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Study Guide: AVT 243 - 002 - Print Making by Professor Skowron Steven A

by: Fizza Fatima

Study Guide: AVT 243 - 002 - Print Making by Professor Skowron Steven A AVT 243-002

Marketplace > George Mason University > Art > AVT 243-002 > Study Guide AVT 243 002 Print Making by Professor Skowron Steven A
Fizza Fatima
GPA 3.5
Print Making
Skowron Steven A

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About this Document

Print Making
Skowron Steven A
Study Guide
AVT 243 - 002, Print Making, Skowron Steven A
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Fizza Fatima on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to AVT 243-002 at George Mason University taught by Skowron Steven A in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Print Making in Art at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Vocab Term Definition BRAYER A small handheld rubber roller used to spread printing ink evenly on a surface before printing BAREN A round smooth pad either at or slightly convex used to press paper against an inked wood or linoleum block to lift an impression from the block RELIEF PRINT A means of making prints by creating a raised design on a at surface The design Is inked or covered with color and stamped on paper or another surface BENCH HOOK A metal or wooden plate with a raised edge on each end opposite sides to hold A woodcut or linocut in place on a table while cutting BLOCK In printing a piece of thick at material with a design on its surface used to print repeated impressions of that design Called a PLATE in etching and engraVing metal PRINT The actual picture the artist makes from a printmaking process PRINTMAKING The process of designing and producing prints using a printing block woodcut etching lithographic or screenprinting ARTIST S PROOF One of a small group of prints set aside from the edition for the artist s use COLLAGRAPH A print made from an image built up with glue and sometimes other materials EDITION A set of identical prints that are numbered and signed This set of prints have been pulled by or under the supervision of the artist and are authorized for distribution GOUGE In relief printing a tool for clearing non image areas from a block of wood or linoleum BURIN An engraver s tool with a steel shaft and a sharp oblique point at one end and a handle at the other A burin cuts into a metal plate by being pushed forward rather than being drawn toward the artist IMPRESSION NUMBER The number of a print in an edition The first three prints in an edition 10 would be 110 210 310 etc INK Coloring material composed of pigment color a binder and a vehicle Ink is usually thicker than most paints and has a slower drying rate LINOLEUM PRINT A type of relief print in which the image is cut into a piece of linoleum REGISTRATION Adjustment of separate plates blocks screens or paper in color printing to ensure correct alignment of the colors RELIEF Printmaking technique in which the image is printed from a raised surface usually produced by cutting away nonimage material STENCIL A printing process by which areas are blocked out to keep ink from nonimage areas TRIAL PRINT A proof pulled from a block plate or stone to check the appearance of the image to make sure it is all right before making the edition After a critical or important change is made on a plate it is necessary to see what has been done before going to the next step checking to see if a change was successful MONOPRINT monotype A print pulled in an edition of one There is no series of identical prints that are signed and numbered It is actually an image usually painted on glass or pleXiglass and transferred or stamped on paper ENGRAVING When lines are cut into a metal plate with a Vshaped tool called a burin ink is then forced into these lines and wiped from the at surface of the plate which is then printed with paper that has first been soaked in water and then blotted The damp paper is forced down into the grooves where it picks up ink ETCHING A drawing is scratched through a wax covered or tar covered metal plate which is then Placed in acid that eats into the exposed areas that were scratched forming shallow grooves The plate is cleaned and inked ink is cleaned from all areas except the grooves Printing Paper that has been soaked in water and then blotted is forced through a press against The plate the damp paper is forced down into the grooves where it picks up ink INTAGLIO PRINTING an Italian term the ink is deposited below the surface of the plate which has been corroded scratched or incised and the surface wiped clean a damp paper is forced into the surface in a press REDUCTION BLOCK PRINT When one block is printed several times removing a portion and changing Color each time working from lightest to darkest and registration is critical PRINTING PRESS A device used by a fine art printmaker to produce prints one copy at a time It applies pressure between a sheet of paper and an inked printing plate Presses for intaglio printing apply considerable pressure as they force the paper and plate between a roller and a atbed thus squeezing the paper into the inked grooves of the plate Silk Screen A print made by forcing ink through a stencil attached to a woven mesh The screen has Certain areas blocked out to prevent ink from getting through those areas Today cheaper Fabrics are used and because silk is not usually used the more generic name screen print May be more appropriate The term serigraph is meant to designate a fine art of screen Prints on paper The stencil may be painted on by hand or done photographically Methods to Remember gt Drypoint steps gt Linol Cut Steps gt Printing Press Set Up Steps gt Inking Instructions gt Clean up Instructions


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