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Dance 45 Full Midterm Study Guide

by: Jennifer Cha

Dance 45 Full Midterm Study Guide 10249

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Jennifer Cha

Dance 45

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About this Document

Midterm study guide for Dance 45 from the Spring quarter of 2012. I have no idea how much that class has changed so here is some of the items on the study guide. See if there's any similarities: ...
Dance 45
Study Guide
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This 26 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jennifer Cha on Wednesday December 17, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to 10249 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Press in 2014. Since its upload, it has received 143 views. For similar materials see Dance 45 in Dance at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 12/17/14
MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE DANCE CRITICSM by Marc Raymond Strauss How to Respond to a Performance 0 Evaluation 0 critic s role helps us decide Whether to attend it or not 0 figuring out under conscience determining that opinion opens critical thinking 0 Description aka Analysis 0 providing an accurate account with which majority of viewers agree quantitive vs qualitative analysis best free of bias Astaire Dancing book providing stepbystep description of 212 dances Vocabulary common language that people in dance understand Dance borrowed descriptors of music 39 Adagio slow movements allegro fast movements theme variation canon coda tempo rhythm rm bridge break repetition cadenza divertissement suite describe elements OOOO 0 Interpretation 0 process of explaining the meaning or significance or something things we can see ourselves O description interpretation sequence doesn t matter but NEED each other 0 metacriticism evaluating the critic s review 0 Contextualization O placing an event within a specific context or circumstance 0 spatial temporal philosophical historical sexual social thematic 0 Venue performer s experiences are intergrally connected 0 consider choreographer s and dancers biographies backgrounds in uences 0 time period when choreo was created I does current context affect performances of Works created in the past What is history What is dance What is art 0 Aesthetic learning as an infant qualitative experience Basic elements of all dance SPACE the body exists in space which gives the body shape and design Body travels through space defines space around it and the body is defined by the space creating positive and negative space Dance occurs in space whether stage bedroom or park TIME dance is always temporal existing within a period of sequenced time which incorporates rhythm the structuring of time A photo captures a moment in time but dance exists over the course of time ENERGYFORCE our embodied attitude towards movement not what movement is done but how the movement is executed FLOW amount of energy released or constricted FORM amp STYLE form broad overarching rules is ballet style is romantic Russian form modern dance style is Graham postmodern FUNCTION The role of dance for the individual or culture such as therapeutic artistic or religious Only theatrical dance requires an audience 100 of the time CHOREOGRAPHIC FORM The overall structure of a specific dance or reoccurring use of overall structure of a particular choreographer or during a particular historical and cultural time Merce Cunningham s use of Events is a repeating overall structure which re ected his historical time CHOREOGRAPHIC CONTENT The specific movements and ideas within a dance or reoccurring for a particular choreographer or during a particular historical and cultural time CHOREOGRAPHIC FUNCTION The function of dance for the choreographer individual and culture FEELINGEXPRESSION subjective motivation and experience of movement can emphasize meaning for the individual or culture but always includes the relationship between the individual and culture RULES MESSAGES MEANINGS CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE subjective cultural and societal experiences and possible expectations expressed through dance such as gender roles WORKING DEFINITION Dance is rhythmic and sequenced movements of the 3 dimensional body through space with energy and expression without necessarily a goal the purpose toward which an endeavor is directed such as an objective or desired outcome such as that of a soccer player but which always has intent the state of a person39s mind that directs his or her actions towards a specific object meaning or significance Cultural knowledge Ellen Dissanaya ke I subjective expression feeling 0 own aesthetic preferences 0 Art of the Intimacy by Dissanke book on babytalk I conclusion all humans are aesthetically hardwired Paleolithic