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ITAL150: Cultural Legacies Italy - Study Guide

by: Morgan Miller

ITAL150: Cultural Legacies Italy - Study Guide ITAL150

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Humanities and Social Sciences > ITAL150 > ITAL150 Cultural Legacies Italy Study Guide
Morgan Miller
Cultural Legacies Italy

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About this Document

Cultural Legacies Italy
Study Guide
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This 32 page Study Guide was uploaded by Morgan Miller on Saturday December 6, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to ITAL150 at University of Oregon taught by Psaki in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 291 views. For similar materials see Cultural Legacies Italy in Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 12/06/14
Readings 0 Synopses of La Traviata and Carmen 0 Carlo Petrini Slow Food Nation 0 Vanessa Maher Immigration and Social Identities 0 Salvatore Lupo History ofthe Mafia 0 David Gilmour Modern ltaly Resilient ltaly 0 De Stefano An offer We can t Refuse The Mafia in the Mind of America 0 Vincenza Scarpaci The journey of Italians in America Chapter 5 0 Scarpaci SaccoVanzetti Case Violence in America 1999 0 Gian Antonio Stella Opera 0 Operas never realistic but has a morally important story 0 Three main components of opera music death women 0 Differences in depiction of scenery in different scenes of story oattle sheep and horses pasture unfenoed in high meadows grassfed marohigiane oows Luoia s sheep Luoia makes oheese Santoregia and wild mountain thyme June wildflowers Fall mushrooms bitte oarpenelle gallettimake fairy rings fruits vitamin C rose hips grugnali ginepro grape harvesting vendemmia Cinghiale boar reintroduced 30 years ago fairly t controversial 39 M the mafia cannot be brought under just one stereotype Giovanni Falcone stated that the mafia has become an overused term Falcone and Borsellino were iconic antimafia prosecutors that were killed in 1992 Mafia as a metaphor mafia as a metaphor for backwardness and underdevelopment the mafia as a method reading had difficult language vocabulary sentence structure lots of Sicilian quotes crosscutting parallel editing shotreverse shot pointofview shot 0 Editinglontage Terms editing montage iadein fade out dissolve superimposition v gAc i sso I ve iris 0 Cinematography terms extreme long shot long shot medium shot medium closeup closeup extreme closeup straighton angle low angle shot P angle shot gg 5 5 e rr T 1 39 a lgt Z a 7 a N475 an E n an H 7 quot if H I g fquot7j l l l l l l l x l l l l l l l l J 0 Ba9cTeHn frame shot scene sequence ot eHux s ashback flashforwa rd montage sequence I 39m 3 sound a lot of music in first background music in rest nonnarrative not coming from actual scene narrative coming from scene estabishing scene is important 0 Analyzing The Godfather and The Sopranos 0 Elements of film liseenscene cinematography editing sound mna rrative Birth rate suggests that within four to five generations ltalila lns will die out one of the lowest birth rates in the wor Catholicism looks negatively on abortion contraceptives lllegal construction territorysize of California Italians loose identification of identity lani pulite Clean hands a lot of political corruption then became corrupt themselves Italy has fragmented political parties lots of shifting alliances unstable stability bureaucracy burocrazia buffers citizen from storm of politics is ltaly ungovernable 0 Italy cluster of many ianguage cuisine agriculture a different 0 Society perceives state to be hostel or indifferent 0 Three lines of defense 1 Home 2 Piazza City wa I Is g quot J V L V Guest Lecture Vincenza Scarpaci What is an anarchist people who believe you don t need any form of government What is a syndicalist people who believe that worker organizationunions are the only things that need to govern Vlflhat is a socialist government should provide means of a What is a communist state should control all means Anarchists didn t get along with the rest of the population all supported Sacco and Vanzetti Final Thoughts on Immigration 0 18801924 restrictive immigration in the United States southern and eastern Italians faced hardship in getting into the country Was anxiety producing 0 Starting in the 1980 s ltaly became the land of opportunity 0 Language culture and religion were different in many regions of the country Song 0 Gregorio Allegri Miserere mysterious and beautiful Sums up tay


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