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General Biology II

by: Stefanie Zulauf

General Biology II BSC 1011

Stefanie Zulauf
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stefanie Zulauf on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BSC 1011 at Florida International University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see /class/221750/bsc-1011-florida-international-university in Biological Sciences at Florida International University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Lab 3 Lab 4 Kingdom Plantae Study Guide for BSC 1011 Midterm Dissecting vs Compound microscope Parts of a microscope How to use a microscope What is eld of view FOV What prokaryotic cells are the largest Archeabacteria vs Bacteria Where can you nd them How do bacteria derive their energy How do bacteria reproduce Prokaryote vs Eukaryote Provide an example for each Autotroph vs Heterotroph Kingdom Protista Algae 1 Types of algae How do they reproduce Where do they get their energy Also Parts of Euglena Why did we look at the volvocine line What organisms belong to this line and where in it do they go Kingdom Protista Protozoans1 Forams Shelled Amoebas Amoebas Ciliates Parts of a Paramecium Phagocytosis Kingdom Fungi Types of fungi How do they reproduce What is the name of the spore that allows them to reproduce asexually How do they digestreceive energy What is the name of the basic structural element Lichen 7 What is this What kingdom is it in What is unique about a plant cell Mosses Phylum Bryophyta vs Liverworts Phylum Hepaticophyta Also how do they reproduce asexually and sexually Structure of a moss Sporophyte amp Gametophyte Seedless vascular plants Fems Parts of fern for reproduction Fiddlehead Prothallium Lab5amp6 What is pollen Haploid or Diploid How does pollen get from the male to the female Monocot vs Dicot Main characteristics of a Gymnosperm and an Angiosperm What is an apical meristem Where is it located What does it look like Difference in the cross section of a stem and root Double Fertilization What is it What happens Where does fruit come from Difference between xylem and phloem Heterosporous life cycle Parts of a ower Review powerpoint slides III BSC 1011 Final exam review General a Know the scienti c names of all the phyla we have covered b Be able to recognize the structures and functions of all the organisms we have dissected c Know the scienti c names phyla and class of all the organisms we have dissected d Review your life tables for basic differences and similarities between the phyla Cnidaria and Porifera a Use the following website to help you i httprvdberg biologv cnlnstme edn Tquot quot idinm htm b What are the main characteristics of both phyla i Consider cellular organization reproduction feeding symmetry 1 Know the associated vocabulary fig 363 ii How do sponges reproduce iii How do sponges feed 1 Make sure to know the associated vocabulary 2 Know the function and names of cells involved in the process iv What is the general life cycle of Cnidaria 1 How do the life stages differ c We have dissected M em39dz39um i Know which class and phylum is belongs to ii How do sponges reproduce iii Be able to recognize and name the structures and functions of M em39dz39um iv What are some of the differences between anemones and corals Platyhelminthes and Nematoda a What are the main differences between Platyhelminthes and Nematodes i Consider symmetry presenceabsence of body cavities How do members of the class Cestoda reproduce i Know the appropriate terminology to describe the process How can you tell whether a given nematode is male or female Consider tapeworms What adaptations have they evolved that allowed them to live in environments as acidic as a human gut i What is a function of the cuticle What is the difference between acoelomate pseudocoelomate and coelomate organisms i Know an example of each scientific name 99 D Annelida a Use the following websites to help you VI VII i httpbioglOl 104 bio comell edu RIOGl 01 104tutorials 39 39 thworm html ii httpwwwbi0200nsmbuffaloedulabstutorearthworm b What characterizes members of the Annelida c We have dissected an earthworm i What are its major organs ii What are the functions of these organs iii Be able to recognize and name all the structures we have looked at d How do members of Annelida reproduce i Is there an advantage to this form of reproduction Mollusca a Use the following websites to help you 39 httpbioglOl l04biocomelleduBioGlOl l04tutorialsanimalsclamhtml ii htt39o39 iweh tnteoh J iii httpwwwbi0200buffaloedulabstutorSguid iV httpcasbella1mineedutietjenimagesSguid20Dissection20P iXhtm b What are the key characteristics that de ne this group c Consider the different classes within this phylum i How are they similar and different ii How do they reproduce d Make sure you can recognize the organs of all the organisms we dissected in L lam htm Arthropoda a Use the following websites to help you i httpbioglOl l04biocomelledubioGl01 l04tutorialsanimalscrayfishhtml ii httpwwwbi0200nsmbuffaloedulabstutorCray sh What main characteristics define members of this group Which phylum has biramous appendages Which class do horshoe crabs belong to Know the main body structures and funrctions of horshoe crabs Fig 392 What is the main difference between centipedes and millipedes i What classes do they belong to What is the main difference between insects and spiders What is a dichotomous key and how do you use it Which organisms make up class Insecta We dissected crayfish i Make sure you can tell males and females apart ii Know the names functions and locations of organs and appendages W999quot 9ch Echinodermata Hemichordata Chordata a Use the following websites to help you 3 1 9ch httpwwwcumberlandkl2ilusSchoolsCHSStarwalt20Projec tsPerch20Web2OPageperch20dissectionhtm httpjb004kl2sdusMY20WEBSITE201NFOBIOLOGY 202ANIMAL20KINGDOMPERCH20DISSECTIONPERC H20DISSECTION20HOMEPAGEhtm iii httpwwwcumberlandkl2ilusSchoolsCHSStarwalt20Projec tsStarfishstarflsh dissectionhtm iV httpwwwcumberlandkl2ilusSchoolsCHSStarwalt20Projec tsShark20Web20PagesVertebrate biology shark dissecthtm Make sure you can identify all the pa1ts and their respective functions in all the organisms we have dissected What is the difference between protostomes and deuterostomes i Make sure you know which organisms belong to which classifications What are the main differences between chordates and hemichordates i Know which classes belong to the phylum Chordata What is homeothermy and poikilothermy i Which organisms are which What are the differences between class Ostheichthyes and Chondrichthyes i Consider skeleton What is the function of the lateral line What is the function of the operculum Make sure you can name all the fins What makes Class Reptilia unique compared to Class Amphibia


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