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by: Shayna Jenkins Sr.


Shayna Jenkins Sr.
GPA 3.84

Amy Potter

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About this Document

Amy Potter
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Shayna Jenkins Sr. on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEOG 1003 at Louisiana State University taught by Amy Potter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/222729/geog-1003-louisiana-state-university in Geography at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Exam 3 Study Guide Know all the countries on the continent of Africa I m not kidding on this one 10 EASY points if you study the map Central Asia Beauty Academy of Kabul What did the film say about women living in Afghanistan Demodernization economic reality Central Asia is demodernizing after Soviets left region deindustrialization occurring as well Cotton main crop in Tajikistan despite failing yields cotton is king state farms in Uzbekistan Life Under Taliban examples womenmen compulsory burka wearing no edc or occpt with exception of women s health women could not go out unless dressed in heavy burks and accompanied by male relatinve men required to have beards and closely cut hair all sports ceased music and tv banned Soviet Impact Listed 2 literacy rates less than 5 to nearly 98 after fall of Soviet Union built extensive extensive transportation and communication links between CA and Russia goods and services employment for everyone fastest growing of the former USSR nations universal health care and child care Reigion Rural to Urban differences cultural Muslim urban cities are the center of religious power and education urban quotcultural muslims 9 became secularized but continued to adhere to Islamic practice for quotlife ceremonies ex Weddings deaths Questions of Culture 2 primary directions 1 Distance from Soviet culture Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan deemphasize Russian 2 Integrate Soviet past with an often govtcontrolled ethnic past Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan sizeable Russian population try to maintain a bilingual society Tajikistan declared Tajiki the first lang of country Russian a distant second Who is Ahmed Shah Masud and what is significant about September 9 2001 Masud man who helped to overthrow Soviets he was assassinated on Sept 9 2001 known as martyred commander death of him is national holiday Afghanistan National Geographic Magazine Development and Economy of Central Asia during the Soviet period 3 examples HintCollectivization 1 Collectivization small privately owned agr Parcels into larger stateowned farms 2 industrialization Discussion of various Stans Kazakhstan richest in region oil deposits vast Turkic tribes Mongols and Genghis Khan Kyrgyzstan Epic of Manas agriculture v important trying to shift to market economy govt does not have money to do so Tajikistan poorest country 1991 Civil War 93 mountainous cotton is main crop speak Persian dialect connected to Iran culturally and historically Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov or Turkmenbashi wrote a book kids must learn it remade capital gas reserves future uncertain with successor Berdimuhmedow Uzbkistan risky to be a Musim had 10 h15 h century cities with poets mathmeticians astronomers cotton is king Southwest Asia and North Africa Reel Bad Arabs documentary stereotypica views violent like women etc Representation of Place Affects 3 groups of people General Public tourism migration investmentsetc Policymakers make decosopns about resource allocation legistlation and rule making etc lnhibitants must face own selfimages and deal with prejudices Maghreb Define what it is What countries make up this area in North Africa means quotwestern island includes Morocco Algeria and Tunisia and is dominated near th Mediterranean coastline by the Atlas Mountains Levant eastern Mediterranean region including Lebanon lsrael Syria Jordan Palestian territories Darfur Who is the conflict between Janjaweed Genocide between Arab nomads and herders and nonArab quotblackquot farmers racially amp resource motivated govt enc Arab militiamen to attack nonArabs Genocide the deliberate and systematic killing of a racialpoitical or cultural group Janjaweed Arabic horse and gun ArabIsraeli Conflict Six day war areas in question ie The West Bank Golan Heights Jerusalem Gaza Strip occurred in 1946 after independence of Transjordan British withdrew UN divided into two states MuslimJewish Arab Palestinians reject war erupts Six Day war of 1967 9 struggle against Egypt Syria and Jordan lsrael occupied return of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt 1982 