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walt whitman

walt whitman


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Where was Walt Whitman born?

Long Island, New York

When did he have his first job?


What was his first job?

printer's devil

What kind of education does Walt Whitman have?

attended Grammar school

From 1841-1859 Walt's career was in what field?


He used his position to speak out about what types of reforms?

socia, economic, political

the 1st edition published in 1855

Leaves of Grass

What did Leaves of Grass celebrate?

Democracy, nature, love and friendship

One of America's most significant poets of the 1800's

Walt Whitman

How many total editions of Leaves of Grass were published?


How many poems were in the first edition of Leaves of Grass?


Why was Leaves of Grass not widely accepted?

openness regarding sex, rough working man

I find it the most extraordinary piece of _____ and _____

wit and wisdom

I find incomparable things said ___________________

incomparably well, as they should be

I greet you _________________________

at the beginning of a great career, which yet must have had a long foreground somewhere, for such a start

From what town did Emerson write his letter to Whitman?

Concord, Massachusetts

Why did Whitman move to Washington DC during the Civil War?

To care for his brother who had been wounded in the war

How long did Whitman stay in Washington DC?

11 years

Why was Whitman fired from the department of the Interior?

the secretary found out he was the author of Leaves of Grass, which he found offensive

In 1870 Whitman ended up staying where after he had a stroke while visiting his mother?

Camden, New Jersey

What year was Leaves of Grass officially published?


What did the publication of Leaves of Grass allow Whitman to do?

Buy a house in Camden

In what cemetery is Whitman buried?

Harleigh Cemetery