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by: Hillary Muller

GeneralInorganicChemistryI CHEM200

Marketplace > Imperial Valley College > Chemistry > CHEM200 > GeneralInorganicChemistryI
Hillary Muller

GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 27 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hillary Muller on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM200 at Imperial Valley College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see /class/222203/chem200-imperial-valley-college in Chemistry at Imperial Valley College.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
K n A 3 SCLel KalbM quwl39lj rnln H1 T05 l lU tog fce MENVCO Amy G l 7 Pr 7 v v JOSQ Mmlow chmc mm N t 1 30w M UL V r39 F mV 6 at 4 L K kfu af II Lg v16 C12 Mil71 cl 393 he 1A Final Exam Revnew BMW M 3 f FA w 0 FL ave N31 6 0 J N 2 i R 14 J h 6326gtlt13331JA 7 r J L F I 4 U CWK 46 L c30gtlt108ms gl QU HO Do 239 L k W gv w 1 Part 1 fquot quot 9 1 The number of protons neutrons and electrons respectively in a neutral atom of me Z 51 is 121 protons 70 neutrons and 121 electrons d3 70 protons 51 neutrons and 70 electrons I b 51 protons 51 neutrons and 51 electrons e 51 protons 121 neutrons and 51 ectrons c 1 protons 7O neutrons and 51 electrons llA heterogeneous mixture can be described as a one in which the composition of the mixture is the same throughout the sample a patchwork of aggregates of different substances c being made up of a substance dissolved in water d a solution like that obtained by dissolving table salt in water 6 a mixture that has the same properties throughout the mixture 7 3 At 25 C uorine is a pale yellow gas with a density of 16 X 10393 gcm3 The melting point of F2g is 220 C and the boiling point is 183 C and the energy required to melt and boil uorine is 051 and 65 kJmol respectively Fluorine is the most reactive element and water actually bums in uorine to form HFg Which of the following is a chemical propertyof uorine a Fluorine is pale yellow in color Pl j G Fluorine reacts with water to give HFg 3 b Fluorine has a density of 16 X 10393 gcm3 eFluorine liberates energy when it 0 39 condenses c Fluorine boils at1830C VJ 4 The binary compound GaP is a gallium phosphate phosphorus gallide gallium phosphide e gallium phosphite c gallium phosphorus 5 Which of the measured numbers below has the greatest number of signi cant gures 03100 b 000310 c 310 d 31 X 10394 e 0000310 VI 5 3 9 6 How many moles of nitrogen atoms are contained in 1062 g of nitrogen gas N2 ll lg r I 1410 03790 mol b 2638 mol c 07580 mol d 1319 mol e 1488 mol 7 How many grams of chlori dioxide are needed to have 0250 mol 5 0 a J K a 224 g b 247 g 169 g d 675 g e 245 g 39h V J quot N sr7 8 The molar mass of fructose the main sweetener in jams is Mquot and its empirical formula is CH20 What is its molecular formula a CgHmOg Csl ana C C6H1004 1 341 1804 e C3H603 I 12 3 Lo 3 397 9 Calculate the molarity ofa solution prepared by dissolving 2073 g AgClO4 in enough J 9 3 water to prepare 7500 of solution I a 1333 X 10394 M 1333 M c 9999 X 10393 M d 002764 M e 074199 M 7 r L 2671 J 10 The combustion of butane C4H10g produces carbon dioxide and water vapor In the balanced equation for this reaction what are the coef cients of butane oxygen carbon dioxide and water respectively a16810 b1645 c2l3 1 410 3 810 e1 13 45 I 39 