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Flashcards / didonem latin

didonem latin

didonem latin


School: Wesleyan College
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Name: latin ch. 11 story translation
Uploaded: 03/22/2016
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1. Dido regina amore ardebat.

Dido, the queen, was burning with love.

2. Nam Aeneam valde amabat.

For she was loving Aeneas exceedingly.

3. Aeneas et Dido in silva ambulant.

Aeneas and Dido walk in the forest.

4. Tempestas magna venit.

A great storm comes.

5. Dum tonat et pluit Aeneas et Dido in spelunca manent.

While it is thundering and raining Aeneas and Dido reman in the cave.

6. Aeneas se a Didone amari intellegit dicitque se quoque Didonem amare.

Aeneas understands that he himself is loved by Dido and he says taht he himself also loves Dido.

7. Postea Aeneas et Dido Cartnagine saepe una conspiciebantur.

Afterwards Aeneas and Dido were often observed together in Carthage.

8. Tunc propter amorem Aeneas Didoque erant felices.

Then because of love Aeneas and Dido were happy.

9. Sed Iuppiter rex deorum Murcurium ad Aeneam mittit.

But Jupiter, king of the gods, sends Mercury to Aeneas.

10. Murcurius Aeneam iubet Didonem relinquere et terram novam petere.

Mercury orders Aeneas to leave behind Dido and seek a new land.

11. Aeneas Didoni dicit se manere non posse.

Aeneas says to Dido that he is not able to remain.

12. Dido putat Aeneam male agere.

Dido thinks that Aeneas is behaving badly.

13. Aeneas Didoni crudelis esse videtur.

Aeneas seems to Dido to be cruel.

14. Sed Aeneas Didonem relinquit et Italiam petit.

But Aeneas leaves Dido and seeks for Italy.

15. Dido erat mulier fortis, sed dolorem vincere non poterat.

Dido was a strong woman but was not able to overcome her grief.

Vita Didoni mala esse videbatur mortemque petere cupiebat.

Life seemed, to Dido, to be bad and she was wanting to seek death.