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Exam 1 Study Guide/Cheat Sheet

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3 reviews
by: Victoria Beplay

Exam 1 Study Guide/Cheat Sheet AA 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Physics 2 > AA 100 > Exam 1 Study Guide Cheat Sheet
Victoria Beplay
Metro State
GPA 2.75
Introduction to Astronomy (GT-SC2)
Roger B Culver

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About this Document

My study guide for the first exam in AA100 can double as the cheat sheet for the exam! It covers everything from historical notes about archeoastronomy to Galileo, as well as all of the equations a...
Introduction to Astronomy (GT-SC2)
Roger B Culver
Study Guide
astronomy galileo right ascension declination apparent brightness magnitude AA100
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2 reviews
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"worth itttt"
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Heron Villarreal

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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Victoria Beplay on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to AA 100 at Colorado State University taught by Roger B Culver in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 795 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Astronomy (GT-SC2) in Physics 2 at Colorado State University.


Reviews for Exam 1 Study Guide/Cheat Sheet

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worth itttt


Star Star Star Star Star

-Heron Villarreal

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-Yiyu Wang


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Date Created: 10/13/15
AAlOO Fall 2015 Astronomy Exam 1 Study Guide 10a X 10b 10ab Rising Ascension longitude angular distance between prime hour circle and the hour circle of 10a 10b lOab the object 00 hr 00 min 00 sec 24 hr 00 min 00 sec a b ab Declination latitude Shortest angular distance between the celestial equator and the object of 10 10 110a loa interest 90 degrees 90 degrees INTERCHANGEABLE W LATITUDE VALUE Non CeIesIIaI PIIIE Vernal Equinox point S to N m movement March 20 0 hrs RA 0 II II degrees DEC Ecliptic I I W longer days more sunRA hours Autumnal I I Eifm I 39 5533335 Autumnal Equinox point N to S m movement Sept 23 12 hrs RA 0 I I 39 I gem at degrees DEC a jiggquot Moving to autumn shorter days less sunRA hours I 1 Jagger I 0 my Ecliptic plane is the sun s movement across the celestial sphere through I 3DE39II emquot quotm Ascension each equinox point Magnitude Scale negative brighter vs positive dimmer South Celestial Pole 1 unit 25x I I I I I I I I I I I Sun s apparent brightness 1360 OR 1400 Archeoastronomy the study of astronomy from other culturestime periods Telescope Equations Constellation quotstar picture 88 total Zodiacs Image Brightness constantdiameter2 Principle of Universality The way nature operates does not Theoretical Resolving Power constantdiameter depend on timeone s location in the universe Magnification focal length of primary lensmirror Correspondence Principle If a new theory succeeds where focal length of eye piece and old theory fails in order to be accepted the new theory Energy of photon constant must also succeed where the old theory succeeded Wavelength quotAll Is Number 700 BC Pythagoras quotThe physical world can Image Brightness total power collected TPC be described by numbers and mathematics image area quotUse of Models 300 BC Aristotle quotThe true nature of the TPC Image Brightness x Image area physical world can only be approximatedrepresented with TPC Apparent Brightness x lens area models Photometry Equations quotSave The Phenomena 150 AD Ptolemy quotIf an explanation is Apparent Brightness luminosity offered for a given phenomena it must account for all of the 4Ttdistance2 observed characteristics ofthe phenomenon as possible Bl Lxdg Principle of Simplicity 1400 CE William of Occam quotIf 2 B2 L2 d12 explanations are equally successful at quotsaving the phenomenon choose the simplest Use of Experiments 1300 CE Roger Bacon quotThe best way to investigate nature is through experimentation Geocentric EARTH CENTERED Heliocentric SUN CENTERED prevented by war religion lack of public interest till 16th century by Copernicus Galileo published quotThe Dialogue in Italian people s language Proved that moon was uneven celestial objects previously thought to be perfect substances Confronted by Rome put on trial Book banned and put on house arrest A Newtonian Reflector Re ecting Twang assegrain Teleseope quotquotquot x I II Incoming I39 Liglhl


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