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Air Conditioning&Refrigeration

by: Jolie Sanford V

Air Conditioning&Refrigeration HVA 101

Marketplace > Front Range Community College > Science > HVA 101 > Air Conditioning Refrigeration
Jolie Sanford V

GPA 3.52


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About this Document

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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jolie Sanford V on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HVA 101 at Front Range Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/221863/hva-101-front-range-community-college in Science at Front Range Community College.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
STUDY GUIDE HVA 10108 SOLDERING AND WELDING EQUIPMENT JS Job Sheet IS Information Sheet AS Assignment Sheet TEXT Laboratory Manual and Study Guide Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning By AlthouseTumquistBracciano 18Lh Edition Study paragraphs 21 through 216 Tubing Complete AS 7 Tubing Study paragraphs 216 through 242 Tubing Tools Complete AS 8 Tubing Tools Study IS 1 Tubing and Fittings 5 pages 959 PNyFrmeXv doc 1 7132010 HVA 10108 Student Name Date Refrigeration Tools and Materials AS 7 Answer the following questions 1 Most tubing used in refrigeration and air conditioning is made of 2 ACR tubing is usually charged with gaseous and sealed to keep it dry and clean until it is used 3 Type K tubing is heavy wall tubing and type L is wall tubing 4 Copper tubing used for heating and plumbing is of a different size called 5 What does SAE refer to 6 When a job using copper tubing is completed there should be no on the tubing 7 Hard drawn copper should not be bent How should it be installed 8 Hard drawn copper should be connected by 9 Most tubing used in refrigerant and air conditioning is made of copper however other materials are used name four other tube materials 1 2 3 4 10 When using ACR tubing the unused portion of new tubing should be kept to keep it from oxidation 11 Most ACR tubing presently used is type thickness 12 What does annealed refer to PNyFrmeXv doc 2 7132010 20 21 22 23 PNyFrmeXvdoc 3 What is working hardened What must be done on installation of soft copper tubing to prevent Vibration from crystallizing the copper resulting in cracking and breakage Hard drawn copper is purchased in lengths Why is it not good to use copper or brass with ammonia Most copper tubing used in air conditioning and refrigeration work is known as and ACR tubing Copper tubing is available in two types and Soft copper tubing is supplied in and and rolls Soft copper tubing is used most often with ared fittings and soft soldering How can work hardened tubing be softened Hard drawn copper is used in air conditioning and commercial applications What is one benefit of hard copper Steel tubing is sometimes used with refrigeration and air conditioning Generally thin walled tubing it is connected by using or quot 7132010 24 25 26 27 28 29 PNyFrmeXvdoc 4 Copper or brass tubing or ttings should not be used with 717 refrigerants Stainless steel is available in the standard tubing sizes it is connected using and Nominal size copper tubing has an outside diameter nominal size larger than the listed Plastic tubing due to its safe r used in the refrigeration or air conditioning cycle range is Where can plastic tubing are used in air conditioning and refrigeration work Where is the exible tube hose used in air conditioning and refrigeration work Many types of fittings are used with exible hose They are fabricated out of several different materials They all conform to standard fitting specifications see fig 25 7132010 HVA 10108 Student Name Date SOLDERING AND WELDING EQUIPMENT AS 8 Answer the following questions 1 PNyFrmeXvdoc 5 To cut tubing especially annealed soft copper a is used After cutting tubing the ends must be led reamed or scraped to remove burrs on the end of the tubing When using a hacksaw it is good to use a sawing to ensure square cuts A bending spring is sometimes used to bend tubes The tool can be used either or and helps to prevent attening or buckling of the tube Some are connections are ares where double thickness of the tube forms the are What is the angle of ares used on steel tubing What is the advantage of a double are Flared type ttings are made for connecting tubing Most ared tting shapes for wrench attachment Brazed joints are generally used for pipe and tubing What is the material in 955 solder A hacksaw can be used to cut copper or steel tubing However a is preferred to cut larger hard copper A hacksaw blade should have a wave set blade of job teeth to do the best 7132010 20 21 22 23 24 PNyFrmeXvdoc 6 When bending tubing practice is required A bender is a good tool to prevent attening or buckling the tube What are three common methods of connecting tubing 1 2 3 What may cause work hardening of the are Tightening the spinning tool too much may the are and weaken it To prevent splitting or cracking during the are operation what can be done What kind of ttings are used with plastic tubing What is the difference between soldered and brazed joints 955 solder is appropriate for temperature and pressures The tubing should be cut so that a good are can be made It is extremely important that no lings or chips of any kind the tubing The minimum safe bending radius of a tube is times the outside diameter of the tube Most are connections are made with thickness of the tube 7132010 25 26 27 28 29 PNyFrmeXvdoc 7 What is the angle of most ares Double thickness ares should be used on tubing and larger To attach a tting to soft copper tubing a type connection is generally used US conventional and metric ttings are identical True or False What action is used to draw the solder in a joint At what temperature does 955 solder melt What is 955 made of Why is 955 better than 5050 What is the advantage of brazing What is the temperature of brazing ller metal Brazing can be used to join similar and dissimilar metals True or False 7132010 40 41 42 43 PNyFrmeXvdoc 8 4 What are the two categories of the metals used in brazing 1 2 Strength of a brazed copper joint is dependent on the fit between the tube and the socket True or False Soldering is an process One of the best methods of making leak proof connections while providing maximum strength is Swaging tubing is a good process for copper tubing Why is it not good for steel tubing Why are there two gauges used on top of an oxygen and acetylene bottle To complete a good solder joint four important procedures must be followed 1 2 4 To complete a good brazed joint seven important procedures must be followed 1 2 6 7 A 955 alloy of tin and lead solder is usually satisfactory for soldering 7132010 45 46 47 48 49 PNyFrmeXvdoc 9 Most brazing allows have a 35 to 45 percent silver content This alloy melts at F and ows at F Solder containing as much as tin are now being recommended for soldered joints subjected to very low temperatures Carefully check the speci cations of the brazing or soldering alloys used If it contains any amount of cadmium be sure there is ample ventilation or do not use True or False As a safety precaution never use oxygen for test True or False What are the ve steps of applying heat to a joint while brazing l 2 7132010


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