17 k 11 1 3quot 1 1 When aqueous solutions of barium nitrate and ammonium sulfate are mixed what are the quotspectator ionsquot 1n e reaction a Ba2 and 8042 39 H4 and N03 0 Ba2 and N03 1 804239 and N0339 e NH4 and S 4239 12What type of reagent is required to convert N0239 to HNOz I acid b base c reducing agent 1 oxidizing agent 6 l neutralization reagent w 13 Consider the following reaction mob i 103 aq 2Tlaq 2Cl39aq 6Haq gt IClz39aq 2T13aq 3H20l In this reaction a 10339 aq undergoes oxidation d C139aq undergoes oxidation b Tlaq is the oxidizing agent e Tlaq gains electrons L 6103 aq undergoes reduction 1 14 How many moles of carbon monoxide gas are produced when 288 moles of Sn02s react with excess carbon according to the equation below SnOzgs 2Cs gt Sns 25ka a 1432 mol b 144 mol 576 mol 1 288 mol e 115 mol Rust Fe203s can be removed from porcelain according to the reaction below F e203s 6Na2C204aq 6HClaq gt 2Na3FeCzO43aq 6NaC1aq 3H201 How many moles of rust can be removed by 5000 mL of 284 M Na2C204aq a 236 mol b 142 mol c 0500 mol 1 0118 mol e 852 mol 16 A 2 OOmL sam 1e of HC1041 ag 7 was titrated to the stoichiometric point with 4232 mL of 102 M NaOHaq What is the mass of perchloric acid in the solution a 173 g b 2 g 134 g d 0108 g e 00432 g k 17 How many moles of carbon monoxide gas are produced from the reaction of 500 moles of Sn02s with 800 moles of carbon according to the equation below SnOzs 2Cs gt Sns 2COg 39 a 100 mol b 160 mol 0 500 mol d 400 mol7 800 mol 18 Consider the following reaction 71quotquot a 7 j a 6Na1 A1203s gt 2A11 3Na20s IIow moles of All are produced from 5 00 g of each reactant f 7 I a 00490 mol b 0217 mol 0 00980 mol d 00652 mo00725 mol quot 19 Ammonia burns in air as follows 4NH3g 302g gt 2N2g 6H20g How many liters of N2g are formed by burning 450 L of ammonia and 450 L of oxygen with all species at the same temperature and sure a 200 L b 300 L c 450 L 25 L e 900 L rhol 20 What is the pressure of 200 g of oxygen gas in a contain of volume 750 L at 39 C a 160 atm b 0534 atm c 427 atm cl 0267 atm 13 atm y I A I 73721 How many molecules of carbon dioxide gas occupy 100 mL at 0 C and 100 X 10393 mmHg 1 53f 00 L a 354 X 103 molecules d 587 X 10 molecules V NV 3 Kg 446 X 10398 molecules e 602 X 1023 molecules c 269 X 1016 molecules 22 An unknown sample ofa gas has a density of 245 gL at 150 atm and 25 C Which of the following is the gas r b HCl c C02 d HF e N2 73 Which gaseous molecules choose one species effuse slowest 02g 13 A139g 0 N0g d N2g 6 COzg 9 24 When benzene vapor condenses at constant pressure the sign of the enthalpy change for the process a depends on the container volume 01 cannot be determined b depends on the temperature jis negative c is positive I 25Calculate the reaction enthalpy for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide 2H202l gt 2H20l 02g 1 v 47A 439 from the data H2g 02g gt H202 AH l878 kJ 2H2g 02g gt 2H20l AH 5716 kJ a 898 k b 4738 kJ c 9472 k d 980 kJ 1960 M 7 726Which thermochemical equation gives the value of the standard enthalpy of formation for Xe03s a Xe2g 302g gt 2Xe03 d Xeg 30g gt XeO3s b 12Xe2g 30g gt XeO3s e Xeg 320g gt XeO3s c l2Xeg 3293g gt l2Xe03s x 7 All of the following reactions or processes are endothermic except ombustionb vaporization c sublimation d melting 6 125 gt 12 g i If the standard enthalpy of formation of PH3g is 