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Found of Health Education

by: Jaclyn Ritchie

Found of Health Education HLTH 2130

Jaclyn Ritchie
GPA 3.82

Joanne Chopak-Foss

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About this Document

Joanne Chopak-Foss
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jaclyn Ritchie on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HLTH 2130 at Georgia Southern University taught by Joanne Chopak-Foss in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/221985/hlth-2130-georgia-southern-university in Health Sciences at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
HLTH 2130 FOUNDATIONS OF HEALTH EDUCATION Final Exam Review Guide Believe it or not the most common reasons students do not do well on an exam are Insufficient preparation Sporadic class attendance let s face it nobody takes as good notes as you do They don t read the textbook to reinforce concepts covered in class and fill in the gaps in their notes Hint READ the textbook and study your notes Use index cards to review Note It is expected that students will be on time for the final exam The exam period begins at 1000 am A student is considered LATE ifthey saunter in after the exam has been distributed The policy on final exams is IF you arrive at 1015 you will NOT be able to take your exam and will receive a zero for the final exam grade gt Chapter 4 9093 Appendix B class notes powerpoint Becoming a Health Educator Role Delineation ProiectI Seven Areas of Responsibility gt Chapter 5I pp 100108 amp powerpoint Ethical Issues in Health Education Definition of ethics Importance of ethics to the profession of health educationpromotion Ethical Decision Making Steps in the process Ethical Theories Formalism Consequentialism be able to distinguish between these if given an example Eg If you believe your decision making is based upon which ethical theory Ethical Principles Utility Goodness Rightness Nonmaleficence BeneficenceBenevolence Autonomy Justice Individual biases in HE Interventions Guidelines for ethical decision making in health educationpromotion gt Chapter 6 Settings for Health Education amp powerpoint Becoming a Health Educator Be familiar with which job responsibilities go with each setting Characteristics of effective health educationpromotion programs Benefits to health educationpromotion in these settings International Opportunities Nontraditional Health Education Positions V Chapter 7 Comprehensive School Health Education Be familiar with the National Health Education standards p 146Box 72 the eight components of the coordinated school health program the importance to teaching health in school addressing controversystudy the handouts distributed in class gt Agencies and Organizations class notes Differentiate between governmental nongovernmental and quasigovernmental health agencies V Chapter 13 Future Trends in Health Education Credientialing Pros and Cons of certification as a health education specialist distinguish between the terms credientialing accreditation licensure Issues changing demographics age race ethnicity issueschanges family structure changing technology politics amp advocacy role in changing health care system Review Key Concepts Dimensions of health Definitions of health educationpromotion wellness Determinants of health epidemiology Three levels of prevention


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