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Midterm McGowin Auburn University Fall 2015 Asia

by: Katie Rhodes

Midterm McGowin Auburn University Fall 2015 Asia GEOG 1010 - 002

Marketplace > Auburn University > Geography > GEOG 1010 - 002 > Midterm McGowin Auburn University Fall 2015 Asia
Katie Rhodes
Global Geography
Daniel A McGowin

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About this Document

Global Geography
Daniel A McGowin
Study Guide
midterm study guide asia southeast asia south asia northeast asia fall 2015 mcgowin McGowin geography GEOG1010 auburn university
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Katie Rhodes on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEOG 1010 - 002 at Auburn University taught by Daniel A McGowin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 173 views. For similar materials see Global Geography in Geography at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
GEOG 1010 Auburn University Dr McGowin Midterm Study Guide Fall 2015 Northeast Asia 1 2 10 11 12 13 14 15 Chinese civilization developed around which two rivers a Huang and Yangtze How has the physical geography of China dictated its population settlement a The Chinese settlements are heavily populated around the river deltas because of the fertile farm land What are the exceptions to China s Policy of Birth Planning a It only applies to majority ethnic group the Han Chinese If you are an only child yourself you are allowed to have two kids People in rural areas are generally allowed to have more to have more workers but not official Also exception if your child dies or you have twins or have kids outside China What demographic impact has the quotOne Childquot policy had on China a There is a significantly larger number of boys than girls in China Know the two Japanese plains discussed in class a Kanto largest plain highest population Tokyo here and Kansai historically significant one of the few places not bombed by US includes three major cities and Japan s original capital As discussed in class what is unique about Kansai International Airport a It s an arti cial manmade island It has high landing fees because they have to keep fixing it because it s sinking How are the population patterns of Taiwan and the Koreas similar a Both have eastern mountain ranges that push all of the population to west How do the Gobi and Takla Makan deserts differ from Sahara a Both cold deserts the Gobi desert is a rock desert and the Takla Makan is a snow desert What region did Buddhism initially develop a South East Asia Know the difference between the three primary branches of Buddhism 0 Theravada Buddhism 0 Believes in reincarnation to reach enlightenment o Practiced in South East Asia 0 Mahayana Buddhism 0 Believes it is possible to reach enlightenment in one lifetime 0 Practiced in North East Asia China Korea 0 Vajrayana Buddhism 0 Associated with the Dali lama focuses on devotion o Practiced in Tibet and Mongolia Know the two areas where Islam is the dominant religion in China a Ningxia and Xinjiang Which Northeast Asian country is technically a Christian country with close to 30 percent of its population adhering to Christianity a South Korea What is Shinto a An ethnic religion of Japan connected with the culture and more about a way of life everything has a spirit In what way does Confucianism impact daily life in Northeast Asia a Cleanliness and stresses importance of education Why does Japan use two different alphabets in its written language 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 a One is used for Japanese originated words and the other is for foreign words How are food customs different in Northeast Asia versus western society a They respect the sacrifice the food gave by eating all of it that you can They eat the poisonous puffer sh in Japan Rice is a food staple Drinks are not usually served with a meal soup or alcohol is the washing down Eating and drinking alcohol is a social thing almost always What is keiretsu a A Japanese business model based on a bank insurance company and trading house What in uenced Japan to construct its road system to drive on the left side which is opposite of the United States a Samurai walked on the left side of the road to keep their swords out of the way What led to the Koreans to make kimchi spicy a Red chili pepper was cheaper than salt How did the Korean pop group Girls39 Generation attempt to bridge the gap between Northeast Asia and the Western markets a They hired Korean Americans who could sing in Korean and English so that they could tour in America Suggested by South Korea and China what other name is being used for the Sea of Japan a East Sea Know the two disputed islands discussed in class in relation to Japan a DokdoTakeshima rock island with oil underneath disputed between Korea and Japan b Kuril Islands owned by Russia but Japan claims them since they were taken away during WWII Who are the H ibakusha a Victims of the atomic bombs How does J apan39s strict immigration policy and xenophobia affect its population issues a They are losing population and will soon fall out of top ten Know the four dynastic periods of China mentioned in class 1 Qin first time North and South China were united 2 Han most Chinese trace their origins back to this dynasty 3 Ming height of Chinese power strongest kingdom of the world at the time and was a period of engaging trade and sending Chinese explorers across the world 4 Ch ing Qing last dynasty of China last emperor came to power at 9 years old What role did secret societies serve in ancient China a They would rise up and push the emperor out anytime Chinese power weakened They did it for the last time when they made China a country What complicates the international recognition of the country of Taiwan which at present only has diplomatic relations with 22 countries a The Republic of China the socialist ed there and claimed it but China the communist still claim it as part of China What is the primary focal point of the 2014 demonstrations in Hong Kong a Chinese government tried to dictate which candidates could run for the first presidential election so they protested the political interference During which Korean dynasty was the hangul writing system created a J oseon The presentday division of Korea into two countries is based on what a The DMZ focuses around the line of control between the two warring sides North and South Korea are still technically at war This line is not based in any physical or human geography just put there to divide 31 The division of Korea cut off which traditional economic bene t from North Korea a Agriculture South Asia 1 Why has South Asia avoided heavy in uence from outside Asian nations a There is a wall of mountains cutting it off from other countries 2 Due to its low elevation and being located where two major rivers come together which country is infamous for its annual ooding a Bangladesh 3 What is a monsoon a A seasonal wind for South Asia it comes loaded with rain during the summer 