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ESS106 Final Exam/Exam 3 Review Material

by: Jenny Wang

ESS106 Final Exam/Exam 3 Review Material ESS106

Marketplace > Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) > ESS106 > ESS106 Final Exam Exam 3 Review Material
Jenny Wang
GPA 3.7
Living with Volcanoes

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About this Document

Completed Study Guide!!!
Living with Volcanoes
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jenny Wang on Wednesday December 10, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to ESS106 at a university taught by Dr. HARRELL in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 266 views.

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Date Created: 12/10/14
ESS106 Volcanoes Study Guide Exam 3Final Exam 0 Types of eruptions and sources of lahars for Nevado del Ruiz 0 0 0 Eruption at summit gt pyroclastic ows 8 debris avalanches Continued blasts rain and snow up to 8 meters of pyroclastic material on summit and anks Pyroclastic ows melt snow amp ice Headwaters of Azufrado River Hot rock fragments of the pyroclastic ows and surges quickly eroded and mixed with Ruiz39s snow and ice Flowing mixtures of water ice blocks pumice and other rock debris then poured from the summit and sides of the volcano into rivers draining the volcano Lahars Merge at Base of Volcano Headwaters of Guali River Pumice and meltwater produced by the hot pyroclastic ows and surges swept into gullies and channels on the slopes of Ruiz as a series of small lahars After descending several thousand meters and eroding loose rock debris from the sides of the volcano the lahars were funneled into all six major river valleys leading from Ruiz small lahars merge at base of volcano active in all 6 river valleys Lahars Grow in Size Through Erosion I Guali River valley 1 Lahars traveling downstream at 60 kmhr eroded soil loose rock debris and stripped vegetation from river channels Lahars up to 50 km thick amp increased up to 4x s their initial volume by incorporation of downstream water 8 debris Guali River towns on high ground escaped the worst of the damage from two pulses of lahars loud noise gt can t communicate 0 Progress of lahar towards Armero and destruction of Armero Towns in River Valley Destroyed Rio Lagunillas former location of Armero 75 of the inhabitants perished


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