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by: Bud Gulgowski
Bud Gulgowski
GPA 3.66

Julie Ward

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About this Document

Julie Ward
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bud Gulgowski on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CCHS 101 at Ferris State University taught by Julie Ward in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/221613/cchs-101-ferris-state-university in Core Curriculum Health Science at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Erica Traxler CCHS Study Guide 1 Hospice end of life care 6 mos or less a Painsymptom management palliative care b Psychosocial amp spiritual support 2 Private nonprofit mission to bene t community Where they re located 3 Types of hospitals a Community nonfederal shortstay hospitals that are available to the public i 85 of hospitals are community hospitals b Public government ownership state local federal State amp local are open to general public i Example VA hospital federal 0 Private nonprofit voluntary hospitals i Make profit but pay no taxes d Private For Profit proprietary hospitals or investorowned hospitals i owned by individuals 6 General provide a variety and broad set of services for various conditions not inferior to specialized hospitals i Example generalized amp specialized medical obstetrics diagnostics treatment surgery ii Most hospitals in US are general O Specialty hospitals have a distinct service niche i Example pediatric cardiology rehabilitation psychiatric etc 9 Psychiatric provide diagnostic and treatment services for patients who have psychiatricrelated illnesses i Must have psychiatric psychological amp social work facilities Erica Traxler ii Must have written agreement with general hospital for transfer of patients iii Most services are delivered in private facilities and outpatient treatment centers h Rehabilitation provide therapeutic services to restore maximum function in patients i Example amputees spinal cord or head injuries stroke victims ii Treatment usually after orthopedic surgery Children s facility designed for chronic congenital cardiac and orthopedic pediatric problems i Higher staff ratios then general hospitals j Rural hospitals treat larger percentage of poor and elderly patients i Located in a county that is not a part of a metropolitan statistical area MSA ii Often have financial troubles k Teaching hospitals offer 1 or more graduate residency programs approved by the American Medical Association Osteopathic hospitals community general hospitals i 200 in US holistic approach in addition to traditional allopathic approach 4 Mandatory or Voluntary a Licensure MANDATORY overseen by state must be licensed to operate b Certification allows hospitals to participate with MedicareMedicaid i Compliance with federal Conditions of Participation is necessary 0 Accreditation JCAHO accredits a variety of health care facilities VOLUNTARY Erica Traxler 5 Who is in charge of ethics in a hospital Ethics committee 6 3 sources of power in hospital that have influence over hospital governance 6 Board of trustees b CEO 0 Medical staff 7 Mortality the supply of primary care physicians has been shown to have a direct influence on a Life expectancy stroke postneonatal health and total mortality 8 Morbidity higher primary care physician supply has been associated with a Higher birth weights lower infant mortality early detection of colorectal cancer better controlled hypertension 9 Capacity the number of beds set up staffed and made available by a hospital for inpatient use 10 Census the number of patients in a hospital on a given day 11 Occupancy rate of capacity used during a defined period oftime 6 Average daily censuspatients days over a defined period of time number of days in the periodof beds occupied 12 Required age for Meals on Wheels 60 years old 13 Plan of treatment in a skilled nursing facility is authorized by physicians 14 Medicare and Medicaid are the primary payment source for nursing homes 15 Outpatient services are procedures not requiring overnight stay a On the rise due to changes in reimbursement methods cheaper patients favor it


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