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by: Edna Boyle


Edna Boyle
GPA 3.86

Paul Dotson

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About this Document

Paul Dotson
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Edna Boyle on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 2057 at Louisiana State University taught by Paul Dotson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/222474/hist-2057-louisiana-state-university in History at Louisiana State University.


Reviews for THE US 1865 TO PRES


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Date Created: 10/13/15
President Lincoln and Johnson s plan for reconstruction why congress took over the reconstruction process congress reconstruction plan 0 President Lincoln s plan 0 Used his power to start reconstruction o Began the reconstruction process before the war even ended 0 Made the process of states rejoining the union easy I Only 10 of white males had to take the allegiance to US oath I Made it so easy bc Lincoln wanted the end the war 0 States who take oath has to ratify 13th amendment 0 Created Freedmen39s Bureau I Federal Agency set up to help freed slaves in the south I 4 million slaves 1 thousand agents I Set up schools negotiates labor contracts land leases medical clinics o Slaves didn t know how to readwrite o PresidentJohnson s plan 0 War ends when Johnson becomes president 0 White southerners took the allegiance to US oath I If you were a wealthy southern or high ranking official you had to go to DC and apply for a pardon in person toJohnson o If you came Johnson gave you a pardon Johnson loved to do this and make people beg o Appoints governors for all the Southern states I Each state writes a new state constitution I Ratify the 13th amendment I Canceled all confederate debts 0 Each state had to denounce succession from the Union 0 His plan was basically selfreconstruction o The federal Government was not really involved 0 Johnson s plan didn t address freed slaves fate 0 South quickly controlled by PreCivil War leaders I Reelected back to office after getting pardon I Same people controlled the South before and after theCW 0 Reasons for Congress taking over 0 The constitution didn t say who s in charge 0 Wants the south to admit they were wrong 0 Congress s Plan Renew Freedmen s Bureau Passed Civil Rights Act designed to counter Black Codes If you are born in the US you are a US citizen 9 freed slaves 14th amendment I Puts Civil Rights into the constitution O O O O Guaranteed due process of law Voided confederate debts Bared high ranking confederate officials from holding office in the US States had to ratify the 14th Amendment before joining the union Johnson s plan was voided Deniedbarred southern congressmen their seats in congress Divided south into military districts Much harsher and different than Johnson s Political solution to process Believed if they gave African American s the rights they could join white southern republicans take power and support themselves The fears anxieties or problems that the five major changes in American Society describe that alternatives or solutions offered by the knights of labor Farmers Alliance and Populist Party 0 Five of National Business and Industrial System 0 O O O 0 Limiting Possibilities for workers Difficult and Dangerous work conditions I No safety regulations Little money No government oversight No government regulations In the span of 10 years 35000 factory workers were killed on the job I Hundreds of Thousands were injured on the job if you were injured the companies weren t responsible so nothing happened I If you were killed yourfamily got nothing I No child labor laws 0 2 million children working 60 hrweek 0 Killed and maimed on thejob I No job security or unemployment insurance I Workers lost jobs New class of citizens emerged tramped jobless homeless Union membership take off strikes Great RR Strike I Company laid off 20 of workers 9regional RR strike spread nationwide I Workers would tear up RR and burn RR property Pullman Strike I Built sleeping cars for RR I Pullman cut wages and laid people off I Workers lived in company town but couldn t pay for the rent I President and federal government got involved to end strike 9 US mail delivery 0 Immigration 0 O O O Immigrants were now coming from southern and eastern Europe Came bc the Industrial Revolution was in their countries US was where they could find a job in a factory the opportunities seemed better in the US then in their country The immigrants made Americans nervous bc they threatened their jobs immigrants would work for less Immigrants threatened racial purity in the US I Not anglosaxon had darker skin 0 Also seen as a religious threat to Protestantism I WereJewish or Catholic 0 Urban growth 0 Overcrowding I 334000sq mile I 34 families sharing a one bedroom apt I Boarding houses would rent beds in shifts daynight workers 0 Sanitation I No garbage system I No adequate sewage systems I Factories would dump waste in rivers 0 Urban bosses I Help new immigrants asecret agenda was to get people to vote for person they are endorsing 9 political machines 0 Growth of the Urban underworld I Saloons and brothels 0 Close of Western Frontier filling the middle US 0 Census indicated that there was no place as a frontier left in the US 0 Turner s Frontier Thesis I Frontier made Americans a unique nation Made Americans tough democratic Now that the frontier is gone what is going to happen to the US Paper caused anxiety for what was going to happen to the future of the US I Rise of the Cowboy myth 0 Challenges to faith and confidence 0 22 million southern and eastern Europeans catholic orjewish faith 0 Their arrival seemed a threat to Protestanism o Debatewhich Bible to use in schools I Charles Darwin s theory of evolution seemed direct assault on their beliefs 0 Americans felt they lived in a world difficult to understand bc of other 4 changes I EXAMPLE before electricity and electric light bulb 0 They understood how kerosene lamps worked 0 Look at light bulb can t figure out how it works I Economywhere do depressions keep coming from I They don t understand economy I They turn to people who claim to have the answers experts 0 Knights of Labor Describe the overall goals of Progressive Reformers as well as specific examples of their reforms on the city state and national levels 0 Help victims of new society 0 Better and safer working conditions 0 End of child labor 0 Female got special working conditions 0 Not interested in making wages better or reducing hours just the conditions 0 Impose morality 0 Laws passed enforcing prohibition 0 Increase Democracy 0 Believe that the politics are corrupt and undemocratic 0 Get rid of urban bosses and political machines 0 Use experts and us them to make society and business function better 0 Bring order and efficiency 0 City level 0 Local governments take over municipal utilities 0 City manager 9 helped take away urban bosses 6 citywide elections 0 State level 0 Increase democracy I Initiative power to make laws put in general public s hands 9 getting a certain number of sigs on a petition I Recall petition to recall an elected official I Primary made public able to decide who political party candidates were 9 put it in the general public s hands I Referendum let s legislature put up a piece of legislation for a vote by the people 0 Improve working conditions I Worker s compensation laws passed 0 National level 0 Interstate Commerce C ability power to set RR rates 0 Pass Pure Food and Drug Acts I Meat inspection act I Regulates drums pharmaceuticals patent drugs I Dramatic role for federal government


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