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The Biology of Coral Reef Study Guide

by: Leah Burkett

The Biology of Coral Reef Study Guide bsc 1005

Marketplace > Florida State University > Biological Sciences > bsc 1005 > The Biology of Coral Reef Study Guide
Leah Burkett
General Biology
Carolyn Schultz

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About this Document

General Biology
Carolyn Schultz
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Leah Burkett on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to bsc 1005 at Florida State University taught by Carolyn Schultz in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 574 views. For similar materials see General Biology in Biological Sciences at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Practice Test Multiple Choice 1 Which reefs A of the following is not an example of mutualism on coral Clown shsea anemones C D E Spongescorals Hermit crabssea anemones Reef building coralzooxanthellae Ecosystem with many mutualistic association may be more vulnerable to extinction of species because A B C D E There are too many species in these systems Interactions among species are not very complex Mutualism tends to expand where species can live All of the above The main problem caused by the loss of the longspined black sea urchin to die throughout the Caribbean is A B C Fish that normally eat sea urchins had to nd other food Fragile reef areas had been protected from tourist divers by the toxic lled spines of these spines Lack of competition form sea urchins caused herb shed to become abundant E All 0 the above 4 Seagr ass meadows are NOT A Highly productive ecosystems Nursery habitats for economically important animals Binders of sediments Dominated by owering plants even though they are completely submerged B C D m 5 Mangrove swamps differ from seagrass meadows in A Being dominated by owering plants C Serving as bursary habitats D Helping to prevent sediment from smothering coral reefs E Being highly productive 6 Larvae contribute to the continuing existence of coral reef ecosystems within a region by A Being immune to predation B Being very small F D Having shapes that differ from those of their parents E Being able to withstand extremes of temperature and other environmental factors 7 Which is not a risk of sexual reproduction A It may be hard to nd a mate B Male and female may not be ready at the same time C Early developmental stages are vulnerable to environmental stresses E Some mixtures of genetic variation material are incompatible 8 Two phyla characteristics by radial symmetry are A Arthropods sponges B Cnidarians annelids C Annelid arthropods E Arthropods echinoderms 9 The key distinguishing characteristic between members of the kingdom plantae and embers of the kingdom animalia is A Plants are unable t live in seawater B All animals can move D Only animals reproduce sexually E All of the above 10 Reef building can only inhabit areas with A Sunlight B Normal seawater salinity C Clear Water D Warm water 11 Coral Bleaching A Occurs when shers try to ush sh form the reef frame sing too much bleach 0 ls periodically required in order to allow the corals to reproduce Looks very sticking but has no physiological effects on the corals E Has always been part of the natural life cycle of reef building corals U 12 When humans capture too many herbivorous fishes A Recovery of their populations becomes more difficult B Fleshy algae can grow freely an smother coral C Other herbivores such as sea urchins might have more food D Tourists nd diving on the reefs less appealing 13 Regeneration of coral reefs after hurricane damage Almost always requires human intervention ls best accomplished using underwater cement Can usually be complete within a few years ls virtually impossible and reefs are very rare in areas where hurricanes occur F 14 Coral skeletons are turned into sediment by one E A Boring clams B Boring sponges C Feeding shes D Grazing sea urchins E 15 Which of the following groups does not have nay members that acquire food by ltering it from the A Sponges B Sharks C Whales D Segmented worms 16 When mechanism of defense against being eaten is not used by coral reefs B Producing hard parts C Producing toxins D Growing quickly E Living in wavewashed areas Short Response 17 What coral colony shape is best for each of the following situations on a coral reef a Low light levels in deep water platelike b Hurricane waves l Massive c Chronic rough water at the crest of the reef Free living d Areas near shore where sediment from land is washed into the water every time it rains l Encrusting 18 Describe one problem that humans are causing for coral reefs Humans destroy coral reefs when they go scuba diving without training 19 And brie y explain what we can do to solve it New scuba divers and tourists need to be trained before they go into the water 20 If someone showed you a mystery animal and asked you to please tell them the phylum to which it belong which 2 characteristics would allow you to continuously declare the mystery animal to be a An echinoderm tube feet and Pentaradial symmetry b An arthropod jointed appendages exoskeleton that they must shed in order to grow and Bilateral Symmetry 21 What are 2 characteristics that mangroves and seagrass meadow have in common Help to prevent sediment from smothering coral reefs and are both highly productive 22 What are 2 ways in which mangroves and seagrass meadows differ from each other Mangrove trees are both terrestrial and marine ecosystems Mangrove trees are also used as a shelter for marine life while seagrass does not serve as a great place for marine life to hide from predators 23 Choose one mutually bene cial association that can be found on coral reefs and tell a What the two partner organisms are l Commensalism b How each of the partner s bene ts from association I Mutualism


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