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Study Guide for Exam 2!!

by: Mackenzie Shapiro

Study Guide for Exam 2!! STAT 110 - 002

Mackenzie Shapiro
GPA 3.8
Introduction to Statistical Reasoning
Gail Ward-Besser (P)

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About this Document

Study guide for upcoming exam. Questions written based on notes, past exams, and homework questions. Includes the answer key.
Introduction to Statistical Reasoning
Gail Ward-Besser (P)
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mackenzie Shapiro on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STAT 110 - 002 at University of South Carolina taught by Gail Ward-Besser (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Statistical Reasoning in Statistics at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Stat Study Guide for Exam 2 1 How do you nd the median a n21 b n12 c n21 d n12 Q2 can also be known as a Median b Mean c Inner Quartile range d None of the above The ve number summary consists of A boxplot represents a Any numbers b A line graph c 5 number summary d all of the above Distribution of a variable can determine a What values a variable can take b How often it takes those values c Both of the above d Neither of the above Histograms show data a Qualitative b Quantitative c Pictures d Words The graph to the right is considered a Vertically skewed b Horizontally skewed c Skewed to the right d Skewed to the left Frequency EDD 3DD EDD 1DD 1DD EDD 8 Variables measured on college applicants SAT score high school GPA race gender number of AP courses taken Which are categorical Which are quantitative a Categorical race gender number of AP courses taken Quantitative SAT score high school GPA b Categorical gender Quantitative race SAT score high school GPA number of AP courses taken c Categorical race gender high school GPA Quantitative SAT score number of AP courses taken d Categorical race gender Quantitative SAT score high school GPA number of AP courses taken 9 A values relative frequency is the proportion of times it has occurred in a data set True or False 10 Pie charts and bar graphs represent what kind of data a Numerical b Categorical c Any data d pictures 11 The bureau of Labor Statistics calculates unemployment rate Based on this is the following statement true or false Rate is de ned as of people in labor forceof people unemployed 12 A rate is given as choose all that apply Fraction Proportion Picture Box plot percentage D9097 13 True or false A measurement has good predictive validity if it can be used to predict success on relevant tasks 14 Getting a better measuring instrument will reduce a Bias b Accuracy c Time 15 What is the position of the median for a data set with 23 numbers a 23 b 115 c 12 d 24 W Q 9 gt Pquot39gtP l l NI O39 QnUnr33mU UU F U39l in Ql median QZ max B False its of people unemployed of people in labor force A b e T A c


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