Old Stone Age 20000 years I Sympathetic magic animal dance infer it is people dressed up as animals I Totem spirit American eagle healing powers Sympathetic magic Sympathetic magic animal dance infer it is people dressed up as animals Courtship O Magical act of perpetuating the species concerned with fertility ceremonies for adolescences courtship marriage birth Hakansson I the artist is an outsider rebel against society I art portrays dance as part of initiation phallic seXual in nature Aborigines 0 aborigines lst Australia inhabitants aloof from western euro in uences O infer about the past using kinesthetic empathy 0 dreamingdreamtima dance given from spirit world at the time of creation when spirits shaped the land and created human life living in animalshumans 0 totemic culture J iri Kylian Netherlands Dance Theatre Contemporary Ballet Co Modern Dance Stamping Ground 1980 I What is the function of dance to the aboriginal culture 0 Preserve tradition educational function 000000 0 enhance the group rather than compete part of normal life variations in forms of expression ensures spiritual well being and sexual cohesion of a clan pass on tribal laws holy rituals sacred objects religious experiences identify a person s areatribe transfers into theatrical art form requires an audience 0 representation 0 O 0 Men represent Emu spirits touching newborn chick Women will teach how to WashWhat food to eat ees into Wilderness but trapped down by ancestral Warriors then executed dance all night till day proves that the God s provide daylight gift What do you see when you look at the dance in terms of basic elements ie What are they doing with their bodies 0 0 000000 000000 Neolithic OOOOOO moving arms hands feet dancing With leaves bend down hitting Wood pieces against each other bent knees hopping leaping mostly legsfeet incredible input of energy under considerable difficulties and trying to keep tradition alive pelvic movements feet connected to pelvis by stomach young people greatly represented dance for themselves but always dancing in a group hands mirror strange mannerisms of leg movements derives from movements of Walking animal movements jump Without preparation When jumping they are already in the ground and then suddenly in the air gives length to the movement when reaching both Ways stomach center of dance sustained movements with arms percussive movements With legs New Stone Age 1500010000 Years Ago Sacred Circle Cyprus 2000 BCE Animistic idea people and spirits have souls reality image and dance all connected Earth Goddess Boetia SE Greece Voodoo Tree Ceremony tree penis fertility Fertility Dance American Indian shaking rattles and Waving fertility leaves Shiva Hindu Dancing God I dancing god who helped create the earth 0 Indian dancer imitating Shiva O Krishna Hindu Dancing God I comes down to earth and has sex with maidens I Sexual union perceived as being transformative 0 Weapons Dance Australia 0 Fertility DanceChad Africa I fertility of earth as well as humans 0 Good vs Evil Bali religion and dance Con ict between good vs evilgood doesn t win balance between good and evil Devil dancer Ceylon ward off power of devil Initiation rite Australia young boys to men Dance for dead warriors Peru l00BCE dance has always had power Zulu Marriage South Africa lines moves through space creates space union of marriage and union of heaven and earth Shaman and spirits Turkey 15th Century 0 Hasidic Circle Dance Israel I sect of Orthodox Judaism men dancing in multiple circles men and women don t dance together wearing hats O Mystic Nativity Botticelli 1500 monotheistic angelsdon t have sex always dance in heavenring dance 0 Shakers 19 century I shake off sin Men and women facing each other in line Cellibant O Dervish Dance celebrate the spirits of the divine spin on own axis re ect on earth 10 hours 0 Trance dance Bali may in ict self torture allow spirit to enter 0 00000 Tote m Totem spirit American eagle healing powers totemic culture each clan has own animal totem mythic tales songs dancer who dances about birds animals is dancing himself in union with the divine Kisselgoff Animistic Perspective Linkages to Nature Dance of Birds and Animals hunted food clothing survival cmimist religi0n animals possessing souls reincarnation transmigration of souls between human and animals humans believed would gain strength by impersonating animals for storytelling amusement recount adventures many human pattems evolved from animals 0 dance movements among fish Cichlids sloW motion Waltz mass behavior of ants march Meerloo stilt stork like bird of Cape York Austrialia graceful movements Sachs 0 chimpanzees Tschego Grande spinning rhythm on foot Kohler Wild apes chain dance Cradle of western civilization I Meopotamia sumeria 5500 years ago Babylonian N Assyria NE I Wheel Writing bronzer Weapons ornamentation I 60 seconds