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MU 2313 Test 2 Study Guide

by: Marissa

MU 2313 Test 2 Study Guide 2313

Marketplace > Texas State University > Music > 2313 > MU 2313 Test 2 Study Guide
Texas State
GPA 3.3
Introduction to Fine Arts
Thomas Wood

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About this Document

Important concepts from Chapters 6-12
Introduction to Fine Arts
Thomas Wood
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Marissa on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 2313 at Texas State University taught by Thomas Wood in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Fine Arts in Music at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Mu 2313 Exam 2 Study Guide Pope Gregory I 0 Book of Pastoral Care I How bishops should interact with congregators o Apocalyptic outlook I the end is nigh Christ will come back mayhem apocalypse is imminent I Don t think about the present focus on the afterlife Gregorian chant o Monophonic o Melismatic I Use more than one note per syllable Amazing Grace national anthem 0 Sacred music written for the mass worship St Augustine o Converted the English Troubadours 0 Musical entertainment groups that traveled across Europe Charlemagne 0 United Western Europe created central governing power 0 Over 6 ft tall uncommon at the time which made him imposing o Warrior womanizer glutton drunk interested in arts and philosophy Monasticism o Monasteries where monks would go to meditate and read sacred texts Organum 0 Medieval music consisting of Gregorian chant with an additional melodic line Common symbols in medieval art 0 The Devil represented as a snake or reptile 0 Victory of Christ over Satan either by standing on a snake or resurrection o The cross crucifixion Ars nova 0 quotNew Artquot 0 Music developed more rhythmicharmonic diversity 0 Early 14th century specific rhythmic notation evolved o Primarily secular movement 0 Sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding the body of Christ after his death 0 Mary s head and face are oversized to her body accentuates her facial expression 0 Christ s body is smaller than hers has wounds on his hands and side 0 When the men went on the Crusades the women wanted to find someone to identify with biblically the Virgin Mary becomes prominent Secularism o The separation of religion from government institutions Chivalry o Courtly love 0 Women reshaped Europe to embrace romance rather than raping and pillaging Measured rhythm o Depicts how long the notes are 0 Helps the composer communicate how he wants the piece performed Tempera 0 Combination of egg yolk and pigment used in painting Black plague 0 Nearly 1 out of 3 died 0 No advanced medicine bloodletting spread the disease more rather than curing it o Decrease in population forced landowners to pay serf peasants since a huge portion of the working force was wiped out Council of Constance o Reunited the Roman Catholic Church under one pope Holy Office of the Inquisition 0 Group of institutions within the Roman Catholic Church that combated heresy Hundred Years War 0 France vs England for control of Western France 0 loan of Arc I Heard voices that were a message from God telling her to join the battle against England I Convinced King Charles VII to let her join the army and lead the battle I Rallied the troops and inspired them I Captured and burned at the stake by the English Sack of Constantinople 0 One of the reasons for the Crusades was to capture Constantinople to reunite Eastern and Western Europe Aristotelianism 0 Interest in the texts of Aristotle o Belief in the separation of philosophy and religion theology is beyond the realm of reason Scholas 0 Similar to modern day public school Renaissance o Rebirth 0 Interest in classical thought Greek Roman philosophy science o 3 phases I Early Renaissance I High Renaissance I Renaissance outside Italy amp tied to Protestant Reformation o Verisimilitude o Lifelikeness nearness to truth 0 Portraying the human body in a lifelike way 0 Capitalism 0 The exchange of goods and services 0 Humanism o Enjoyment of life is more important than anticipation of the afterlife 0 Peace of Lodi 0 Alliance between Italian citystates as a response to the con ict in the rest of Europe Hundred Years War 0 Italy gained half a century of peace once it was established 0 The Tribute Money 0 By Masaccio 0 Scene from the Gospel of Matthew Jesus and his disciples are at a temple where they are met by a tax collector 0 Peter catches a fish retrieves coins from its mouth to give the tax collector o 3 scenes in one painting tax collector meeting Jesus and the disciples Peter catching the fish Peter giving the coins to the tax collector o Mountains in the background are hazy gives the painting depth 0 Pope Sixtus IV 0 Sistine Chapel and founding of the Sistine Choir 0 Patron of Michelangelo 0 De Medicis o Bankers most powerful family in Florence o Cosimo de Medici I Expanded family s wealth beyond Florence I Plato academy arts supporter collector gardener o Lorenzo de Medici I The Council of Seventy representative body that leads the city when under attack I Renaissance Manquot diverse interests in music gardening art science 0 Donatello works 0 St George I Myth of St George he slayed a dragon statue has bite marks on the edges of the shield I Commissioned by the armor amp swordmaking guild I Normal human proportions lifelike I Religious context Christ being victorious over sin sin symbolized by serpent dragon 0 David I Sculpture of an adolescent boy realistic but not heroic I Victory over Goliath victory of the faithful over sin 0 Equestrian Monument to Gattamelata I Challenge of equestrian sculpture is to make the focus on the rider not the horse since the horse is larger I Gave the rider more detail and surface variation which draws the eye