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by: Haylee Smith

IOPSYCH3.pdf Psych 311

Haylee Smith

Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Mr. Travis

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About this Document

Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Mr. Travis
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Haylee Smith on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Psych 311 at University of South Carolina Upstate taught by Mr. Travis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Psychlogy at University of South Carolina Upstate.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
IO PSYCH 3 Chapter 7 Selection Decision and Personnel Laws Brief Review of Selection Selection battery set of predictors tests used to make hiring decisions 0 First step job analysis to determine job descriptionspecifications to developselect predictors 0 Multiple tests increase the proportion of criterion variance accounted for Note quotselectionquot also refers to other personnel decision eg promotions layoffs Ex interview assessment center work sample different amounts of performance criterion and we want them overlap as little as possible preferably none llnte rvi ejw T3351 wattEar Mulll liE FE r as Ties iEattary HE l Nonoverlap is incremental validity uniqueness Rquot2 squared correlation 0 Rquot2 55 means that 55 of the variance in the selection process 0 If you were only to use the interview then you would only be measuring 10 of the variance rquot2 10 Recruitment Process of encouraging potentially quali ed applicants to seek employment with a particular company Quality or ef ciency of selection system is limited by applicant quality Traditional Methods college placement offices newspaper ads employee referrals employee satisfaction free employee knows what KSAOs their friends need and they wouldn39t vouch for someone who they know couldn39t do the job prescreening new recruits already know what to expect higher teamwork job fairs internet ads 0 Erecruitingwebbasedrecruiting Job boards and employmentrecruitment websites on the employers website Recruitment proceeds selection AND performance Most important AND rst thing IO psychologists and HR managers would focus on In order to have a lot of selection options you need a large pool of people to selection from and you want a large number of people who apply to be excep onal Recent research suggests the organization39s reputation and organizational values are considered by recruits o What affects someone applying for a job how do they schedule what is the pay scandals conditions teamwork or individual room for advancement location corporate social responsibilities turnover and layoff rates 0 Organizational values affect recruit s attraction to the organization Importance of personalenvironment PE t Person Organization PO t the agreement or match between an individual39s KSAOs and values and job demandsorganization characteristics 0 You and the job itself or you and the environment yourself 0 To what extent does your values match with the organizations Internet now plays a role general job boards and organization s own website Cybervetting assessment of an individual39s suitability for a job based on internet info Use of social media in recruiting allows organizations to broaden their potential pool Recruiters are viewing Facebook accounts personal blog YouTube accounts 0 People need to carefully consider how they represent themselves on social media Informal communication also results in contactsjob applicants The more channels that are used to advertise a position the less likely it is that illegal discrimination will occur 0 More diverse people Selection decisions Two general approaches to the validity of selection battery 0 Validation study used to determine the extent to which a prediction is related to a criterion 0 Validity generalization Predictive Validity 0 Investigate how effective predictors are at forecasting applicants job performance 0 Steps for a predictive validity study 1 Gather predictor data on all applicants 2 Hire some of the applicants to ll open positions 3 After several months gather performance data criteria for validation study


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