and 60 minutes I 12 months and zodiac laws protect underprivileged I Sumerians in uence Hebrews Egyptians and greeks 3 basic dance patterns often seen in ancient times line procession circle Dance of Native Americans 0 four sacred places of American Plains Indians 0 sun land east by Oglala Dakota I powersuccess in War from deities self in icted torture movements on tips of toes stiff angled toward the sun I dancers purified by means of fasting medication body bathing hair washing by the medicine man Frigid Land north Darkening Land West Wahala south 0 Whitered peace and health blue defeat black death 0 religious rituals of Aztec Indians of Central American political religious commercial nature marks events of births Weddings deaths CD00 0 thank god for rain crops War victory hunting success tribal dead 0 maceualiztlipenance and good dead movement of all body parts 0 dance by priesthood O Volador ying pole suspending by ropes Kurath O Comelagotoazteshooting arrows at crucified victim O Mayans artful gay festive African Dance 0 Work motions rhythm by labor rowing carrying 0 traditional dance forms practiced as custom and pride 0 Bambara Tribe retained historic dances performed W animal masks Mali south Sahara West Africa 0 Competition among tribes for acclaim 0 retain tradition folk customs ie King Cobhuza 6 day incwala ritual for renewal of people land king Ritual Dances in Westem Nations 0 Cecil Sharp England led to development of English Folk Dnace and Song Society countrysword dancing pagan rituals 0 Poland cyclical nature of farm life like planting repeaing w essential holidays providing restrecreations from pre Christian days and roman catholic Benet 0 Shrovetide festivals begin Easter end Holy weed marked by deathreturn of spring beautiful maddenscostumeshigh leaping competition Lineage based cultu res and dance 0 preindustrial tribal cultures with limited technology without written lang 0 highly complex social structures religious practices art forms 0 ie African native American alaskin aboriginal cultures I characterized by ancestor worship oral tramission of customs allegiance to specific geographical landmarks I function means of worship expression of tribal unity strength framework for courtship communication therapeutic experience Courtship O Magical act of perpetuating the species concerned with fertility ceremonies for adolescences courtship marriage birth Hakansson I the artist is an outsider rebel against society I art portrays dance as part of initiation phallic sexual in nature Types of Dance Movement 0 whirling leaping vibrating rolling pelvis striding stamping most basic 0 swinging swaying suspension gesture language of handsarms 0 women sit on heels Marshall Archipelago O sexes play distinctly different roles Gobien I men are placed opposite side of woman move heads arms legs in exact cadence dressed in feather crowns aromatic owers hanging from nostrils palm leaves from ears 0 complex foot movements are often stressed rather than elaborate body movements Agnes de Mille 0 some cultures bend close to ground to protect vitals bc nakednessvulnerability O barefoot hunters stamp out rhythms 0 two types inout of harmony Sachs 0 out nervous excitement wild clonic convulsions uncontrollable muscle exions Harmful O in exalts the body powerful upward buoyant movements leaping lifting slapping stamping striding lanuging 0 dancer who surrenders himself to a supernatural being amazing self control ie trance dancers thrust daggers not injured Themes and Examples of Dance in Lineage Based Soceities 0 wear skins homs prelude to hunting fertility rituals 0 war dances weapons dancers work themselves to a trance battle good vs evil S h a m a n 0 records of early warshaman dances in cave paintings from l0000s years ago 0 lineaged based societies recorded by explorers anthropologists social scientists 0 speculation customsreligious practices art forms observed among Native Americans Africans South Pacific islanders yield clues to ancient peoples Dance and religion 0 communication with unseen forces which provided food fertility regulated weather good fortune tribal welfare human survival 0 religious weakens 9 dance gradually change character ritual form remains magical content departs 9 dancer becomes a performing artist 0 folk dances of Europe grew out of old pagan rites as converted to Christians 0 1 use communication storytelling gestures ie East Indian mudras hand language in dance sign language of American Indian 0 gestures elaborated ritual ceremony more elaborate structure 0 American Indians rain dance Langer Egyptian dance 0 In uence religious entertainment 0 Recorded in hieroglyphs complex culture advanced understanding of astronomy geometry sculpture architecture engineering weaving processes by class structure 0 secret doctrines of Egyptian mythology based on risefall of Nile portrayed through