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U S Since 1865

by: Elisabeth Stokes MD

U S Since 1865 HIST 202

Elisabeth Stokes MD
GPA 3.86

Lisa Phillips

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About this Document

Lisa Phillips
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Elisabeth Stokes MD on Monday October 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 202 at Indiana State University taught by Lisa Phillips in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/222205/hist-202-indiana-state-university in History at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Lana Taylor US History 202 Exam 1 Study Guide 1 1 Summarize This chapter is about how whites and blacks had different ideas of how they wanted to deal with the Reconstruction This chapter also deals with how the blacks wanted to have all the rights that whites hadhave They wanted to be able to own land be able to vote hold government offices local state and national and be able to attend schools It also discusses how the government could not agree on amendments or acts to grant the newly freed blacks Some of the Representatives wanted to be able to give the freed slaves the full powers as a United States citizen as all the white Americans had had since birth This was actually when the first time a president s decision had been vetoed The latter part of the chapter included women s rights and white supremacy groups Women felt that they deserved the right to vote and be able to work if all black men were getting this right They fought to at least be able to vote The formation of white supremacy groups including the Ku KluX Klan was formed in order for the whites who did not support the decision of blacks having power to make their mark in history 2 From Give Me Liberty identify each person place event quote court case etc listed below by providing the following information James A Garfield 549 The meaning of Freedom 1865 congressmen who said that freedom is a bitter mockery and a cruel delusion later become the only representative member to hold the of ce as president Freedom and the Black Family 550 Families in Freedom post war made remarkable efforts to locate loved ones from whom they were separated under slavery Some walked more than 600 miles from Georgia to North Carolina searching for their The next best thing to liberty 550 Church and School education for the newly freed slaves Full citizenship 552 Political Freedom anything less would betray the nation s democratic promise and the war s meaning behind it Crispus Attacks was a big advocate for this Merrimon Howard 552 Land Labor and Freedom wrote that only land would enable the poor class to enjoy the sweet boon of freedom was a freedman from Mississippi Southern planters understanding of freedom 553 Masters without Slaves thought was quite different from that of the former slaves They struggled to accept the reality of emancipation most planters de ned black freedom in narrowest manner Was hard for them to comprehend that freedom for the Negro means the same thing as freedom from them Free labor Vision of a reconstructed South 553 Free Labor Vision emancipated blacks enjoyed the same opportunities for advancement as northern workers and would labor more productively then they had as slaves Freedmen s Bureau 554 Freedman s Bureau were suppose to establish schools provide aid to the poor and aged settle disputes between whites and blacks and among the freedpeople and provide equal rights in court for both whites and blacks Sherman Land and the failure of land reform 555 The failure of land reform blacks were told they could settle on Sherman land but they wanted homesteads because that is what they were promised They felt that living on this land had not in any way bettered their condition from where they were slaves Sharecropping and crop lien systems 555 56 the white farmer sharecropping was a compromise between blacks desire for land and planters demand for labor discipline It allowed each black family to rent a part of plantation with a crop divided between worker and owner at the end of that year It guaranteed planters a stable workforce Blacks preferred it to gang labor because it didn t involved day today supervision Crop lien was when in order for planters to obtain supplies from merchants they were forced to take up growing cotton and pledge a part of the crop as collateral The collector could seize the property if the debt was not paid The interest rates were eXtremely high and the price of cotton fell steadily Andrew Johnson and Presidential Reconstruction 561 the failure of presidential reconstruction 18651867 a series of proclamations that offered a pardon that caused political and property right to be restored exempt from slaves to nearly all white southerners who took the oath of allegiance It appointed provisional governors and ordered them to call state conventions It also granted the new governments a free hand in managing local affairs Black Codes 561 the black codesin class laws passes by the new southern governments that attempted to go around the no slavery law These granted certain rights to the freed slaves but denied them many such as testifying against a white person serving on juries or voting They declared that those who failed to sign yearly work contracts could be arrested and hired to landowners They barred them from acquiring land and certain jobs Radical Republicans 562 Radical Republicans called for dissolution of these governments and the establishment of new ones with rebels