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Intro Microbiology

by: Alaina Hoeger

Intro Microbiology MCB 2000

Alaina Hoeger
GPA 3.88

John Makemson

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About this Document

John Makemson
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alaina Hoeger on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MCB 2000 at Florida International University taught by John Makemson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see /class/221795/mcb-2000-florida-international-university in Microbiology at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Study Guide for Success in Introductory Microbiology or Who wants a GOOD Grade in Introductory Microbiology Like many other courses there are lots of things to know memorize and understand concepts how microbes work Microbiology has all of this and in addition must cover all the fundamental aspects of biology using microbes mainly bacteria as the organisms of study Thus to do well one has to be able to answer all the questions on the exams correctly The exam questions probe facts things to know and concepts how well one understands Microbiology and microbiological problem solving While the exams are largely multiple choice they do have problems that require a mathematical solution and conceptual problems AND they all come from LECTURE and the Clinical Case Studies Critical Thinking Questions and SelfQuiz at the end of each Chapter The textbook39s web site has self grading practice exams as well as other study aids and links to other microbiology sites Because the textbook is thorough it is impossible to cover everything in every chapter in lecture Thus the lectures are a distillation of the most important salient features of Microbiology This is one of the keys to success Dr Makemson makes up exam questions from the material considered to be the most important and all of that is presented in lecture If you know all this material you will do well So how do you do that THE BIG MISTAKES STUDENTS MAKE 1 All the stuff is on the webyou don t have to go to lecture all the material is there the prof puts up his PowerPoint slides as handouts This is so stupid itwill make sure you get a very low grade The whole purpose of lectures is to go over what is most important that is what will be on the exam Lectures giveaway what will be on the exam 2 You don t have to study hard for multiple choice exams these are easy Think again the average grade on these exams is failing Multiple choice questions can probe deeply it takes far more than recall to be able to answer questions such as Q In a cross of Escherichia coli strS leu with a E coli strr leu39 the medium that will show the recombinants only would be a Nutrient Agar b Glucose minimal c Glucose minimal streptomycin d Nutreint Agar streptomycin e Glucose minimal after penicillin selection Questions such as this make up the bulk of the exams and require BOTH knowledge and thought For this question you have to construct the two possible genetic recombinants and then find the medium on which neither parenttype could grow but only one of the two possible recombinant types would grow 3 You don t have to study until the day before the exam This perhaps the most used WORST method You need to know the stuff way in advance so that you can think about it weeks before the exam Knowledge is nothing without thought 4 Use flash cards to memorize This supports fragmentary knowledgenot linked to anything but what is on the note card You need to know the material in an integrated way all in relationship to each other WHAT TO DO FIRST is Attitude you can have a real positive I am going to get this and know it well attitude or you can have a getby attitude or just don39t give a damn attitude For the last attitude university mightjust not be the right place for you For the getby attitude you will struggle hard to barely pass and might not Remember this course is part of YOUR CAREER it starts NOW Let s say youra Nursing major would you like the nurse who is going to work on you to have a getby attitude So are you going to be serious about your career From the beginning a positive attitude will put you above many in the class now if you combine that with a systematic approach to study you should do well But when it comes to exams gt SECOND the Steps 1 Come to lecture with some idea of what will be going on Skim read the chapter before the lecture to see what is really important When you do you will see parts of the chapter having more importance that othersand how they are related to material we covered earlier and will cover later If you don t prepare for lecture you will be coming to lecutre dumb have no idea what the material is about seeing this for the first time and have not had any time to think about it Students without preparation tend to either copy down every word the prof says not knowing what is the most 2 Immediately after lecture go through your notes and the book to make sure you understand everything Do the end of chapter SelfQuiz to test yourself out don39t put this off or you will get behind and then the Critical Thinking Questions The answer for the SelfQuizzes is in the Appendix of the textso you can find out how well you are doing and focus on studying what you don39t know One of the hardest things students cope with is what they don39t know From your reading of the chapter make a list of what you don39t know completelythen go through the list with FOCUSED reading Then test yourself out on this material with the book closed If you look at the answers first you will only fool yourself into thinking you know the answersand then be disappoined with the results on your exams later on If it still is a problem get in contact with your prof or Lab instructor by email or office hours Get it resolved way before any exam AND before the next lecture 3 The most important strategy is to know the material with the book and lecture notes CLOSED and the computer OFF If you study with the book open lecture notes open you can convince yourself that you know the materialthe material certainly makes sense when you are looking at it But the exams are not open book Therefore to get the high grade you need to make the resources of the course valuable Before the exam test your knowledge of microbiology thoroughly with the books and notes closed pretend to give the lectures then check if you got it all right OK now begin on 1 above for the next lecture And in that lecture you will have confidence of knowing what you have accomplished There are lots of other ways to study Many like to study as a group this is generally good during the initial stages of preparation but NOTjust before an Examthe group tends to get partialgroup knowledge rather than completeindividual knowledge They are a fun way to past the time but remember it is you not the group that has to take the Exam 4 Start your review for the test at least a week before the test As you go through ask why were certain questions chosen for the SelfQuiz what material is not on the SelfQuiz and then make up questions about that material Most importantly if there is anything thatjust doesn39t seem right or that you have a hard time understanding GET IN TOUCH with the Prof right awayin his office OE226 or he might be in his lab OE 263 orthrough email The most important thing you can do is know and understand Microbiology


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