symbolic dance dramas Shawn honoring bull Apis god special bull was selectedraised perform secret dances man skilled as a mimic dressed in dead man s garments face masked dance showed the significant deeds in a man s life 0 slaves taught 0 Pharaoh took part in sacredsocial dances ie King Semti 3000 BC King Assa 2400 BC wall reliefs at Gizeh 15801150 BC 0 Range of movement quietdignified walking steps to difficult acrobatic positons Egypt Pharohs divine Writing paper Nile rises and falls Immortality Tombs for pharohs Egypt dance Religious Funerals Acrobatics Wall paintings and relief Profile Tombs Dance of the Hebrews 12 verbs 0 references from the Old Testament 0 circle dance around Golden Galf in Exodus hopping dances whirling 0 men and woman separated in religious dances pagan dances not mentioned in the mosaic code Ancient cultures Hebrews One god forgiving Nomadic Music communications to god 12 verbs for dance Whirling Dervishes Dervish Dance celebrate the spirits of the divine spin on own axis re ect on earth 10 hours Tra n c e Trance dance Bali may in ict self torture allow spirit to enter Dance in Crete 0 earliest dance reference within Aegean Sea region Homer s Illiad 0 form of entertainmentdisplay religious ritual military training 0 inspired dance of Mycenaean Greeks warriors oldest dance Cureteswild leaping men s war dance w weapon clashing I fertility dancing involving frontback somersaults Crete in uences Greeks Greek dance 10 Private and communal Religion and education Military Entertainment and theater Well bred citizen Dance in Greece Plato suggested that dance arose from the natural desire of all young creatures to move their bodies in order to express emotions joy gifts of God s Thought dance was linked with other experiences 0rcheisthai to dance suggests rhythmical movements of hands feet head eyes body or describe juggling tumbling Mousike art of the muses embraced music poetry dance sources of info Homeric epics Wall reliefs carvings paintings O earliest reference Aegean Sea island of Crete O oldest dance CuretesWild leaping men s dance W Weapon clashing I fertility dancing involving frontback somersaults common use in education blend of music and gymnastics O Plato said kinds of dance ln0bleconcerned with What is fine and honorable goodness of soul 2ign0bleimitating what is mean or ugly Among boys palaestra Wrestling school and gymnasium 18 Pyrrhic dances solo duet ensemble mimic Warfare dances O podisms quick shifting movements of feet train Warrior for hand combat O xiphism mock battle practice arts of Warfare in dancelink form 0 homoss high leaps and vaults prepare youth for leaping over high boulders O tetracomos stately group formations dance practice for statesmen generals philosophers 0 before audiences on public occasions or return from a military victory specific types of dances in Greek drama 0 emmeleia serious nature tragic themes no words 0 kordax comedic obscene ignoble rotations of body kicking butt 0 sikinnis lively vigorous disrespectful horseplay arobatic movement involved satirical reenactment of mythological themes essential to Komoi guest s entertainment TerpsichoreMuse of Dancing belief in integrity of mind spirit body interests Sparta Warlike Military training 11 8000 citizens 400000 Athens culture and arts 115000 slaves out of 315000 Myths into dance Zeus and protectors later pyrrhic War dance Minotaur Geranos 6th Century BCE Sparta Fertility Turn Sparta Warrior Pyrrhic Dionysus 0 Offered fertility rites to God of fertility and Wine sexul ecstasy 0 Dance wild and frenzied cults 0 Maenads cult of Women cityfathers seek to control 0 Mthylogical companions of Dionysis goatmen dancers performing these roles Wore goat costumes and footwear 0 Tragedy D ithyra m b 0 Ancient Greek hymn sungdanced in honor of Dionysus 0 Origin of Athenian tragedy 0 Thespis 535 BCE 0 Drama Tragedy amp Comedy 0 Greek Chorus Thespis 0 Singer of dithyrambs 0 First actor Greek Drama 0 essential to Komoi guest s entertainment 0 specific types of dances in Greek drama 0 emmeleia serious nature tragic themes no Words 0 kordax comedic obscene ignoble rotations of body kicking butt 0 sikinnis lively Vigorous disrespectful horseplay arobatic movement inVolVed satirical reenactment of mythological themes G ree k Chorus 0 noble dance Emmeleia tragic themes no Words 0 Gesture 0 Set dance phrases 12 0 Underscored or reacted to tragic verse of drama Apollo 0 Sun god Said to have dictated the laws of choreography Plato 0 Plato suggested that dance arose from the natural desire of all young creatures to move their bodies in order to express emotions joy gifts of God s 0 Approved of slavesnoncitizens performing comic dances bc stateregulated 0 common use in education blend of music and gymnastics O Plato said kinds of dance ln0bleconcerned with What is fine and honorable goodness of soul Emmeleia Peace