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michigan test

Created by: Mr. Claude Wisoky Elite Notetaker

> michigan test

michigan test



An important industry in the Upper Peninsula

Automobile industry

Includes makers of cars and trucks. It is an important industry in the lower peninsula.


1/4 of Michigan's land is used for this.

Fruit Belt

The orchards located along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Cherry Country

The nickname for the lower Peninsula since more red tart cherries are grown in Michigan than anywhere else.

Soo Locks

A water elevator created to solve the problem of different water levels between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

Mackinac Bridge

This was built in 1957 to connect the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula


The pattern of weather for an area over a period of time.


To change depending on your surroundings.


All of the living and nonliving things in an area.

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Name: michigan test
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