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by: Jimmie Smith


Jimmie Smith
GPA 3.81

W. Delony

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About this Document

W. Delony
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jimmie Smith on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUS 1751 at Louisiana State University taught by W. Delony in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/222487/mus-1751-louisiana-state-university in Music at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Music 1751 Web Based Mid Term Study Guide Fall 2009 Matching format Be able to identify the compositions covered in the teXt of the following composers Bartok Brahms Beethoven Mussorgsky Dello Joio Dvorak Copland Haydn Britten Gershwin Barber Mozart Schubert O OOOOOOOOOOOO Barber American Adagio for Strings Copland American The Cat and the Mouse Dello Joio American Holy Infant s Lullaby Gershwin American Rhapsody in Blue Haydn Austrian Symphony No 87 3ml movt Mozart Austrian The Magic Flute Schubert Austrian String Quintet in C Major 4th movt Britten British Young Person s Guide to the Orchestra Dvorak Czech Carnival Overture Beethoven German Symphony No 5 1st movt Brahms German Rhapsody in G Minor Bartok Hungarian Concerto for Orchestra 4th movt Mussorgsky Russian Pictures At An Exhibition Matching format Terms accelerando heartbeat speed at rest lyrical liturgical drama early opera composer important characteristic of jazz waltz march know typical tempo counterpoint polyphony lieder hertz mode majorminor relative loudness or volume string quartet chamber music an early opera by Monteverdi aria recitative the bridge in AABA form Venit dilectus adagio vivace saltarello allegro piano staccato pizzicato forte O 0 00000 O O O Accelerando gradually increase the tempo heartbeat speed at rest 72 beats per minute or slower lyrical melodies that are singable liturgical drama similar to opera early opera composer Monteverdi important characteristic of jazz syncopated rhythms improvisatory content blues based melodies and unique instrumentation waltz triple meter march know typical tempo duple time range of 120 beats per minute speed of the beat counterpoint polyphony music consisting of two or more largely independent melodic lines parts or voices that sound simultaneously lieder solo songs hertz l vibrationsecond mode majorminor I major mode scale places two half steps between the 3rd4th and 7th8th scale degrees This happens without using black keys when the scale begins and ends on the pitch C O O 0000 00000000 I minor mode scale places the two available half steps between the 2nd3rd and the 5th6th scale degrees This happens without black keys when the scale begins and ends on A relative loudness or volume Volume dynamics may gradually change properly suggesting that the amplitude of the wave form is gradually increasing or decreasing in height string quartet chamber music meant for a small ensemble of vocalists to instrumentalist 4 performers an early opera by Monteverdi Vespers of the Blessed Virgin aria solo songs sung in an opera recitative halfsung dialogue in an opera the bridge in AABA form jazz musicians call the B section of an AABA form the bridge Venit dilectus example of sacred music of the early 12th century Saltarello an Italian instrumental dance written in the 13th century Adagio slow tempo Allegro fast tempo Vivace very fast tempo Piano highest pitch is less than 4000 hertz Staccato suggests that the notes be played short and separated pizzicato popular technique of play string instruments strings are plucked rather than bowed required by string bass in jazz forte to be performed loudly Fill in the blanks Crescendo overture consonance beat a movement in classical period symphony commonly a Minuet 15 2 3 or 4 sharp at polyphonic homophonic monophonic troubadour English horn alto oboe pre X contra piccolo another name for timpani two common double reed instruments scale or mode soprano alto tenor bass composer nationalities O O 0 0000000 Crescendo gradually increase the volume Overture a musical introduction to a larger work such as an opera Consonance major triad when certain sound waves are played and heard simultaneously producing a particularly pleasant sensation beat a regularly recurring pulse a movement in classical period symphony commonly a Minuet 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th triple meter 3ml sharp moves pitch up one half step at b lowers the pitch by onehalf step polyphonic two or more melodies played at the same time homophonic a melody with chords usually with accompanying harmony monophonic a single melody with no accompaniment troubadour popular music eXisting during the middle ages English horn alto oboe a bass clarinet brass family OOOOOOOOO Matching format 12 step intervals eg b to c pre x contra indicate that their range covers a very low octave most other instruments can t play piccolo a small ute another name for timpani kettle drums percussion family two common double reed instruments oboe bassoon clarinet amp alto oboe scale or mode two or more melodies played at the same time soprano highest singing voice a woman girl or boy could have alto highest man s voice uses falsetto contralto tenor highest male voice naturally bass lower half of all the pitches produced by a voice or musical instrument composer nationalities and e to f on a keyboard whole step intervals eg c to d and f to g on keyboard chord vibration rate of tuning pitch A octave elements associated with rhythm beat tempo elements associated with melody elements associated with harmony elements associated with timbre O O O O O O O O 12 step intervals eg b to c and e to f on a keyboard whole step intervals eg c to d and f to g on keyboard chord an isolated harmony a combination of three or more pitches sounded simultaneously vibration rate of tuning pitch A 440 hertz octave a tone on the eighth degree from a given tone elements associated with rhythm beat tempo I beat I tempo elements associated with melody I rhythm largerscale rhythmic articulation gives shape and vitality to a melody I harmony nds the contour and direction of a melodic line gives it life elements associated with harmony I intervals I scales I modes I keys elements associated with timbre tone quality 0 Matching format form outlines AB ABA ABACA Al A2 A3 A4 etc compleX structure sonata individual instruments and their respective orchestral families 0 O O O O 0 AB binary ABA ternary ABACA rondo Al A2 A3 A4 etc Theme and Variations compleX structure sonata the most compleX form individual instruments and their respective orchestral families Orchestra Instruments Grouped by Families Brass Woodwinds Strings Percussion Trumpet Flute Violin Timpani Trombone Clarinet Viola snare drum French horn Oboe cello bass drum Tuba Bassoon bass Cymbals 0 Matching format Chronological breakdown of basic style periods Renaissance Baroque I ll just ask for single period not Early vs Late Classical Romantic Contemporary composers and terms matched with appropriate period eg Dello Joio pronounced emotional expression birth of opera Mozart Wagner Haydn Palestrina nationalism JS Bach Chopin rst oratorios Britten madrigal Mendelssohn O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Renaissance 14001600 Baroque I ll just ask for single period not Early vs Late 16001750 Classical 17501820 Romantic 18201890 Contemporary 1918present Madrigal Renaissance Palestrina Renaissance Italian birth of opera Baroque rst oratorios Baroque JS Bach Baroque German Mozart Classical Austrian Haydn Classical Austrian pronounced emotional expression Romantic Nationalism Romantic Chopin Romantic Polish Wagner Romantic German Mendelssohn Romantic German Dello Joio Contemporary American Britten Contemporary British 0 Matching format Identify excerpts from the 10 pieces on your midterm listening list see syllabus p 2


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