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Intro to Sociology

by: Miss Gonzalo Torphy

Intro to Sociology SOCI 1101

Marketplace > Gordon College > Sociology > SOCI 1101 > Intro to Sociology
Miss Gonzalo Torphy

GPA 3.71

Elizabeth Warren

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About this Document

Elizabeth Warren
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Miss Gonzalo Torphy on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOCI 1101 at Gordon College taught by Elizabeth Warren in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 88 views. For similar materials see /class/222091/soci-1101-gordon-college in Sociology at Gordon College.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Macionis ge Watts Warren SOCI 1101 EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE Format Multiple Choice Approximately 65 questions I will not have questions on all of the following but will select from those below The items below preceded by T represent material I did not discuss in lectures and therefore can be found in the text However you should read your text in its entirety because your text takes you to the neighborhood and your lecture notes lets you see inside some homes more clearly For those questions you may not know you improve your odds when you re acquainted with the neighborhood TOPIC 6 1 2 490 U 0 90V H 0 H H H 13 TOPIC 7 14 15 16 DEVIANCE Chp 7 How does crime differ from deviance Be able to identify examples of each What are defining characteristics of the absolutist normative and reactive views of deviance Be able to identify examples of each What s the role of biology in explaining deviance and crime What is a remnant of the thinking of Lombroso s Born Criminal theOIy still noted today According to Durkheim what functions does deviance serve Be able to identify examples of each function Specifically how do these theories explain deviance Containment Strain Labeling Di erential Association and Control Theories Be prepared to identify an example of each T Be able to identify examples of the four 4 adaptations identi ed in Merton s Strain Theory What is the modification of strain suggested by Cloward and Ohlin In Becker s labeling theory what s the difference between primary and secondary deviance Why is the latter so important Be able to identify an explanation of crime deviance from structural functionalism symbolic interactionism and social con ict perspectives What is the crack powder cocaine controversy about T Using a Mamist approach what are Steven Spitzer s claims about crime What do crime rates measure Differentiate between the following types of crimes crimes against persons crimes against property and crimes against moral order What is the difference between white collar crime and corporate crime Be able to identify examples of each Which types of crimes does the FBI keep data on In terms of basic crime patterns What types of offenses occur the most and least and by region street crime Who is the typical offender Why is the term disproportionately involved sociologically relevant Be able to recognize current crime trends street SOCIAL STRATIFICATION Chp 8 What is social stratification What are the four basic characteristics of strati cation What are distinguishing characteristics of caste and class systems What is the role of ideology in systems of stratification Be able to recognize examples of ideology in justifying social welfare policies Differentiate among these dimensions of strati cation wealth income social power prestige and life chances 17 T What is the DavisMoore thesis According to Tumin how is inequality dysfunctional to society 18 T Why does stratification exist according to the social con ict model Marx How does Weber modify the insights of Marx 19 In terms of social classes in the US what are the social characteristics of the upper class middle class working class and lower class 20 What are quintiles How do you describe the social mobility of the quintiles re ected in the tables presented in class 1960 2002 as well as in your chapter Fig 84 1980 and 2005 21 What general conclusion is formed by studying social mobility in the US since 1970s 22 To what period does the term all ships rising refer to Why 23 What are factors in upper class mobility and the shrinking middle class 24 T What does the term globalization of the economy refer to This process has hurt which category of the U S population the most 25 What is the definition of poverty and how many people fall below the official poverty line in the US 26 Identify the demographics of poverty using the following variables age raceethnicity gender and family patterns residence urban rural geographical location What does the feminization of poverty mean 27 Identify two explanations of poverty how they differ and examples of culture of poverty thesis Lewis structural thesis Wilson 28What percent of the federal budget is allocated to welfare or TANF TOPIC 8 GENDER STRATIFICATION Chp 10 29What is the goal of female genital mutilation and approximately how many are performed each year across the globe 30How do these terms differ from each other sex gender transsexual transgendered and intersexed What makes gender a social construction 31 Be able to define gender stratification 32 In what important ways do the Arapesh Mundugumor and Tchambuli differ What conclusions can be drawn re gender roles after reading Mead 33 What is the term for male privilege What are prominent sources of gender strati cation and maintenance of male privilege historical and or contemporary Be able to identify examples of each What is the thinking underlying the secondary workforce as applied to women 34 What are features of a masculinist culture according to Messner 35 T Identify examples of gender role in uences provided by agents of socialization family peers schools and mass media 36 What difference does being a female make across the dimensions of wealth amp income social power prestige and life chances Identify illustrations of intersection theory and comparable worth What does glass ceiling and glass elevator refer to 37 For which credential are the differences in returns on the investment in education the greatest for women 38 T Compare Figure 10 2 with Figure 10 3 What are the implications of both for the second shi phenomenon What does this term mean 39 What percent of women globally live in absolute poverty 40 T What are the claims of Friedrich Engel s social con ict theory Talcott Parsons structuralfunctionalist theory describes gender in terms of what 41 From a human capital perspective what factors are important in the maintenance of gender inequality in the US Be able to identify and or critique these arguments 42 From a socialization perspective what does the work of Janet Lever demonstrate 43 Be able to recognize each of the following types of feminism liberal socialist and radical Which is the most popular and why T Why do feminist ideas provoke criticism and resistance from some men and women alike TOPIC 9 RACE AND ETHNICITY Chp 11 44What percentage of the total population is non Hispanic white projected to be by year 2100 45 What is race and ethnicity Why are both social constructions 46What percentage of DNA is shared and unshared among all humans How is unshared DNA expressed and how did it come about 47 T What are important characteristics of minority group status 48How are genocide segregation assimilation and pluralism different Be able to identify which minority groups have endured which of the above processes 49 T Differentiate between dejure and defacto separation 50 T How do structuralfunctionalist and social con ict explanations of racial ethnic inequality look at inequality on the basis of race and or ethnicity 51 According to the work of WI Thomas a vicious cycle is formed by the interaction of which variables What is ultimately produced Also see Figure 11 2 in text 52 Why does prejudice occur according to Authoritarian Personality Theory Scapegoat Theory Exploitation Theory and Culture Theory 53 How does discrimination differ from prejudice What are stereotypes Racism 54 In what ways is institutional discrimination more or less harmful than individual discrimination 55 T What are arguments for and against Affirmative Action Policies in the US 56 T Why according to Sowell do racial ethnic categories show dramatic changes in average IQ scores How does his explanation differ from Hernstein amp Murray 57 T Recent research using Bogardus social distance scale among US college students shows what 58 T In what three ways did Japanese and Chinese immigrants differ from each other What type of threat did both groups pose to WASPs What does that term stand for What was Executive Order 9066 59 Recognize defining features of the following groups Native Americans African Americans Asian Americans Hispanic Americans and Arab Americans 60Which group is the fastest growing racial ethnic category in the US today What racial ethnic group is the largest 61 T Puerto Ricans are the most disadvantaged Latino minority What are some reasons for this 62Which racial ethnic minority in the US has the lowest median income 63 T Among people of European descent the largest numbers of people in the US trace their ancestry back to what country Table 111 64 From which world regions do most of today s immigrants come


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