4 In what way do the populations of South Asia and East Asia differ in terms of growth rates a South Asia has been able to keep up with their growing population with family planning Also they live spread out in rural areas instead of dense cities 5 What is the Malthusian theory a The idea that population grows at faster rate than resources and there will come a point when the population maxes out resources and can no longer be supported 6 What is the green revolution a Modification of seeds to make plants produce more food 7 What was the Chipko movement a Nonviolent movement of people literally hugging trees to slow deforestation 8 Know the focal point of the initial ancient South Asian civilizations a Indus River Valley 9 What is the caste system a A hierarchal system unattached to Hinduism based off idea of reincarnation No interactions between castes 10 Which religion is the sixth largest in the world despite being concentrated in Punjab state a Sikhism 11 Hinduism is primarily focused in which two countries a India and Nepal 12 Why is Hinduism such a difficult religion to define a There is no holy book that unites it simply a collection of beliefs that varies depending on the individual 13 What is the significance of Mt Kailas a It s the home of Shiva one of the Hindu gods 14 What role did the Maratha play in helping preserve Hinduism in South Asia a They rose up as a kingdom and pushed out the Mughal that were invading India spreading Islam militarily 15 What seemingly contradicting characteristics de ne the Ganges River a It is one of the most polluted bodies of water in the world and Hindus bathe in the sacred water to cleanse themselves of sin 16 What criteria is used in the formation of the various states of India a Each ethnic grouplanguage became a state 17 What postindependence plan did Mahatma Gandhi initially prefer for South Asia a All be one united country 18 What was the basis for partitioning of South Asia a The Muslims didn t want to be outnumbered by the Hindus so they needed their own country 19 What is the main cause for the decrease in importance of the Indian city of Kolkata 20 21 22 23 a It s trade got cut off when partitioning happened and West Pakistan was drawn up next to it Why does the Indian state of Assam restrict immigration into its territory a They are trying to keep their cultural and demographic balance they do not want to become outnumbered and lose their rich culture What territory is the claimed by both India and Pakistan which has led to these two countries fighting four different wars against one another a Kashmir What 1971 event led to the temporary end of hostilities between India and Pakistan an era of relative peace that eventually ended in 1999 a India became a nuclear power Why did the British introduce sports to South Asia a To make them feel like part of the homeland citizens of England that is the way they colonized Southeast Asia 1 10 11 Which river of Southeast Asia runs through or borders all mainland Southeast Asian countries and is known for its giant cat sh a Mekong River How do the population patterns of mainland Southeast Asia differ from that of Insular Southeast Asia a Mainland connected by culture and language and civilization focused around river deltas insular diverse in ethnicity and culture Compared to the Pacific Ocean why was the death toll from the 2004 Sumatra Tsunami so widespread affecting all regions along the Indian Ocean rim a The Indian Ocean doesn t usually get tsunamis so they did not have protection or warning systems in place Though not the sole reason the eruption of what volcano aided in the closing of Clark Air Base a Mt Pinatubo How did Malaysia and Indonesia differ in their approach to deforestation on the island of Borneo a Malaysia allows logging on Boreneo but Indonesia has a nation park there What is a primate city a The country has one city with a large population but the second largest city is much smaller Know what explains the high birth rates in the Philippines East Timor and Laos a Philippines a strong Catholic population birth control is disapproved of b Laos very poor country c East Timor Catholic AND poor What is transmigration a Moving people from a heavily populated place to a lesser populated place Why have farmers from the island of Java struggled to reproduce farming practices on other islands such as Borneo a Soil type is not the same so their agricultural practices failed Who are the Rohingya a Muslims ethnically like people from Bangladesh who have been persecuted by the Buddhist in Myanmar What economic activity have some of the rebel groups in Karen state used to fund its opposition against the Myanmar government a The Golden Triangle selling opium 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Know the three major outside in uences discussed in class a South Asian Chinese and Islamic in uences Know the two Christian countries in Southeast Asia a The Philippians and East Timor Though more violent than other groups in southern Philippines what is the ultimate goal of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf a They were an Islamic terrorist group wanting more autonomy between Christianity and Muslims they wanted to control their own policies using their religion Which Southeast Asian language s written language was designed by French missionaries and thus today uses a Latinbased alphabet and script a Vietnamese What purpose did the declaration of Bahasa Indonesian serve the country a It uni ed the country of thousands of languages under one language How did the United States misunderstand the situation in Viet Nam a The US used limited war against Vietnam s total war The US did not understand who the enemy was they took Ho Chi Minh as a communist leader bad guy while South Vietnam saw him as a rebel hero a George Washington and he fought on America s side Most Hmong that ed to the US reside in which region of the country a fact re ected in the film Gran Torino a Around Michigan Which country invaded Cambodia acting as a sort of savior to help end the quotKilling Fieldsquot and the brutal regime of Pol Pot a Vietnam What was the primary cause of the increase in commercial Westernoriented prostitution in Thailand a US soldiers in Vietnam coming there for recreation In terms of prevalence which region of Thailand has been affected the hardest by HIV a Northern Thailand What is the primary source of division with regards to the ongoing turmoil in Thailand a Yingluck Shinawatra was helping improve rural areas but urban middle class felt abused Yingluck was taken out of power A divide between the red shirts rural and the yellow shirts urban Which water body creates a natural choke point that generates opportunities for pirate attacks in Southeast Asia a The Strait of Malacca What country essentially banned Christmas by outlawing public displays of the holiday a Malaysia What was the principle cause for Malaysia to kick out Singapore a 75 of Singapore s population is Chinese


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