54 kJ gtlt moiquot calculate the reaction enthalpy for 2PH3g gt 2Ps 3H2g a54kJ b108kJ c108kJ d 27kJ smd 0V O 29 Calculate the wavelength of blue light of frequency 640 X 10I4 Hz a 214 nm b 311 nm 0 640 nm d 936 nm 468 nm 30 Calculate the energy per photon of blue light of frequency 640 X 1014 Hz 1 Planck39s constant is 663 X 10 34Js a 127 X 10401 b 256 U c 965 X l047J d 104 X 10 48 J 124 X 1049 31 Which of the following is a possible set of quantum numbers for a 4delectron a n4l3mE2ms12 1412m50m5 12 97 b n4llmEO ms12 e n4llmElm5 12 7 quot c n 4 1 4 m5 2 mS 12 x i L L L Q 4 1 I39 0 w 32 The atomic orbital for an electron in an atom with the quantum numbers n413mE0ms12is AgH I I a 43 b 4p c 3 d 4f e 4d 35 j fVLV uzwb t quot f A 4selectron in the potassium atom is lower in energy than a 3delectron due to a the relative sizes of the 4s and 3dorbital d the fact that there are ve 3d orbital b the shapes of the 3dorbital fgpenetration and shielding c a low ionization energy of potassium 34 For the elements Be B N nd 0 the first ionization energy increases in the order a BeltOltBltN b BeltBltNlt lBltBeltOltN d BltBeltNltO e BeltBltO ltN v Metallic elements a have high ionization energies d form covalent halides b do not react with acids e have electron af nities higher than uorine have low ionization energies 39 Which of the following has the largest lattice enthalpy a MgClzS b KCIs LiCKs d NaCls e AgCls L 37 How many lone pairs of electrons does the nitrogen atom possess in the Lewis structure of HCN i w a1 b4 c2 e3 39 2quot h N 39g V 38 For the Lewis structure below considering the atoms from left to right the formal gt 39 charges on N and 0 respectively are N3N39O 1 r r a Ol1 110 c101 d 211 e 2 0 2 39 39 How many 1 ne pairs of electrons are there in the Lewis structure of XeF4 I y E V y a14 b122 d10 e4 1 7143 H k l f 39 40 Elements that have a high electronegatiVity have J Ll J F t L 29741 high ionization energy and a high electron af nity z 4 L1 7 b a low ionization energy and a high electron af nity if V c a low ionization energy and a low electron af nity X C 4 C 7 tr d a high ionization energy and a low electron af nity z T 1 l L e an ionization energy that is approx1mate1y equal to its electron af nity 3 5 J i 41 For the following elements predict the order of electronegativity from lowest to highest T 0 As Rb Se Ca L a RbltCaltSeltAsltO b RbltCaltSeltOltAsRbltCaltAsltSeltOdsjaltRbltAsltSeltO e Ca iquot quot ltRbltSeltAsltO 7 i 4 What is the molecular shape ofClO4 I I k a etrahedral b seesaw c square planar d T sa aped e square pyramidal What is the molecular shape of CIF3 shaped b trigonal pyramidal c seesaw d trigonal planar e trigonal l ramidal py T6 fGMc 0 JgEstimate the O CO bond angle in peroxyacetylnitrate i I CONOOH the 0 refers to a double bonded oxygen av quot391200 b lt 1200 but gt 1090 c 900 d 1090 e lt 1090 but gt900 r r 739 J l 4 W1 ich ofthe following molecules is polar 39 quot 39 7 39j I lta SFCC14 c PC13 d BF3 e SF6 V L I Zlt w t F i f r 1 w r 39 Z1 P9 BI P J i quot 39 i39i 397 x L J39m V a 46 Estimate the standard enthalpy of formation of methane from the following data AHBH2 436 kJmol 4 a 7 AHB CH 412 kJmol 39 l 39 l quotr a dard enthalpy of formation of Cg 717 kJmol a ol 59 kJmol b 495 kJmolc 813 kJmol d 774 kJmole 741 k 737 The boiling point of 02 is higher than N2 due to 39 JigLondon