return of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt Colonial players in Middle East rill French North AfrIca In 1800 Algeria In 1830 Tunisia amp Morocco Syria and Lebanon British control of small coastal states to secure sea lanes from India these were Yemen UAE Suez Canal they gained more dir Control of Egypt amp Sudan in 1883 engineered creation of Saudi Arabia British partition of Palestine Transjordan and Iraq Religion in ME don t get bogged down by Coptic Christians know the main ones Judaism Christianity and Islam lslam originated in SW Asia spread from Mecca outwards continuation of JudeoChristian tradition considers Abraham Moses and Jesus to be true prophets read the Quran 5 pillars both Jews and Christians trace their roots from eastern Miditerranean lsrael mainly Jewish some Christians Five pillars of Islam 1 Repeat basic creed 2 Prayer facing Mecca 5 times daily 3 Giving charitable contributions 4 Fasting between sunup and sundown Ramadan 5 Making at least one religious pilgrimage Hajj to Mecca Difference between Sunni and Shiite Where can you find them Shiites favored passing power to Muhammed s soninlaw Ali What are the 7 Consequences of the Geographic Impact of Oil Hint High incomes modernization etc 1 High incomes oil prices high countries rank higher in income 2 Modernization Saudi Arabia Kuwait UAE oil revenues used to modernize infrastructure 3 Industrialization farsighted govts 4 lntrarealm migration oil wealth attracted millions of workers from less welloff parts of the realm 5 Interrealm migration workers from outside countries both Muslims and nonMuslims often exploited 6 Regional disparities 7 Foreign investment invest oil generated wealth in foreign countries created network of intl inv Sovereign Wealth Funds Sovereign Wealth Funds NY S Chrysler building is owned by Dubai investors Oil Three major locations in the region 1 Arabia Iranian sedimentary basis many OPEC memebers 2 eastern Algerica northern and central Libya and scattered developments in northern Egypt 3 African nation of Sudan including areas near and south of Khartoum j JlLlllljl j l lFalillir quotx e I 39 m domestication of wheat around 7000 BC 1 Reliable food source and supply 2 Social organization 3 Harness human labor SubSaharan Africa Understand the historical context of Hotel Rwanda who is Romeo Dallaire major colonial players in Rwanda caimed by Germany in beginning eventually under Belgian control became independent in 1962 Romeo Dallaire was Force Commander of the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda between 1993 and 1994 Sir Henry Morton Stanley and The Dark Continent He was an explorer Welsh journalist conducted search of David Livingston wrote book about his travels coined Africa quotthe dark continent due to troubles Land of Plateaus quotPlateau Continent continental uplifts led to plateaus Four major rivers and describe Niger River 9major water source for Guinea and Niger Congo River largest in region rapids and waterfalls limit navigatability Nile River world s largest river begins in Lake Victoria important water source in Egypt and Sudan Zambezi River begins in Angola and flows east 2 of largest hydroelectric dams Wangari Maathiai and her accomplishments she started the Green Belt Movement in Kenya which plants trees so that local women can be closer to trees and do not have to travel to get trees more children can go to school Three biomes Tropical forests desert savanna Tropica forest 2nd largest expanse of t rainforest in Congo Basin warm to high temps rain yr round low pop density Desert Sahara Desert world s largest Namib milder temp rainfall rare Kalahari surface water rare little over10 in of water a yr Savanna surround Central African rain forests habitat for large mammals tall trees tall grasses animals here include elephants zebras rhinos 1 Gap gap between population and food production population 3 food production 2 Physiological Density a population statistic that relates the number of people in a country to the amount of arable land Argument for decolonization I gave two examples Decolonization different examples British French Belgian Portuguese characteristics generally what happened Who did these different powers control decoindp Began in 1957 British handover violence in areas where there were significant white settler populations ex RhodesiaZimbabwe French handover sudden in 1960 economic and cultural ties were maintained with France Belgian handover chaos and army mutinied Joseph Mobutu assassinated Patrice Lambada Portugese handover refused handover held onto Angola and Mozambique until 1974 influence of Soviets and Cubans


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