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by: Sara Will

10.19 Exam STUDYGUIDE STHM 1113

Sara Will
GPA 3.3
Altschuler, Benjamin

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About this Document

Altschuler, Benjamin
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sara Will on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STHM 1113 at Temple University taught by Altschuler, Benjamin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see THE BUSINESS OF LEISURE in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Temple University.

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Date Created: 10/14/15
STUDYGUIDE FOR BOL EXAM ON gt 101915 CHAPTERS 1246789 o social justice justice in terms of distribution wealth opportunities and privileges within society o leisure seen as privilege o case studies 0 grand canyon skywalk o cancun Chapter 1 o Life cycle gt progress of how life proceeds and stages of lifeuniqueness key 0 elements preparation gt for adulthood establishment gt know meaning standing in life consolidation gt raising another life acceptance gt retirement and leisure and then death o Rules 19 0 rule 1 no one has to do it rule 2 life cycle explained above rule 3 location rule 4 for everything there is a reason rule 5 292 rule meaning statistics rule 6 begin with right numbers research company rule 7 specialization of the 12 of 1 rule rule 8 quality if everything not quantity rule 9 experience is a process OOOOOOOO Chapter 2 o no guarantees o no straight line forecast o WYSIATI what you see is all what there is Chapter 4 o Trend or Fad o trends plateau in stable markets o fads die o fad from trend 0 consider source if innovation is exciting people will stay in it know target market o case 1 0 teen boys go to video game parlor 0 now every kid has xbox and plays games all day o big markets 0 know location relation to target market 0 quality merchandise and experience so people keep coming 0 make new developments o stereotypes not everyone likes same activities o niche markets and leisure subcultures o rattlesnake hunting is small like 12 of 1 Chapter 6 o leisure decisions and choices 0 we want leisure with people we relate to do have good time 0 best way to make associations o marketing for leisure based business is more than product promotion o satisfy other people o SYSTEM 1 what you want and why 0 based on experiences associations emotions 0 quick positive decisions 0 halo effect emotional attatchement 0 example crossing road don t think about crossing o SYSTEM 2 benefits 0 essential for repeat business 0 consider price and place 0 example long term thinking business decisions 2030 days down the line Chapter 7what doesn t change much o company for 40 years there is no change to keep stability o experiences are multidimensional 0 social 0 personal expression and development 0 experimental intrinsic 0 nature appreciation 0 change essential flow and skill o flow perks ost consistent experience in attractive leisure offerings o amateurs can be core of a stable market Chapter 8 o bigger business 0 opponunhy great place to learn and find first job low pay hard to advance 0 ability to lose capital and rouses to take a hit more money to screw up but more visibility to socially screw up 0 investment in status quo has money but often risk averse keep things stable innovation hard to achieve o business is theater 0 personal experience 0 response from audience 0 transformationalexperience 0 big business has ability to control environment for purposes can maximize positive experience through control small world people like small groups 0 leisure business should be working at that level 0 Chapter 9 o small businesses 0 small businesses employ no one promotion is best designed by those who know nature of that experience competition is the catch too much familiarity can create boredom small business is more opportunities than bigger OOOO


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