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by: Teagan Beer

IntensSecondLevChineseI CHIN111

Marketplace > Georgetown University > Chinese > CHIN111 > IntensSecondLevChineseI
Teagan Beer

GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 13 page Study Guide was uploaded by Teagan Beer on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHIN111 at Georgetown University taught by Hui-MeiYeh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see /class/221912/chin111-georgetown-university in Chinese at Georgetown University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
A E B l T A have a falling out with B A E B quot935 T A have a quarrel with B S to be interested in WW ZE E What sports are you interested in A E B 35E dating 35 EEF i t i TH is currently dating TMo A E B 551 to get along to interact g ll ml m h I like to get along with her because she is easy to get along AEBMETI A B T AbreakupwithB S adj as quite 1 This campus is quite beautiful eix 3ti 3 clause ful ll a condition S 7quot Vp not until only then 1 Not until you give me the money rst will I give you the computer z 39 i w o 2 Only when you nish registering then you can move into the dorm 9WWE H RE Wi l S Vpl VpZ rst then Tom and Tianhua got to know each other rst and then they dated i i 39 i EBZEO EJ in terms of In terms of personality my younger brother is outgoing and cheerful than me 9E l t s tb o Topic S V 5E V i comment repeatedly back and forth over and over After I ate at many restaurants nearby GU I think Harmony Cafe is the best 9 j m g nz z Harmony Cafe it S V l 515E O can come up with can gure out S V 515K 0 can t come up with can t gure out S V EOE O to have come up with gured out I could see gure out by seeing that she was in bad mood 9ampE H l lb After several discussions they nally came up with a reason why they quarreled lm 1511935 we il i l l fl39Zx g S 45 lg3 EEK O recall remember I can t recall her name Can you e i k z g 51 W ml it sounds as if like She sounded like that something weighing on her mind9 l 5 lto after ever since Continuing from the past and still going on now Over the past 3 months I haven t gone to a cinema to see movies 9EE Rik i i i if m l since ever since from the past up to now After she quarreled with me I began to dislike her 9 M l R 9 EmE gi z no wonder She is dating a handsome boy No wonder she has been busy recently 9MIEERamp EE EBEE t zii A E B RE A meet with see B 1 I have to meet with my professor tomorrow auxaegamm anaemegamm aii z m g o x S MHUF V adj never 1 He never regrets 9EM KE SMxi V i O to have never He has never regretted what things he has done9 MR E i f Mi A RE B A is not the same as B I am different from you I am a doctor and you are a professor WE Eo S adj v more and more He likes drinking wine more and more S 155R vp EH HE occasionally sometimes S Ill l ESQEEQH HE V O when being idle with nothing to do When he is idle with nothing to do he likes to lie on the sofa watching cartoon programs e l EiQEESW Ei t Context g SVO as a result Tom gets drunk too often As a result Lisa wants to break up with him 9 h k i E E V0 39 the result of awn9km fink 3925 A EB AblameB I don t blame you because I think what you did makes sense 9amp7F EWR l 39 g i AAV39I39I39BVp AtowardB A woman red a gun toward her boyfriend s daughter tx gt That little boy greeted me B IbEEr i i IE Direction il bE EIELIT action verb toward Action verbs E E 55 553 13995 Please go southbound 9 E o S FTP2 V completely 1 He completely didn t understand from listening What the teacher said eaumm l to look for an excuse to make an excuse 1 She made an excuse for not to go see a movie with him topic comment 979 T FRM E E M T if o S to be responsible 1 He is a responsible person 9E4 gko 2 He is quite responsible 9 l i go S AV WEE to take responsibility of Teachers have to take the responsibility of education 9 Wl g g A E B A is responsibletakes responsibility for B What kinds of responsibility should parents take for their children AAREW39J EEZL Z 39Z E SiE a HE selfcontradictory to contradict oneself 1 In What situation will we contradict ourselves 9EH39E E7RF 39 i S J39LSF 3M Vp almost 1 We almost have a Chinese class every day 9 mR i Xi S Vp mostly The movies I like to see are mostly science ctions and fantasy lms ke1huan4 pian4 9 E tEE S 3 E r El to provoke to give rise to 1 It s very easy to give rise to a re disaster if a kid plays re without accompany of adults 949qu xl g ggl k o El i Egli to provoke one s opposition M g g l g El 1 V0Eg to provoke ones interest Z f ngl W a E FFIESB gl