Apollo Pyrrhic War Zeus 2ign0bleimitating What is mean or ugly Kordax Comic Athens 0 To boys Dancing taught as an aid to military education Sparta 0 To boys Dancing taught as an aid to military education Emmeleia harmonious 0 Type dance greek theatre serious nature tragic themes no Words Pyrrhic harmonious 0 an ancient Greek warlike dance Where motions of actual Warfare Were imitated 0 Among boys palaestra Wrestling school and gymnasium 18 Pyrrhic dances solo duet ensemble mimic Warfare dances 0 podisms quick shifting movements of feet train Warrior for hand combat 0 xiphism mock battle practice arts of Warfare in dancelink form homoss high leaps and vaults prepare youth for leaping over high boulders 0 tetracomos stately group formations Kordax non harmonious 0 Type dance greek theatre comedic obscene ignoble rotations of body kicking butt 0 Best to do when drunk 0 Hated by Plato Ro m a n d a n ce 13 0 Degenerates violence spectacle slaves acrobats jugglers popular entertainment roman pantomine 0 art vigorous simple Well proportioned ceased value as nation grew Wealthy 0 Sali Latin word for dance priests purified fields Warriors performed Weapon dances priests of Mars 0 Palilia festival of Pales shepherds formed night circles around fires straw 0 held a 2 Week ritual in March and October in tunics Suetonius 0 Lupercaliareligious festival held during Kalends of March to honor god Pan 0 priests of cult Luperci danced naked through the streets of Rome armed With Whips 0 Saturnalia great feast mid October honored Saturn pagan holiday adopted by Roman Christian s 0 festival of Cybele and Attis high priest stabbed his arms and presented his blood as an offering to the gods DANCE IN ROMAN THEATRE O placate the gods with entertainment 0 istri0nes dancerspantornimists from Istria histri0nic I Wore saturate cloaks source of satire fullheavy movements I audience was hypnotized like a disease morbus Seneca commented by Lawler O Romans preferred the excitement and color of mass spectacles performed in huge circuses and arenas O stage became unattractive as a profession actors tended to be slaves O 200 BC fashionable for Roman patricians to dance 0 150 BC roman emperor Scipio Africanus closed dancing schools by edict one actor portrayed a number of roles in a single 0 0 divided public opinion Marcus Aurelius put a limit on Wages for production expenses dance was regarded as corrupt immoral for a good citizen Cicero citizens demanded violent and sadistic spectacles chariot races Christians torn apart by Wild dogs Tacitus OOOO Dance used for gruesome purposescondemned criminals in rich clothing danced till ames burned clothes and died Roman pantomime 0 Evolved because Too many languages 0 Only gestures and clocack instead to tell story with different characters 0 Emperor Nero he performed pantomime 14 0 pantomimes became popular during Hellenistic and GrecoRoman periods 0 solo dancer would wear different costumes and make use of amboyant gesture and mimicy to tell a story in several scenes separated by musical interludes full heavy costumes with elaborate embellishments and marks legsfeet chie y used for dramatic poses and marking rhythm OOO trunk of body was gracefully twisted O handsarms used to convey meaning Marcus Aurelius put a limit on wages to be paid only 3000 dancers allowed to remain in the city Last performance in late 45 century Etruscan dance Etruscan leaders taught private dancing classes attended by sonsdaughters of nobility Vigorous culture Italian peninsula 20 tombs with Dance Scenes 530 526 BCE cant distinguish males and females Christianity and dance Dance in PreChristian Civilizations first knowledge MediterraneanMiddle Eastern preceding Christian era Summerians music culture moved around alters playing utes religious worship Assyria socialreligious ringdance to idol of god Dance in Christian Civilizations Body looked upon as a hindrance to saving soul suggested earlier pagan ways theatrical entertainment was prohibited emperor Elvira said could not extend past cirus distinction between prayerful dance that propitiates God and unrestrainedimmoral dance bc derived from pagan customs Christians have lovehate view of the body earliest form in christian church monks 0 Christian sects Therapeutae withdrew into wilderness to avoid persectuation to dance ring dances and sing hymns I Following vigilium night watch Two choral groups men v women each w leader alternate singing of songs some remained stationary some moved forward backward right left then united in single chorus I Acts of John hymn Jesus surrounded by disciples singing and circling around Dance ritual for conversion 15 Pagan and non pagan worshippers often recaptured pagan spirit of earlier rituals B asilius condemnded excessive dancing at celebration of Resurrection dance condemned when expressed viceluxury praised when in honor of God Dark Ages