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Internship in Leadership

by: Clovis Baumbach

Internship in Leadership LDRS 399

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Clovis Baumbach
Hope College
GPA 3.99


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This 15 page Study Guide was uploaded by Clovis Baumbach on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to LDRS 399 at Hope College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/222148/ldrs-399-hope-college in OTHER at Hope College.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
LDRS 399 Internships in Leadership Discussion Questions Oral for On Becoming a Leader Introduction to the Revised Edition 2003 1 What are now the acknowledged engine and currency in the global economy 2 What the most important characteristic of a leader Why 3 What is more often an obstacle to creative work than an incentive Why 4 What is a good metaphor to describe an organization 5 What is needed to lead a Great Group 6 What is the impact of a crucible on leadership 7 What four essential competencies do leaders have Introduction to the Original Edition 1989 8 What does it mean to express oneself fully What is the key to full self eXpression What is the key to that key 9 What keeps people from being leaders If leadership is a process and not a series of discrete lessons what are the recurring themes Are what Bennis and Quinn say related Mastering the Context 10 ll 12 13 What are three basic reasons why leaders are important What is the rst step in becoming a leader What were the four steps in the process behind Norman Lear s success in mastering the context What is the first step toward change Understanding the Basics 14 ON 00 What are the three basic ingredients of leadership What are the three essential parts of integrity If leadership course can only teach skills how do leaders develop character and Vision What is the difference between good and bad leaders What is the difference between leaders and managers What does it mean to codify one s thinking Why is codifying one s thinking important 20 What does selfinvention mean of being your own author Knowing Yourself 21 What does it mean to know yourself 22 How important is re ection to knowing yourself Knowing the World 23 What is innovative learning 24 What is Lynne Cheney s advice to students Operate 0n Instinct 25 How is an entrepreneur like an artist How is a leader with a team of diverse people like an artist and an entrepreneur 26 What does Bennis mean that the point is not to become a leader Deploying Yourself Strike Hard Try Everything 27 If re ection is a pivotal way we learn what are some ways of re ecting 28 What is the difference between the goal of expressing yourself and proving yourself 29 Why is it important to know what your values are and what the values of our organization are 30 Why can t we make becoming a leader or becoming happy our ultimate goal 3 1 Why is maintaining that vital balance between faith and doubt a primary task of any leader Moving Through Chaos 32 Why is a leader s principal gift the ability to use experiences to grow 33 Everywhere you trip is where the treasure lies What does that mean Getting People on Your Side 34 What does it mean to lead from voice What does one need to lead from voice How does one get it 35 What is the societal disease of our time What is the cause ofthat disease Organizations Can Help 0r Hinder 36 What are the ve pivotal forces working in the world today 37 Why must leaders be social architects LDRS 399 Intemships in Leadership Discussion Questions Oral for Before You Quit Your Job Introduction 1 Why are there more employees than entrepreneurs 2 Are entrepreneurs a new phenomenon 3 How are the philosophies of entrepreneur and employee different 4 What is entrepreneurship 5 How are entrepreneurs different when it comes to strategic orientation management structure reward philosophy and job specialization Chapter 1 6 What is a S quadrant business as opposed to a B quandrant business 7 Why does Kiyosaki advocate starting a network marketing business 8 Summarize Sharon s Insights Chapter 2 9 What are the defining characteristics of true entrepreneurs 10 What are the two primary reasons entrepreneurs fail 11 What is Kiyosaki s philosophy on making mistakes 12 What does it mean that if you don t go fast you ll never meet the driver inside you Chapter 3 13 What is the difference between a job and work 14 Does it pay to work for free 15 Who works for free 16 What are the basic jobs ofa basic business 17 Why does Kiyosaki say that if you can t sell you cannot be an entrepreneur 18 Why build a team Chapter 4 19 What is the difference between school smarts and street smarts 20 What is more important than school smarts or street smarts Chapter 5 21 Why is the process more important than the goal 22 What are red ags when looking at business plans Chapter 6 23 What is most important the mission leadership or the team Why 24 What is the difference between competitive money cooperative money and spiritual money LDRS 399 Intemships in Leadership Discussion Questions Oral for