l W to provoke one s argument l k2l l 9 2E1 zhijian between El i WEE to provoke to one s attention E H E F WQEIEEMESSIE S Vp1 Vp2 simultaneously do two actions 1 Don t read and walk at the same time 9307FE El ii Context S fl V 0 but on the contrary 1 I thought mistakenly he doesn t dare play res On the contrary he likes playing res e m lPF i K EEL 39 E ifck ESE12v even ifstill 1 I must go listen to that music concert Even if you are not happy I ll still go e F l EBiE R l E F FE i ii o S inevitably Children are inevitably in uenced by TV 9JLE J Hi gyu 535 it had better 1 You had better not imitate your mom s manner style of eating Otherwise I am afraid that she will beat you emi o l 3398 amalgam Si S question phrase S a V0 no matter 1 W F a tFFSCIIE 9 111 i ll llio 2 i lthow busy I am g t a VMT0 FEM to be bored with to be sick of 1 I am bored oftraveling abroad 20 times every year 9 2 EampGM MTo lm no place to gocome to a place lm place no 1 My old sister asked me to go to the east coast one trip e m mM o o S ET Hg N to reserve to book I booked a plane ticket ying directly from Washington DC to Beijing 9 iTMl h m lxaeq special areaETib s gmo A AV adv RE B i discuss negotiate 1 You had better discuss a little bit with him for itinerary travel route 9W i TM W i place Hi 39 travel 1 Where do you want to travel the most W WEEK M5535 to do business 1 His father is a business man 9 a l i mk RE R7FiEEE no more than just only 1 We arejust friends a MREHHtho llIR7FHEEHHZV Clause PURE S V 0 however just but 9M m9 5KZi there is not enough time for future 1 I got up too late this morning so there was not enough time for me to attend the class i tk mm amp t o 5KZi 7 it s too late past The airplane is just gone We are too late 9 5191N39JN39JEET WIHPFZt T SAVTEplace to stay 1 I don t like to stay in the post of ce too long 9 gm k 3755 to take a picture I don t like to take a picture of me I don t like to take pictures of other things 9amp7FEiiR 7f o S to ask about to inquire about 1 You go to ask about how many consulates are in DC use V F 9W 39F 7EDC g S quotHE V O on the way conveniently JIIEE indicates to conveniently do something while simultaneously doing something else BEBE ig FF fi o fttl lll if ESWME S 2 V it N indicating experience ever 1 Have you ever applied for visa 91g i l S 3 V E O T S BE V O T completion of an action 1 I have registered already9 E 39 E 39T z i tt Yes 9 55m li7 No9 i NO 55 F ali condition S Elquot a deal Unlessthen Unless there is a furnace in your house then I won t live with you I will only live with you if there is a furnace in your house e a i i k JHMMI F ali S1 ful ll a condition Ff S2 7F V O Unlessotherwise or 1 Unless you have a furnace otherw1se I won t live with you e a i i k EEGE7F i ammo V r 394 7 interrogative pronouns 1 We go wherever you would like to go have fun9 IEIUL 39 MAE lie 2 I buy whatever you want to buy RE H39Z o 3 We go whenever you like to see a movie9 39 l a M ZH H E i reason EB S H suggestion since then 1 Since you are tired of traveling by airplane then let s go travel by trains kil MTTM R Gh l l ki i l E cause FEEL effectresult because so since so Sincebecause she couldn t nd her passport she couldn t get into enter Korea 9W t l thiE7F QUE after that and then next EX afterwards later S 1515 135K originally laterafterward 9 refers to a situation changed in the past period of time lli i llii i 651E a hil g S E rstthen 9 refers to actions taken place in sequence E39FBE 9E i l y S T S 19 T soon to be about to 1 It s about to dismiss class a EWEYF T S like resembling 1 Taiwan on the map looks like a yam 9E i dituJ g yam o 3FEA EB EZAEZB ifit snotAit sB E i g i E d EEEEE N1 V E N2 WEE N 1 WEE ENE N2 opposite the other side 1 I sat opposite to him during the meal 9E g g 2 The shopping center is opposite the post of ce EWFFIUW E o W i to work in an of ce formal use LE to work go to work spoken language 1 I am going to work 9 LEEI115 E i place WK J on the way On my way to the IBM Business Building I took the chance conveniently to see my friend 9ampD mM k t EE E E S 139 J all the way throughout the journey 1 We sang and laughed all the way9 5 1 JXHEX Hill smooth without a hitch Wish you a smooth trip throughout the journey 9MW l You always cannot go home smoothly during vacation 9H m i S E situation W i action to take an opportunity of while He took the opportunity when his mom was going to the post of ce to send a parcel to make an international call by using his mom s cell phone i g m t T 5EEi S situation WEE JIIEE action to take an convenient opportunity