and dance rise roman catholic church holidays match pagan festivals anti pagan anti roman empire end of the world coming prepare for spiritual afterlife cleanse soul deprive body public agellation anti dance dancing feels good St Augustine says dance is moral poisoning as came to a close continuing confirmation of use of dance in Christian worship dance of death Middle AgesMedieval and dance time of King Arthur world hasn t ended angels in heaven religious plays miracle mystery morality public entertainment peasants courts rise of middle class pageantry tournaments hygienic dance dance of Death dance mania second form of religious dance found in certain church festivals 0 popular with lower clergymonks choirboys younger priests subdeacons 0 included forms of acting singing dancing games 4 kinds festivals Deacons Festival dance on St Stephen s Day Priests on St J ohn s Day choirboys on Innocents Day subdeacons on Feast of Circumcision dances outside church services regarded with higher approval rate GermanyFrance great processions carried out to ward off distress of bring relief from pain or epidemics 9th and 10 century 12th to 16 century marching worshippers carried relics of saints and martys banners crosses not condemned by church bc of this images of Holy Virgin movement rhythmic steps stopping at certain stations performing sacral dances ceremonial greetings bows turns advancing retiring dances re ecting belief in witchcraft religiouis danaticism heathen superstition represent common people s fear of death by famine war plagues 16 Witch dances night homage to devil W masks sacrifices sexual excesses witches Sabbath april 30 St JohnVitus s Dcmce protected the af icted Where children men Women danced with delirium and frenzied leaps tarantism form of seizurelike dance avert effects of tarantula s poison Tarantella traditional folk dance Council of Toledo urged dancing out of Spain attacked Destival of Fools Patriarch John III threatened to excommunicate Women who visited graves to dance Council of Auxerres forbade public to dance in choir dances or nuns to sing Dance survived bc clergy made income from selling dancing indulgences Spielmarm dances W troubadors Social dances 0 Round dance Reigen Carole and Couple Dance pantomimic in character Mystery miracle and morality plays mystery plays dealt With events found in both OldNew Testaments staged in church squares but outside formal service or public markets miracle plays portrayals of lives of saints and martyrs morality plays concerned with depicting truths of moral behavior good vs evil Stories bibleamp saints devil comic fool performed Within church Public entertainment peasants courts rise of middle class 0 Risk refusal of baptism O Tableau minstrels troubadours acrobats jugglers processions guilds protect rights and standards forerunners unions Pageantry tournaments hygienic dance of death Children s Festival of Choristers child biship elected celebrated on Innocents Day Cathedral of Auxerres 13th century religious mystery play carried out which made use of a ball game played on a labyrinth design on cathedral nave s oor part of pagan worship Carole chain dance aka round dance Reigenl Chorea social in character performed by long chain of dancers holding each other by hand and moving in an open or closed circle in an extended line dances performed by peasants were boisterous and robust frank in sexuality and earthiness 17 O Hoppaldeipeasants rush like boars moving in couples as if ying shoulders rolling O Ahselrotten shoulderrolling dance lively irtatious erotic O Springeltanzwild dance in which performers hopped and leaped O H0ubetsch0tten shrugging of shoulders while sliding along the floor shaking the head 0 GimpelGampel described as a boisterous leaping dance and skipping dance Maypole dance Pagan dance Represents the Penis dance around in a circle around a maypole embellished with wooden crosses represent the vagina Morris dance Traditional English folk dance which was custom for dancers to blacken their faces Court dances Outside of church private homes more refined Traveling entertainers ls dancing masters Guglielmo Ebro William the J ew most famous court dancer trio Maternity Posture French Round Dance Pllow Dance go around get on pillow and kiss partner Choreography amp notation Forerunner Pavane Renaissance 1 Basse danse feet did not leave the oor 2 Haute Danse higher skips and jumps branle described a separate dancestep sideways balance the body swaying social forms of dances not intended to tell a story examples Piva Saltarello Tedesco Calata no prescribed forms most popular 0 Pavane Galliard Allemande Courante Sarabande OOOOO Gigue O Minuet refined slow with solemn steps in long peaked shoes in group formations 18 Pageantry and tournaments outside of church usually danced by royalty ceremony colorful processions display skill amp virtuosity