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Midterm 1 Study Guide

by: Brittany Notetaker

Midterm 1 Study Guide GEL012

Brittany Notetaker
GPA 3.2
R. Motani

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About this Document

Midterm 1 study guide. Follows Motani's recommended terms and I added terms that may be used as extra credit based on my predictions. This isn't available until now because it was not able to be ...
R. Motani
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brittany Notetaker on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEL012 at University of California - Davis taught by R. Motani in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Dinosaurs in Geology at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
GEL12 Study Guide Midterm 1 10152015 This list was provided from Professor R Motani online I filled it out and will add some extra information on the bottom I usually list only scientific names for organisms not common names Use this list to guess which lecture question will be asked I did not include those word that I consider common terms Not all concepts are listed Concepts Common ancestor An ancestor that two or more descendants share Clade a common ancestor and all of its descendants group Terms Absolute ages We place absolute ages on relative ages via isotopes Spectrometers detect small differences in masses of elements in igneous rocks to tell what isotope it is Halflives show how much of a substance becomes radioactive after a certain amount of time ie K40Ar40 after 13billion years better for older fossils like dinos Carbon can be used for younger fossils Statistics estimate halflives based on how much of a sample decays relative to the whole Allantois toilet of egg waste storage Grows as embryo grows and yolk shrinks Amnion membrane attached to embryo allowed for transition to land eggs Homology evolved only once in the group being discussed didn t evolve independentally a unique trait from other relatives Opposite of homoplasyevolved two or more times in the group being discussed ex of homoplasy kangaroos and himams being separated on tree but both are bipedal Bipedal versus quadrupedal bipedal organisms walk on two legs like humans Quadrapedal organisms walk on four legs like zebra Chorion membrane around yolk Relative age found using biostratigraphy Fossils are common but more subjective because must be based on placement in rocks and the estimated ages of those layers of earth Ialso expect you to lnow the following group names Common names such as sharks are not necessarily listed Ammonites extinct after dinosaurs index species used for dinosaur ID Archosauria Common ancestor of birds and crocodiles dinos came from this group Archosauromorpha Archosauriaits stemwhere it originates from lineage of dinosaurs rst in the end of the Permian Conodonts Eellike species index species used to tell the age of others Left feeding part fossils everywhere Deinonychus velociraptor changed perception of dinosaurs because of its upright position stiff tail antirrhopus sharp toe and capability for fast movements which was different than the previous belief of dinos being slow and useless Dinosauria clade christened by Richard Owen Requirements are at least five fused vertebrae in pelvis hold limbs under the body and terrestrial Existed in Mesazoic Era in the late Triassic until end of Cretaceous periods Foraminiferans microscopic singlecellular widely distributed index species Iguanodon Discovered by Mantell 2rld ever dino found Resembles iguana hence name Megalosaurus 1st dino ever found Discovered by Buckland in 1824 Ornithodira Last common ancestor of dinosaur and pterosaurs and all of its descendants Pterosauria Closest relatives to dinos if you disregard dinosauromorphs The following people will be mentioned in the exam Great lecturer feet never stomped for him traveled to find fossils Found hyena fossils in Europe and wondered how they got there when only found in AfricaElextinction question arises In 1824 found Megolasauraus reptilian jaw mammalian hip Considered rst person to find dino fossil Mantell Gideon and Mary Ann Mantell couple Gideon was doctor and they found fossils on estates Found iguanalike horned bipedal iguanador 2nd found and in 1833 the hylaeosaurus 3rd found Owen Christened Dinosauria in 1842 A member must have a least 5 fused vertebrae in pelvis hold limbs under body terrestrial not aquatic making a distinction between true dinos and the organisms Mary Anning found Darwin Discovered evolution The following Relative Age Names will be mentioned in the exam None will be on exam Extra terms I predict will be on exam in some way Basal close to base of a group Derived away from the base of the group Egg story what made the egg smell so bad when Motani went to taste it It is the ammonium in the aantois toilet of egg


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