while 1 Tian1ming2 went to see his aunt when he is traveling to Nanjing 9i i m S F VT inashortwhile 1 He eats very fast He always nishes eating his food in a short time e o T T o I thought mistakenly that you will come in 20 minutes Unexpectedly you came so soon in a short time9 msz m jgm 3 F FKT S F adj1V1 F adj2V2 change shortly si wian to change lg 39F 7 39F i place 51 539 place H39E go on a business trip Although he works for a foreign company he has never gone on a business trip abroad i E i ll lEf li dEi 51111 V especially g adj V especially 1 Today is my birthday My mom especially cooked pork legs zh jiao with noodles mianXian for me 9935E 39 El EUW MTgWEQ 2 The food my mom cooks are especially good smell l g gu 25 i V it s someone s turn 1 It s your turn to go to the post of ce and send our company s parcels e z l 39 g ag ElFE S a VP however 1 We especially went to Hong Kong to visit him However unexpectedly he went on a business trip to Taipei e ll39l t T EE HIE i ib d 7 77 S in case 1 You had better send a registered air mail In case it gets lost in the mail then you can call and inquire the post of ce 9W ali E TE W lm l l S IEJ habit predilection consistently always from the past up to present 1 He never buys name brand goods fl 2 rE17F J muw li m S speci c time frame continuously always within a speci c time frame 2 Tianhua hasn t called Tom since they had a quarrel e M ElHEEELXE M E A 9 American gx people in the USA including 9mm S V g V g it result T while doingthen g indicates the continuous aspect of an action 1 She began crying when talking about her beloved dog which just died of an illness 9W o S E O V complement Rules of using E 1The object must have a change from its original status 2 Potential complements eg quot23F IE F CAN T be used in E sentences 1 The travel agency asked me to write down my itinerary to Beijing 9m ti ib g El EE39FHEO s AV g imagine 1 I can t imagine how to live without water e 7 z 7kgz I can t gure out by imagine how grand magni cent the Great Wall is e ampM FEE degree extent level 1 The summer in Taiwan is so hot to the extent that I can t stand 9 f gzixiati nk T WEED W mm 2 2 What is her Chinese level e g FF XEHEEEUKSF Context 2 adv learn from experience realize a 1 After traveling in China I nally experienced and learned what huge crowds of people is e FFFR LJUE EI l J ZEAmA WEI to attract Every year Beijing attracts many foreigners to study Chinese there 91bi l k l mal A 39l attractive to someone Although now she is very old A k she is still very attractive to me t l ftx k Mi i gl S E i VP to urge and to hurry someone to rush someone 1 We were going to be late to see the movie I urged and hurried everyone to leave right away MR E EE yT l ki j LE0 S EE V over and over again repeatedly 1 I asked him again and again for a help but he told me again and again that he is very busy e z t m MEER r l i tto S 7F11a Vp 1 5 to be willing to 1 After I urged and hurry him for an hour he was nally willingly to leave the temple of Confucius 9ampE l mi I i o 931I unable to bear can t help but 1 He continuously couldn t help to laugh heartily when reading that funny book e gl g EEE k SF 5 besure 1 The Zhongshan road will be very crowded Be sure not to drive to work 941 m i FEBUEFJ J2 E m to wish respectfully HE is used for writing a letter to the elders E is used for writing a letter to the peers or the ones who are younger than you Respectfully wish you safe and sound every day9 an Elli 11713 2 Wish you a happy birthday9 m WM 95 El R o 3 Wish you healthy and happy 9 m MW l b o S itb VP especially with an intention S gquot adj especially S g emotive auxiliary Ll39bs Emotive auxiliary verbs Ea E Q lm 33 I especially like eating doufu9 u E il o time duration 5K SVO since 11 have not gone to China from three years ago up to the present since 3 years ago 95X E Eli speci c time Vp EUR SVO since 2 I have studied very hard since August E 13M FM i F Iii3533 S 239 VP later than expected d Mh i kt S K VP sooner than expected d MJ K l lJza S F EF g z VP with a lot of dif culty TF dW H gl HZ EZ E J HJF S39u 1335 S 5 VP easy quot5 pangxiecrabquotf l WEEM a 75 M g EET E SE 1result E reason the reason is that 1 The reason she is so angry is that her daughter in law suddenly wouldn t give her food to eatatEF WEE k EW E k i F t S E with from signi es the target ofthe action i gi l o IE to toward from indicates the direction of an action 1 i i 3 i mo y to toward indicates the direction of an action i EB i E lt EWftti i i


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