forces d ionion forces b hydrogen bonding e iondipole forces 0 dipoledipole forces The boiling point of HF is higher than HCI due to hydrogen bonding d ionion forces b dipoledipole forces e London forces 0 iondipole forces v For which of the following substances would hydrogen bonding be most important M r NH3 b HI 0 CH1 d H2 e GcH4 it AlV I wilyj E H Part II Do all of the questions and show your work 1 Sulfur reacts with bromine according to the reaction Ss 2Br2l gt SBr4 a M a If 10 g of Ss is mixed with 40 g of Br2l which is the limiting reagent 115 3 T b From the above mixture how many grams of SBr4 can be prepared 33 71 2 A sample of a compound containing only the elements thallium chlorine and oxygen was analyzed and found to contain 6727 Tl 1167 Cland 2106 0 Determine the empirical formula of the compound 7 T C 0 L1 1 V 7 3A sample of an unknowg compound was vaporized to ll a 200 mL ask at 100 C and a pressure of 765 Torr The ask was weighed and foundtochnl i sQ 1 grams of 7 9 739 the com ound Calculate the molar mass of the com ound l V V m p p 054 age Zn 4 a Write a balanced chemical equation for the combustion of methanol CH30H b Calculate the enthalpy of combustion of methanol in kJmom from the following information AHof C02g 3935 ff 1 7 1 A LT 0 H20g 2858 quot M J r quot 7 CH30Hg2389 W 51 1 quot Vow039 5 Write the Lewis structure of the compound SBr4 a Sketch and identify the threedimensional structure of SBr4 Include any distortions if appropriate and indicate all bond angles Eh 5 1 6 do 40 4 L4 5n 3 i gs BF 2 b 566 my 3 1 V 39 l L 790 if BF 9010 Q b Is this expected to be a polar molecule Note the electronegativities are 26 for sulfur and 30 for bromine Explain brie y 6 The nitrite ion NOz39 is an important polyatomic ion a Write the Lewis structure of the nitrite ion b Determine the formal charge for each atom C Sketch the geometry of the nitrite ion Indicate the bond angle and any distortion if appropriate t d Draw all of the possible resonance forms Is any resonance form preferred Explain t brie y I 7 l e Indicate o and 7t bonds lxo UH l r Part 3 Show all of your work 1 Nicotine CwaNy has an molar mass of 162 gmole When a sample ofmass 0385 g L was burned in oxygen 1072 g of carbon dioxide 0307 g of water and 0068 g of i nitrogen N2 were produced Determiae the molecular formula of nicotine and write the balanced equation for its combustion 39 O I O M H lL Q q 11 4 2 701 gym My 0 412 y L 2 Provide correct names 312 a Na2804 b FeIO43 C NH42 C03 d BaMnO42 e N203 f HBI O g Pth h A1203 i ScOH3 j CaHCO32 3 A 1735 gram sample is burned in a combustion calorimeter and the temperature of the calorimeter increases from 19260C to 30580C The calorimeter contains 525 grams of water and the bomb has a heat capacity of 715 JK Calculate the heat evolved per gram ofthe compound combusted The speci c heat of water is 4184 Jg K 4 The Ka39s for H2CO3 are K1 45X10397 K2 47X1039 Calculate the pH ofthe solution when 450 mL of 025 M KHC03 is mixed with INCLUDE NETIONIC EQUATIONS u l I I A a 350mL 015 M HBr 005 t a 50 v N Q t L quot b 500mL of015 M KOH 3 Calculate the molar solubility of AngrO4 Ksp 11x103912 in INCLUDE NETIONIC EQUATIONS a 0045 M K2CI O4 b 00085 M AgNO3 39 V 5 0 v 0 395 6 Calculate Kb for CH3NHz ifa 0095 M solution of the base has a pH of 1 186 The pH ofa 0250 M FeNO33 solution is 144 Calculate Ka for