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Introduction to College Studies

by: Dr. Oda Grimes

Introduction to College Studies COS 133

Marketplace > Monroe Community College > Freshman Academic Seminar > COS 133 > Introduction to College Studies
Dr. Oda Grimes
Monroe Community College
GPA 3.69

Ramon Rodriguez

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About this Document

Ramon Rodriguez
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Oda Grimes on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COS 133 at Monroe Community College taught by Ramon Rodriguez in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/223555/cos-133-monroe-community-college in Freshman Academic Seminar at Monroe Community College.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
COS 133 Introduction to College Studies Reading Study Guide Monitor your learning by answering the Reading Study Guide You will take quizzes based on your chapter reading assignments Questions may be selected from the Reading Study Guide handout i quot1 Mission to Goals De ne Goal written goal journal Personal mission statement short term goal long term goal Questions 1 What are the qualities of an effective goal 2 What four characteristics do successful college students demonstrate Course Syllabus De ne course syllabus course syllabus agreement Questions 1 What details does a course syllabus provide 2 How does the example ofthe American history course syllabus help explain the course 1 39r i Time Management and Organization De ne Time management to schedule habit Prioritize master schedule monthly semester calendar weekly planner procrastination to organize Questions 1 How is a to do list prioritized 2 How can you use the six time management strategies 3 What routines could you use to help you organize for college success gl Lectures amp Textbooks De ne xations Questions What are the four steps to read for information Tlhook What factors affect your reading rate quot Learning amp Tests De ne Studying study notes Distributive practice recitation Mental visualization over learning study skills Questions 1 How can you improve your study environment 2 What four steps are involved in studying 3 How do you monitor your learning quot 3 Higher Education De ne Institutional mission statement Ivy League Colleges Post Secondary Institutions The Big Ten universities Post Secondary Underclassmen University Upperclassmen Four years college Undergraduate Community College Alumni active learner What do the letters in the acronym IDEAL NOTES stand for If you have a dif culttofollow lecture what strategies can you use If you have a dif culttoread textbook what strategies can you use meaningful organization test acronym Adjunct Faculty teachers assistant Chancellor Dean Chairperson Academic advisor Junior College School Department Public College Private College Public Land Grant University Questions Graduate Student Transfer Student Class Standing Remedial Course Professor Academic rank Career Counselor Transfer Counselor Professional Counselor Faculty mentor Peer mentor Resident Advisor 1 What is the typical collegiate hierarchy for faculty and administrative positions 2 What types of staff support does student services provide students in college 39 Matriculation De ne Matriculated student Matriculation College catalog Catalog year Curriculum Prerequisite Co requisite Course number Lower division courses Upper division courses Number of credits Credits Audit Credit bearing courses Developmental courses Workforce development courses College degree Associate s degree Bachelor s degree Master s degree Doctor s degree dissertation Academic Program Core Curriculum Liberal Arts Humanities Fine Arts Natural Sciences Social Sciences Sociology Anthropology Psychology Writing intensive course Electives Free elective restricted elective Major Double major Cooperative education Distance courses synchronous Hybrid courses asynchronous Independent study international study internship laboratory Learning Community Lectures Online courses Seminars Tele course Commencement Academic regalia Questions 1 What is the difference between a free elective and a restricted elective 2 What is meant by declaring a major 3 What is the difference between commencement and graduation College Grades De ne Grading on a curve letter grades low grades GPA suf xes extrinsic motivation Overall GPA academic probation intrinsic motivation Questions 1 How does the grading in this course compare to the four text examples What do the requirements in this course emphasize 2 Explain why it is easierto maintain a good GPA than to turn around a low GPA College Policy De ne College policy transcript hazing Drop add of cial transcript residence hall Incomplete unof cial transcript residence hall advisor Default grade honesty sexual harassment Military leave plagiarism standard of conduct Pass or fail cheating Priority registration student life Questions 1 When repeating a course what are two changes a student should make I What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing a course A What are possible consequences of failure to return a library book or pay parking nes 1 Finance De ne Financial aid Workstudy EFC Loan Scholarship Needs and wants Subsidize loan FAFSA SAR Unsubsidized loan Federal PIN Grant Questions 1 Which types of nancial aid do not require repayment 2 Why is a subsidized loan more desirable than an unsubsidized loan 3 What points should you rememberto maintain financial aid 4 What money management rules do you already follow Which ones do you want to incorporate in your life 1 392 Campus Community De ne College culture diversity Subculture pluralism College tradition civility Homecoming etiquette Questions sportsman sportsmanship college clubs Greek life 1 What are the benefits ofjoining a college club or association 2 How do the words in the old folksong relate to personal responsibility in college


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