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by: Nia Greenfelder


Nia Greenfelder
GPA 3.58

J. Schiebout

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About this Document

J. Schiebout
Study Guide
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This 69 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nia Greenfelder on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEOL 1066 at Louisiana State University taught by J. Schiebout in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/222778/geol-1066-louisiana-state-university in Geology at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
49 No faults occur in Baton Rouge 0 False 22 Some nonavian dinosaurs had feathers True 28 Metatheria give birth to their babies at a less advanced age than eutheria True 23 High plate tectonic activity results in increased volcanic activity and thus results in higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere True How could atmospheric changes cause extinctions How could such changes be tied to volcanism To sea level changes Melt polar ice kill off polar bears flood shores kill beach life or freeze up and retract shoreline therefore leaving fish out to dry Liaoning is what and where Chinese excavation site features early K birds feathered nonavian dinosaurs Do all mammals have heterodont teeth No orca whales have very similar teeth all the way around What are the deccan Traps Volcanoes in northern india can cause hundreds and hundreds of feet of basaltic flows What is the tethys Universal ocean that existed early in the earliest tertiary mesozoic 32 Whales made the transition from land to sea when Tethys existed True whales had a long period of time going from land to sea 29 Endemism in land animals is higher in the Triassic than in the Cretaceous False gets higher as Pangaea begins to move apart 50 According to Dr Liu this millennium the current 1000 years is an extremely active time for big hurricanes 0 False 48 The oldest rocks the oldest formations on your map in Louisiana are in the center of the state near Alexandria False Oldest rocks in Louisiana salt domes have pushed up some cretaceous rocks oldest at Shreveport youngest at coast Frozen gas hydrates are found in sediments off the Louisiana coast The frozen gas is methane True 43 Bison and cows are perissodactyls False horsesrhinostapirs are perissodactyls Cows and bison are arteodactyls LSU is built on the edge ofa Pleistocene Ice Age high area formed when the Mississippi eroded a valley to the west when sea level stood lower than it is today True 41 No major faults exist in the central US 0 False New Madrid 40 Tsunamis caused by faulting are unlikely on the western coast of North America 0 False 39 Volcanoes in western North America are more likely to be explosive and produce lots of ash than the Hawaiian volcanoes True 38 Landslides in the Canary Islands may cause waves dangerous to the eastern coast of North America True 37 When Antarctic ice increases sea level rises worldwide 0 False 36 Browsing mastodons are more common in Ice Age deposits in Louisiana than grass eating mammoths True 35 Camel relatives like llamas in South America spread there from North America True 25 Mammals have a fourchambered heart but birds do not although both are warm blooded False Birds both 4chambered and warm blooded 26 Like other mammals you have a secondary palate True 21 Cursorial birds were climbers not runners False arborealtrees climbing trees 20 Birds have a particularly flexible pelvis False ossified bone 16 Major hurricanes in the Gulf Coast recur at about an interval of X according to Dr Liu 0 A 300 years b 100 years c 40 years d 2000 years A this millenium is particularly active 33 Early Tertiary fossil whales have been excavated in central Louisiana True basillosaurus Prototheria Metatheria Eutheria Prototheria egglayers Metatheria marsupials eutheria placental Bolide Asteroid What is an antorbitalfenestra Opening in snout to lighten weight of skull humans do not have one How does Archaeopteryx differ from living birds Archeoptryx had teeth clawed fingers on end of wing longer tai with vertebrae Living Birds beak no front claws 11 Name of a substance listed below which increased in the atmosphere and caused a global warming which resulted in extinctions including the rodentlike early primates and a spread of new more modern mammals such as rodents perissodactyls and artiodactyls a nitrogen b oxygen gas hydrate c iridium d carbon dioxide 10 Effects of a large bolide can include A large waves B forest fires caused by ejection of hot material from the crater C acid rain D a cold dark period caused by blotting out of the sun by dust ejected from the crater E all ofthe above 9 Death of the dinosaurs and beginning of the Age of Mammals is X years ago a 250 million b 65 million c 13 million d 10000 The name for the fact that extinctions tend to look gradual in the fossil record even if they actually were rapid is the effect 0 A Weishampel Rose B Bakker Mcntosh C Signor Bakker D Signor Lipps E Weishampel Dodson 4 Bakker is a maverick re dinosaur extinction He favors as a cause of their extinction favored by few other scientists It is a supernova emits massive radiation b spread of disease c global cooling d angiosperm domination of the flora e mammals eating dinosaur eggs 27 The first bird