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Flashcards / Arts and Humanities / English / a collection of english words and phrases from real life

a collection of english words and phrases from real life

a collection of english words and phrases from real life


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Name: a collection of english words and phrases from real life
Uploaded: 03/22/2016
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*have your work cut out for you*

You have a difficult task to do or a challenging situation to face. (idiom)


rude through lack of knowledge about good manners (adj) eg His _________ behaviour at the dining table was very embarrassing.


a curved structure supporting the weight of something above eg a bridge with three ______es (noun)

*lose track of*

fail to keep informed about something eg Because of facebook, I never _______ _______ ___ my friends. (phrase)


be very tired e.g. I slept really badly, and now I'm ________. (adj)


a group of workers who work for a specific period of time e.g. We have three _______s: 6-2, 2-10 and 10-6. (noun)


having no money e.g I can't go out with you - I'm ________. (adj)


make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain or discomfort (usually used with children, animals, or people in a lot of pain) e.g. He was _________ing in pain. (adj)


a little e.g. I'm ________ annoyed. (adv)

*never ever*

not in the whole of the future or past - used for emphasis e.g. No matter how many times he asks me, I willl ________ marry him. (phrase)


a man who has casual sexual relationships with a lot of women e.g. He's a real ___________ . (noun)


to run away, to try to escape e.g. They were ________ing from the prison guards. (verb)


too valuable or precious to be replaced e.g. Her gold necklace was ________ - her mother gave it to her, and it was completely unique. (adj)

*heavy sleeper*

a person who sleeps very deeply - it's difficult to wake them up (adj + noun)

*light sleeper*

a person who doesn't sleep very deeply - it's easy to wake them up (adj + noun)


to make stronger e.g. Relationships between the two counries were __________. (verb)


to arrange things in a certain order (normally one on another, but sometimes next to) e.g. The boxes were ________d in the garage. (verb)


a sports field used for football, rugby or field hockey e.g. We can't play today - the ________ is too icy. (noun)


another way to say dinner in England e.g. _______'s ready. (noun)


the place where you walk at the side of the road (sidewalk = US) (noun)


a person who makes a living from working the soil, especially in poorer countries (noun)

*innit* (Spoken only informal)

a way of saying 'isn't it' e.g. Cold, _______? (exclamation)


to talk continuously about things that are silly or unimportant e.g. What are you __________ing on about now? (verb)


1 (in Jewish stories) a figure made of clay that comes to life 2 a machine that behaves like a human (noun)


quiet and easy to control e.g. a __________ child/horse (adj)


willing to obey e.g. an ___________ child (adj)


to bring somebody/something under control, especially by using force e.g. Troops were called in to ___________ the rebels. (verb)


not caring or worrying about the future e.g. a ______________ attitude a ______________ sort of person (adj)


to jump up and down on something e.g. She ___________d up and down excitedly on the bed. (verb)


to hit something in a way that makes a loud noise e.g. She ________ed on the door angrily. (verb)


exciting and enjoyable e.g. a _________ experience/finish (adj)

*That's positively tropical.*

You can say this when it has been very cold and you hear that it will be a little bit warmer soon. e.g. (It's zero degrees) A: It'll be five degrees on Monday. B: Wow - ________________________! (phrase)

*only doubled*

used to emphasis something - sarcastic e.g. The stupidest person in the world, ______________. (phrase)

*a course of action*

a way of acting in or dealing with a particular situation e.g. What __________ would you recommend? (noun)


to express great happiness about something e.g. When the war ended, people finally had cause to ________. (verb)


the part of a cigarette or cigar that is left after it has been smoked e.g. an ashtray full of cigarette _______s No _________s, just bin it. (noun)

*shrug sth off*

to treat something as if it is not important e.g. ________ing _____ her injury, she played on. (phrasal verb)


a layer of material used to cover the inside surface of something e.g. a pair of leather gloves with fur _________s (noun)

*take the weight off your feet*

to sit down and rest, especially when you are tired e.g. Come and sit down and _____________ for a while. (idiom)

*hole in the wall*

cash machine/ATM (British English) (noun)


toilet (British English) e.g. Where are the _______s? (noun)


so interested or involved in something that you give it all your attention e.g. She was ____________ in conversation. (adj)

*kneel, knelt*

to be in or move into a position where your body is supported on your knee or knees e.g. a ________ing figure People sometimes ________ to pray. (verb)


a jacket or sweatshirt that is made from this cloth e.g. a ________ lining (noun/adj)