Greenleal s The Power of Servant Leadership Foreword 1 What is Greenleaf s big idea 2 What is the oldest paradox in management and how does Greenleaf respond 3 What is the relationship between leadership and service 4 What sort of expert is Greenleaf How does this relate to Greenleaf s focus on the mission of the rm V39 What is persuasion Preface 6 How does Greenleaf measure leadership Introduction 7 What is the shift that occurred during the 20Lh century in terms of modes of leadership 8 How does Spears de ne servant leadership 9 Note the 10 characteristics of servant leadership Chapter 1 Servant Retrospect and Prospect 10 What is the malady of almost epidemic proportions among the whole gamut of institutions Why 11 What is hope Why is hope essential 12 What is synergy Why is it important 13 How important is vision in business 14 What is the difference between leading and managing 15 What is the only test of leadership 16 Why are liberating Visions so rare 17 What is the de nition of servant and serving gt7 4 18 What is the differences among persuasion coercion and manipulation 19 What s wrong with power and competition Chapter 2 Education and Maturity 20 What is maturity How is it measured What is its relationship to education What is its central idea 21 What is Greenleaf s advice about choosing a vocation Do you think we really choose our vocations 22 Greenleaf wants us to nd that work which fans our creative spark What are four issues related to this 23 What is one of the most important testing grounds in decision making What is Carl Rogers formula for meeting con ict 24 What is etheos What are some tests of its growth Chapter 3 The Leadership Crisis 25 What is the relationship of the idea to the person and the institution 26 What are three types of power What does persuasive power need to be effective 27 What is the test of the greatness of a dream Chapter 4 Have You a Dream Deferred 28 What is the relationship between making a social contribution and becoming self actualized 29 De ne and describe a lifestyle of greatness LA 0 What is the relationship of creativity to greatness What is the relationship of foresight to creativity 3 1 What is the difference between wisdom and intellect How does one get them 32 According to Emerson what is the greatest meliorative force operating in the world What do you think Chapter 5 The Servant as Religious Leader 33 What is the premise of this chapter LDRS 399 Intemships in Leadership Discussion Questions Oral for Primal Leadership Preface 1 What is the fundamental task of leaders How does a leader perform this task 2 How would you answer the following questions How would Goleman et al a What emotional resources do leaders need to thrive amidst chaos and turbulent change b What give a leader inner strength c What enables a leader to inspire others d How do leaders create an emotional climate conducive to innovation 3 What is the meaning of the word resonance What is its opposite 4 What is the theoretical basis of this leadership model That is what is its theoretical underpinnings Chapter 1 5 Explain why how a leader says something is as important as what a leader says 6 Why primal leadership What is the primal dimension 7 What is the open loop and mirroring What are their implications for leadership and business performance Describe the theoretical base of the open loop the limbic system 8 Why is it that leaders olTer the strongest seasoning to organizational soup 9 Describe the importance of laughter Compare the effect of laughter to the effect of distress Compare the effect of feeling emotionally good to emotionally poor on performance Note the effect of employees feeling good on customers Chapter 2 10 Compare resonant with discordant leadership and explain how each is related to the brain s neurology Ie how does leadership relate to the brain s design 11 Describe the four domains of emotional intelligence and how they are related to resonant leadership For example what is it leaders are to be selfaware about What is it leaders must selfmanage What is it leaders must be socially aware about Chapter 3 12 Why and how can humor be an effective leadership tool 13 What were the results of McClelland s test 14 How is intuition related to selfawareness How is intuition learned How is intuition related to brain activity How is selfawareness related to the other EI competencies UI Why is the leader s primal challenge SelfManagement How is self management related to brain activity Cf what Pfeffer says about self management 16 What is empathy and how important is it for social awareness 17 What is relationship management and how does it relate to the other EI competencies Chapters 4amp5 18 Summarize the siX styles of management noting which create resonance and boost business performance and which need to be more narrowly applied and when Give examples of these styles of leadership from your own life 19 Comment on the phrase People join companies and leave managers Chapter 6 20 What is CEO disease and how does it keep managers from becoming resonant leaders


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