excluded from power and black men guaranteed the right to vote They shared a conviction that the union victory created a golden opportunity to institutionalize the principle of equal rights for all regardless of the race One of the most important bills ever to be presented to the House for its action 563 origins of civil rights civil rights bill de ned all persons born in the United States as citizens and spelled out rights they were given to enjoy without regard to their race 14th Amendment 564 offered the white leaders of the south a choice to allow blacks to vote and keep full representation in the house or limit the vote to just whites and sacri ce part of their political power GAVE BLACKS THE RIGHT TO VOTE Reconstruction Act 564 March 1867 temporarily divided the south into 5 military districts and called for creation of new state governments with black men given the right to vote Francis P Blair Jr 565 Impeachment and the election of grant was Seymour s running mate charged Republicans with placing the south under the rule of a semibarbarous race who longed to subject the white women to their unbridled lust 15th Amendment 566 February 1869 prohibited the federal and state governments from denying any citizen the right to vote because of race quotThe Great Constitutional Revolutionquot 566 transformed the federal system and with it the language of freedom so central to American political culture Uncle Sam39s Thanksgiving Dinner 567 an engraving by Thomas Nast from Harper s Weekly November 20 1868 graphically illustrates how the boundaries of freedom had eXpanded during reconstruction Composite Nation Speech 568 1869 Fredrick Douglass condemned prejudice against immigrants from china America s destiny was to transcend race by serving as an asylum for people gathered here from all comers of the globe by a common aspiration for national liberty Elizabeth Cady Stanton 568 Women activists whom saw reconstruction as a moment to claim their own emancipation She said that no less than blacks women had arrived at a transition period from the slavery period to freedom Lucy Stone 569 insisted that despite their limitations the reconstruction amendments represented steps in the direction of truly universal suffrage and should be supported Stood as the president of the American Women Suffrage Association James K Green 570 a former slave and League organizer who went on to serve 8 years in the Alabama legislature In the 1880 s he looked back and he said that before the war he was entirely ignorant and knew nothing more than to obey his master and there were thousands more with the same attitude Pinckney BS Pinchback ofLouisiana and Douglas Wilder of Virginia 572 Pinchback was the rst black governor and Wilder was the second Carpetbaggers and Scalawags 573 carpetbaggers are white northemers who moved south to help with the reconstruction Scalawags are white southerners who supported the reconstructions Reconstruction governments39 accomplishments 573 74 greatest was establishing the south s rst state supported public schools also pioneered civil rights legislation state level of standard of equal citizenship and a recognition of blacks right to share of public services took steps to strengthen the position of rural laborers and promote the south s economic recovery 0 quotWe have gone through one ofthe most remarkable changes in our relations to each other that has been known perhaps in the history of the worldquot 575 was declared by a White South Carolina lawyer in 1871 Murder of Louisiana cartoon 575 1873 illustrates the intensity of the opposition to reconstruction Enforcement Acts 576 18701871 3 enforcement acts outlawed terrorist societies Klan and allowing the president to use the army against them The Prostrate State 578 Greely 1874 an in uential account of a visit to south Carolina The book depicted a state engulfed by political corruption drained by governmental extravagance and under the control of a mass of black barbarism Redeemers 579 victorious Democrats since they claimed to have redeemed the White south from corruption rnisgovernment and northern and black control Bargain of 1877 581 Is this a Republican form of government cartoon by Thomas Nast 581 September 2 1876 illustrates his conviction that the overthrow of Reconstruction meant that the United States was not prepared to live up to its democratic ideals or protect the rights of black citizens threatened by violence 3 A Letter to My Old Master a Jourdon Anderson b 1865 c Colonel PH Anderson d Jourdon wanted Colonel Anderson to take him back as a paid worker with better pay then he is currently receiving e The children feel hurt when they hear such remarks but I tell them it was no disgrace in Tennessee to belong to Colonel Anderson Many darkeys would have been proud as I used to be to call you master 3 The Knights of the White Carnelia a b 1868 0 Anyone who wants to be part of the White Camelia d Make sure citizens were eligible to be in the White Camelia e To vote for none but white men for any office of honor pro t or trust 4 Inclass lecture a Name 3 ways in which white Southerners tried to reinstate a system that as closely resembled the Old South ie slavery as possible in the years immediately after the Civil War b Name 3 ways in which former slaves de ned their new freedoms in the post Civil War era c What did the South look like in terms ofthe relationships between white and black Southerners in 1880 5 From the videodocumentary describe sharecropping


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