the Fe3 ion At 87 C 220 moles of Xg 330 moles of Y2g and 40 moles of X3Y5g are mixed in a 800 liter container At equilibrium 100 moles of the product gas are present Calculate Kc and Kp 6 X09 5 Y2 quotgt 2 X3Y5g 9 How many grams of solid KF molar mass 581 gmol should be added to 100 L of 0250 M HF to make a buffer opr 3143 Ka for HP 720 x 10394 a 354 g b 398 g c 698 g d 101 g 415 g t 10 Only 106 g of CaN032 will dissolve per liter ofa solution that is buffered to a pH of 1300 What is the value of KSp for CaOH2 The molar mass of CaNO32 is 1641 gmol a18 x10quot0M b 42 x10397M c11gtlt10396 M d 42 x 10 5 M 65 x 10395 M n I r 74 1 2 4 IV V39 1 39 3919 2 11 394 6 I 26 L T 74 777 Ag 1 v MAS 1 07 3 Jna 1p a v F pigV Hula w 451 20774399 quotI o 0 7 jj M v7 75 L JO C MW91ZFOVI 21 r H w 9 9 If i If 1390 V L a m J 74107 m a w 0 7 r w I L u 1 K 1 x N 4 W rv39vl w m 2st V39 9 7 quot u if 1 r J 7 k f y 2 r N r V 1 9 A I P lquot 39 fquot 39 39 54 5J4 quot 29171 4 r if K J I 3 7 L 7 0 A w 3 7 wJL J 0 w 0 w a a z 1 3 a m g A 3 r o i i r w W V r z 7 w y V EM 5 p r a C J B a 7 w 17 Z WI A 7 r v H b I J f a I Z r C r 1 m Afl rs n4 7 h mJ A 7 I In 39 0 7 L 4 r I x 4quot 35 q 37 L I M 1 7 r 391 7 r1 n I 1 F f H I MW 1 4 7 gt 1 If 39 xquot 7 z 1 39 7 l r w 7 A I f l L39 A quot n 1 i I 3 LJ gt x 3 6 v 4 V 7 7 7W 4 7 r 77 5 7 7 7 7 o 7 n 1 v a h 7 3 H r 7 V m0 1 1 J x All 7 I D A 1 77 7 r 7 7 7 it 7 u I 7 7 y 7 7 77 J 2 m K 7 r I H l 7 j 7 x7 747 7 O n 9 J TV W I A i 7 u p 7 v r r 7 y 7 I M z 7 1quot lu J 7 7 K 7 v 7 J I 7 I I J r l r 7 j u x y 2 7 7 7 j 7 gt 7 a 7 7 7 1 7 7 7 W 7 7 7 7 w f III 7 7 7 7 J 7 z 1 7 y H m7 M 7 I A w m WI 7 AH a 7 0 L V M L 2 0r 7 I A r r v 7 x Ami1 7 y x9 z W m J H xl H v a A 7 7 u a 1 y 4 v 4 MN w r J N 7 f V l i 6 7 A L V C c a w 7 9 R n r V Fm 7 7 3 7 z w F I lt l H I ll 1 1 m O W 4 7 L z KI v I x 7 v W lt4 J a Ll u v 7 W n v a I I r Y 4 x r 7 1 7H L 1 W I r I a V J V 7 T a g 1 1 qus P J In V Mb f rn w nulw vJ 34 It TRTIN 1L x r w w E 1 1 Ir rt 1 w A J l 1 u F1ule ql W J L p 11 VJ I Ji1u4u bw 1 a V 7quot i7 53 77 7 imji W9 X Zm ala 7 WV 5 X 2gig mp47501 quot no7zgzazI394 g g mm m 39 WI 0 z y Z 1 7 x how i A mowEx y Molt N2 C5 H7N W119 ZMVJHcal 2909 1222 M i l k kirazlbi t imfi W C Z7 x VC5gtH7N w gt 7 65M HowlZy N Aag Zg i sawk 311 gt 3 0w 7quot quotMIJ HMO 2 T mV ozzt 5 r 007 Wk N a0 39vw I I A l A 4 171 lrquot Arglx r u A ffh Iquot 39f quot y j fak F QMA Jyp m Ia n a g l Vl PKMCIg nd 16v 0 39 J l 3 r o 57 11 OXIICC l i M n pa VLEMJS L3 7 6 quot 5wquot 4quotr39ar WV gird 571 D Aer r m quot17 41006 SchymW39 M WX39C v Y dg g XI Ag 4 a c39 Mm 5 si 695 a may bomb 7 V Vk39 1775077 251 T 1 quot 694471 JOEKP M35 773 Z9394 g 9 lt fir fquot LIquot 8quot far 5 5y 5742 r Z 322 2 Wm Ij r 4 47k y 32 I 75 x J K h f w 392 i L lkj 7 T k f 5quot p K 2 x 0 7 iiI M quot v H J 739 3v rquot A l V V 91 I N p l L r r C 2 L r AC3 C J 7quot w r V V Y I v v w quot3 H D A IX c I l J 1 7 I i a w L I 27 f0 4 2 7 J 1 2110 w i in x at L f3 17 EU La v 733 L E quot Lan a lt I I 3 b E 1 71quot 7 V HMQquot Ox1xcru A KP 17gtAV F k 2 w y Ai7 ln v 2 oquot E39L1O gt if T l N I JR w j 39 E HI I y TLRT VC 391 JZ71 3 yr 1 v r 1 gt g y yc I IV Y I 1 77 nd I39HA C V 4 L I gt 3 2y f 1 ARV fig 1 quotL warM 2 V 7quot nu I k v 3 KP lt Cr A 39xxr Cj fk ixqjtx quot quot m L 77 SO 0 Sr 3 ram Kwr


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