily responsible for meeting the day to day leisure needs of the community LOCAL COUNTY or MUNICIPLE This is the term for the mandate ofthe US Forest Service which allows for activities such as mining grazing lumbering recreation and hunting MULTIPLE USE It39s About The Profit or Not These organizations are often identified as the voluntary sectorquot NON PROFITS This sector of recreation seeks to capitalize on recreation interests and generate profit for the owners ofthe business COMMERCIAL RECREATION These are what form when public nonprofit or commercial agencies work together and share facilities or cosponsor events PARTNERSHIPS While public agencies are focused on serVing the community at large nonprofit agencies are concerned with this COMMUNITY ISSUES SOCIAL VALUES CONSTRUCTIVE SOCIAL OUTCOMES This is the category of agencies such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Boys and Girls Clubs and the Police Athletic League they are nonprofit agencies that are nationally affiliated but consist of local branches NONSECTARIAN YOUTH SERVING ORGANIZATIONS Specialized Recreation Therapy leisure education and this are the three areas of service identified by The National Therapeutic Recreation Society RECREATION PARTICIPATION Of the four models oftherapeutic recreation discussed this one is used to teach basic social and cognitive skills EDUCATION AND TRAINING MODEL This provision of program services is geared toward achieving maximum benefit in relation to the patients stage ofillness and recovers CONTINUUM OF CARE Many jobs in recreational therapy will require this certification in order to be eligible for employment CTRS This is the most widely recognized organization within the field of Recreation Therapy it provides advocacy support and growth within the RT field ATRA Extra Specialized Recreation MWR stands for this MORALE WELFARE amp RECREATION Funding for MWR programs by Congress is know as this APPROPRIATED FUNDING One ofthe biggest motives of companies to provide company sponsored recreation programs is to promote employee fitness and reduce these HEALTH CARE COST This type of recreation may include country clubs exclusive vacation communities or leisure villages and are most often utilized by those of high socioeconomic status PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP RECREATION ORGANIZATION This type of recreation is seen as contributing to the development of students as well as helping to maintain campus control and morale CAMPUS RECREATION


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