Royal Banquets Masks amp Disguises lead to theatrical performance Charles V of France presented a major spectacle to German Emperor Charles IV King Rene of Provence put on entertainment both religious and social on the eve of Corpus Christi Most popular themes 0 Moreschedepicted battles between the Moors Saracens Crusaders reoccuptation of Spain by Christians Moors depicted as black people Burning Ball Hygienic Dance outside church Dance of death Outside of church rise of middle class death equalizer signs of democracy aka Toten Tcmz Preoccupation with death 13 Europe Dies Gravediggers guild peasants pagan death rituals nailed down feet Church prohibits suggests that living dance toward their own deathdeath is a wedding dance toward bridegroom Death appears as a dancer compelling people to dance with him Interpreted as socialreligious satire and healthy reaction of people against church Evidence of awakening spirit of democrary in dying Middle Ages Bal de La M0rt l2 men 3 women wearing black clothes with white skeletons painted legends of vampires werewolves ghosts binding feet of dead driving nails into feet carrying on death watch games during wakes n Euro music believed to exorcise the dead forced them to the grave prevent them from walking again church bells drove demons away and protected dead some people believed dead themselves liked to dance in churchyard and cemeteries in dcmse marabre entice living into ghostly dancingdie within a year Dance Mania whole communities of people stricken with madness that sent them dancinggyrating through the streets from village to village for days until die of exhaustion 1 1th to 14 century form of pathological aberration Germany mostly 19 0 height during bubonic plague 0 outside of church variation of ecstatic dancing Greek maenads escape reality hysteria convulsive epileptic dance to death literally die from exhaustion pied piper story poisoning from rye our Pea sa n ts 0 outside of church rustic 0 celebration seasons harvests planting circle dance May Pole Carole Morris Props Contest Trial 0 French Shepherd Dance Bubonic plagueblack death 0 height during black plague danced as if bewitchedfailed to drive out demons 0 possessed choreomaniacs accused of being heretics forced to dance confirmed paganism of dance in eyes of Church founders 0 legend of Pied Piper is believed to be based on dance epidemics of late Middle Ages Tro u b a d 0 rs 0 combination of singer dancers poets musicians actors jugglers performing in village squares known as Spielmarm entertainmentjoculator 9juggler mirmesingers Renaissance and dance 0 marked the transition between medieval world and modern age 0 music became a more brilliant spirited music with pronounced rhythm and single strong melodic line 0 rebirth arts literature courts power 0 social dance 0 aligned with manners 4 part musical sonata suite allemande courante sarabande gigue dancing masters Arbeau pupil capriol 0 theatrical dance 0 renaissance festivals affirm monarchy 3 parts royal entrance tournaments indoor divertissements balls development of theatrical dance 0 Catherine de medici marries henryII brings court dance from Italy 0 Italian goes to France brings Italians ballet step given French names brings fashionmakeup 119 mirrors in castle for lighting Louis XIV9 loved to dance Used court dance to control nobles 0 court dances Pavane Galliard Allemande Courante Sarabande Gigue Minuet Pavane 0 type of courtbasse dance ceremonious splendor during Inquisiton Spain 0 solemn mood and religious used in masqueradesballets 15301670 popular 20 0 simple walking step performed by one or more couples advancing or retreating slow tempo used as an opening dance Gallia rd 0 type of court dance considered a lively dance twenty versions 0 leaping kicking legthrusting steps 16quot 17quot century popularity 0 originating from Italy aka Romanesca Al le m a n d e 0 type of court dance part of 4 part classic suite 0 originating in Germanysimple 0 required partners to hold hands during whole dance C o u ra nte 0 type of court dance 2quot part of 4 part classic suite 0 originated in Italy and France by Catherine de Medici 0 9quot notes in quick 3 time 0 colorfully pliant movement of the knees 0 2quot version9pantomine dance by 3 couples in a row showing irty gestures 0 running gliding gradually became solemn and noble in attitude throughout the years 5 a ra ba n d e 0 type of court dance 3quot of 4 part classic suite 0 originating in Spain 0 solemn dance used in religious masses 0 couples advancing and retreating passing between lines of other dancers performed with castanets 0 34 time slow tempo G i g u e 0 type of court dance4quot of 4 part classic suite 0 originating in Italy 1617quot century popularity 0 performed to fiddle music played in 38 68 98 128 time 0 other dances Minuet Gavotte live irtatious peasant dance Bourree earthy and viorgous