is from the Jurassic True archeoptryx San Andreas faulting began in the Jurassic 0 False 3 Bakker recognizes a time of the high feeders and a time of the low feeders in dinosaur history and considers sauropods to be good examples of high feeders a High feeders were eating mainly gymnosperms b Ceratopsians were low feeders c High feeders were eating mainly angiosperms d Late Jurassic was a time of high feeders e a bampd are correct c is false E 5 Mammals are first recognized in the fossil record 0 a After the death ofthe dinosaurs b By the presence of mammary glands c After the first angiosperms in the record d By characteristics of their lower jaws e b is false a c ampd are true About plants A Dense angiosperm forests in the early Tertiary Age of Mammals favored selective feeding in small mammals B Open grasslands spread in the Miocene middle of the Age of Mammals C Glacial advances pushed coldadapted plants like spruce into Louisiana in the Pleistocene Ice Ages D All of the above are true E A amp C are true and b is false The Furcula 0 A Is the wishbone as seen in a chicken B Is formed of fused collarbones C Occurs in some non avian dinosaurs D All ofthe above are true E B amp C are true and A is false 12 Rodents replaced primitive primates and multituberculates after arriving in North America from Asia during the global warming mentioned in question 11 a immediately after the extinction ofthe dinosaurs b in the Miocene c at the Paleocene Eocene Boundary early in the Age of Mammals d in the Pleistocene Ice Ages 13 The Messel site in Germany Eocene early in the Age of Mammals included X as predators as shown in the video we watched 0 a giant birds b sabre toothed cats c whale ancestors d Aamp B are correct e Aamp C are correct 14 Which happened in the Miocene a Great increase in perissodactyl diversity and fall in artiodactyl diversity b Immigration to North America of horse ancestors from Asia c Rejuvenation new uplift of the Rockies d Major advance of northern glaciers into North America e Major exchange of land mammals between North and South America Earth39s population and the population of Baton Rouge preKatrina about the same number of years Which figure is closest to the a 40 years b 120 years c 240 years d 340 years were doubling in doubling time 17 If a fossil fauna is found in a channel base in river deposits at the same level as a fauna in overbank deposits the faunas are definitely the same age 19 Angiosperm plants were common by the end of the Cretaceous and may have been one explanation for herds of herbivorous dinosaurs like ceratopsians 24 Many reptiles including the last dinosaurs died in the end Cretaceous extinctions but mammals made it through without losses The climate in the latest Cretaceous was the mildest and most equable of the whole Cretaceous 31 An additional source of iridium at the CretaceousTertiary boundary may have been major volcanic activity in Antartica 34 Grasseating horses have high crowned teeth Extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna coincided with the most major ice advance so climate change is the main cause in North America 45 Cuestas are the result of erosion not faulting 46 Miocene rocks middle of the Age of Mammals are the oldest rocks in Louisiana endofthe Pleistocene extinctions Who died 0 Mostly mammals Large North American Possible scenarios include hyperdisease human hunting environmental changes Major vegetational changes in the Miocene Grasslands and kelp forests grow Drying of continental interiors and global cooling Major Animal Changes in Meiocene Evolutionary change in herbivorous animals Horses developed highcrowned teeth Forest browsers give way to the prarie grazers Artiodactyls develop advanced digestive system Mammal diversity reaches its peak PaleoceneEocene Boundary Global Temperature rose by some 11 degrees F over period of 20000 years Tertiary Period Paleocene epoch Eocene epoch Oligocene epoch Miocene epoch Pliocene epoch Pleistocene epoch What is the mammalian megafauna that died at the end of the ice ages 0 Mammoths mastodons GreenhouseIcehouse cycle cehouse continents moving together sea level low due to lack of seafloor production Climate cooler arid Associated with aragonite seas Formation of supercontinents Greenhouses climate continents dispersed Sea level high High level of sea floor spreading Relatively large amounts of C02 production at ocean rifting zones Climate Warm and humid Associated with calcite seas Late permian extinctions Major 96 of all marine species and 83 of all genera becoming extinct Recovery of life on earth took significantly longer than other extinction events Multiple bolide events volcanic activity sudden release of methane hydrates from sea floor shift in ocean circulation due to climate change KT Extinctions Dinosaurs giant marine mammals lots of plants Characteristics of mammals today Vertebrates lungs and breathe warmblooded 4 chambered hearts most give birth to live young true hair capacity to produce milk Diaphragm lowerjaw has bone on each side heterodont teeth highly developed brains Angiosperms and dinosaursmammals Angiosperms flowers reduced amount of free energy available to dinosaurs left them vulnerable Origin of birds Group of theropod dinosaurs that evolved during Mesozoic Era


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