in 0 Mass 0 Sacred music for worship 0 Motet 0 Sacred work not part of the mass 0 Primarily vocal work that allows the composer to feature a unique text 0 Madrigal o Secular music love poems o Davids o Donatello I Realistic adolescent boy 0 Michelangelo I 14 foot tall man emphasis on idealized form 0 Leonardo da Vinci o The Madonna ofthe Rocks I Triangular arrangement of the Virgin Mary John the Baptist baby Jesus and an angel I John the Baptist has hands folded in prayer to Jesus who is blessing him 0 The Last Supper I Portrays the moment when Jesus tells the disciples that one of them will betray him I Animated discussion taking place I Attention is directed to Jesus by the lines of the room 0 Mona Lisa I Triangular arrangement of her head and arms I Expression portrays a tranquil feeling I Made in 34 so her torso is seen which becomes the standard for later artists I Contrast to the wild landscape in the background 0 Michelangelo o The Creation ofAdam I Sistine Chapel ceiling I Sense of anticipation as Adam reaches out to receive the divine spark from God 0 Last judgment I One wall of the Sistine Chapel I Cherubs and heavenly figures on top River Styx and people being tortured at the bottom 0 Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel I Bible stories from Genesis Adam and Eve sacrifice of Noah drunkenness of Noah creation story 0 Raphael o The Alba Madonna I Triangle arrangement of Virgin Mary baby Jesus and John the Baptist I Iesus blessing Iohn Mary overlooking o The Deliverance of St Peter I 3 scenes in one painting I Peter in his cell visited by an angel I Angel puts the guards to sleep and escorts Peter out I Guards being reprimanded for letting the prisoner escape o Ottoman Empire 0 Organized trained fighting force 0 Suleiman I the Magnificent one of the greatest rulers I Tolerant leader areas he conquered didn t have to assimilate just pay tribute to the empire and their sons served in the army 0 Conquistadors 0 Early Spanish explorers searching for El Dorado the city of gold 0 Massacre of the Aztecs I They didn t value gold so they gave it to Cortez conquistadors wiped them out in their pursuit of more gold 0 Sfumato o Renaissance style of painting soft vague blurred 0 Example Da Vinci s The Madonna of the Rocks 0 Martin Luther o Ninetyfive theses I Arguments against the current practices of the church I Indulgences violated the church s purpose I Targets his local church nails his theses on the door 0 An Appeal to the German Nation I Things not discussed in the Bible I No need to pay papal taxes I Spiritually empty pilgrimages I Clerical celibacy 0 Emperor Charles V condemns Luther calls him before the Inquisition Luther is rescued and taken away 0 Famous words Here I stand I cannot do otherwisequot Ulrich Zwingli o Condemned nonbiblical practices I Transubstantiation belief that the bread and wine of communion is literally transformed into the blood and esh of Christ I Pilgrimages I Fasts I Papal supremacy Pope more divine than others 0 Taken prisoner and executed John Calvin o Predestination people are born towards heaven or hell 0 Salvation by faith alone not by doing good works 0 Calvinist theocracy I Puritanism I Zealots Chorale o A hymn tune Role of the printing press 0 Wide distribution of works paintings music literature Reformation o 3 primary reformers I Martin Luther I John Calvin I Ulrich Zwingli 0 Primary issues I Indulgences I Biblical ritual and practice I Relationship of body and soul I Grace I Predestination I Transubstantiation Counter reformation 0 Reaction to Protestantism and internal reform within the Roman Catholic Church Induction 0 Moving from specific to general observations Deduction 0 Moving from general to specific observations Opera 0 work in Italian 0 Combination of theatre and music Oratorio 0 Vocal work o Chiaroscuro o The treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting 0 Bernini o Sculpture of David athletic form of a man in a battle stance o The Ecstasy of St Theresa I Angel descending upon her engulfed in heavenly light 0 Caravaggio o Paintings had religious themes 0 The Calling ofSt Matthew I Unseen light source off the canvas highlights St Matthew I Angel is pointing to Matthew charging him with spreading the good word 0 The Death of the Virgin I Commissioned by the church but rejected for being indecent her bare feet are visible 0 Landini 0 Blind from childhood 0 Organist poet scholar o Composed secular songs rhythmically complex Landini Cadencequot o Palestrina o Exclusively vocal works 0 Pope Marcellus Mass 6 voice parts rich polyphony imitation melismatic 0 Moves away from cantus firmus o Dufay 0 Composer wrote polyphony with clarity several melodies but can still make out the lyrics 0 Adopted practice of using secular songs for cantus firmus o Nuper Rosarum Floresquot written for consecration of Florence Cathedral 0 Leading composer of Baroque age 0 Wrote music for the church 0 200 cantatas vocal works 600 organ pieces hundreds of harpsichord and organ works 0 Mass in B Minor 0 Handel o Composed the Hallelujah chorus o Vivaldi 0 Most famous work Four Seasons 0 Cantatas motets and oratorios vocal works 0 Mannerism o Virtuosity sophistication elegance of composition amp fearless manipulations or distortions of accepted conventions of formquot O 0 Reaction to against the art of the high Renaissance Formal inward lookingre ective faces and poses abandoned classical form balance Lyricism O Mp3s 0 000000 An artist s expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way 0 viridissima Virga Quan vei la lauzeta mover As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending Kyrie from Pope Marcellus Mass Brandenburg Concerto No 2 3rd movement Handel Messiah Hallelujah Chorus Dido s Lament from Dido and Aeneas Act I


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