Rigaudon light gay dance with running hopping turning steps 0 Pavane and Galliard 2 suite replaced with Allemande Courante Sarabande Gigue 21 0 Great composers Purcell Mach Handel Couperin Lully Satie Ravel Schoenberg Debussy Prokofieff 0 type of court dance Arbeau 0 Wrote about Pavane and religious occasions in Orchesographie study of late 16 century French social Renaissance dance Sonata Musical suite and dance 0 Pavane and Galliard 2 suite replaced with 4 part suite Allemande Courante Sarabande Gigue Volta 0 Type of ballet usually performed with Galliard Ballet of the Provinces of France 1573 0 Ball by Catherine de medici Eq uestrian Ballet 0 Ballet on horseback Italy beginnings of ballet 0 First ballet Ballet Comique 0 Ballet came to mean a form of theatrical storytelling through dance 0 Dancing was an amateur art and usually performed Within the ballroom king sat at the end of the hall on a dais 0 No stage dancers were close to the audience simple movement heavy costuming 0 Pattem developed with respect to the role of sexes in dance 0 Catherine de Medici 0 brought Courante type of Court Dance to France 0 produced Ballet Comique de la Reine Ballet Comique de la Reine 1581 0 first ballet produced in honor of Balthasar de Beaujoyeux Catherine de Medici s Italian daughterinlaw O geometric combination of several persons dancing together Beaujoyeux 0 mixture of Old Testament tales and Greek and Roman mythology legend of Circe Greek enchantress 0 6 hours great hall 22 0 danced by nobles 0 Circe holds man prisoner Gods defeat Circe honors queen of France 0 10000 spectators 35 million francs to produce King Louis XIII 0 patron of dance took part in La Delivrance de Renault 0 Mountain Balletallegorical entertainment in which scenery consisted of five great mountains Windy Resounding Luminous Shadowy Alps 0 Wealthy and poor had access to watch ballet at city hall 0 King Louis XIV aka Sun King 0 his court where ballet came alive in France 0 took daily lessons from Pierre Beauchamps for twenty years became the maitre de ballet at the Royal Academy 0 formulated five fundamental positions of the feet and twelve positions of the arm basis of ballet technique codified dance established rules 0 employed pros like J eaneBaptiste Lully Italian born musician and dancers who became the director of the Royal Academy of Music and Dance 0 obtained character for Royale Acadame Academy of Dance persuaded some great women to dance w masks directed new company that performed at Palais Royal lyric dramas dance served to carry plot along OOOO Opera Ballet dancing orchestral music dealing with subject matter within a single work 0 age of 13 danced in Mascque of Cassandra continued until 1670 in 26 ballets lyrical tragedies comedy ballets Ballet du Carrousel Versailles 0 major location of ballets during Louis XIV s reign 5 positions of the feet 0 basis of ballet technique formulated by Beauchamps Proscenium arch 0 where most of the dancing Academy occurred on an elevated stage 0 all spectators sat in front rather than on three sides The Academie Royale de Musique and Dance 167 1 0 Lully obtained the charter of the Royal Academy of Music and combined it with Academy of Dance 0 1 think of the audience in front as a FOCUS 9turn hip knee out feet point to the side 23 0 2 performers separated from audience Pa ri s O p e ra 0 included both dancing and orchestral music 0 dealt with many kinds of subject matter within a single work 0 content of one act usually not related to the following 0 dramatic action almost disappeared skill showcase re ected change in times 0 pattern developed with respect to role of the sexes in dance 0 discards masks 1772 headed by Noverre and Dauberval takes over Professional ballet dancers 0 performance became the domain of professional dancers 0 gradually moved from danse terre a terre close to earth to danse haute leaps springing steps enrechat 0 9vertical movement a basis of technique 18 Century three categories of dance l lOb slow serious dignified heroGod wore mask DupreVestris Gods of Dance 31 E m lC h a ra cte F faster younger lively done by peasants costume allowed movement Auguste Vestris 1770s 16 runs in 2 position illegit son of Guestan CO m lC g rotesq ue servants rustic roles evil Dauberval blended classical no God La F ille al Garde 1789 rev girl loves peasant mom wants wealthy man few weeks before rev Dance d Ecoe Term which refers to the pure academic style of classical ballet founded on the principles laid down by Beauchamps Blasis and subsequent teachers Fra ncoise Prevost 0 popular 18 century ballerina 0 known for lightness precision dramatic ability 0 choreographs 1716 Les Caracteres de la Dance M a ri e Sa I le 0 18 century popular ballerina brought a dramatic realism and natural expressiveness in movement 0 plain expressive 0 Les Caracteres de la Dance 0 No mask introduced owing draperies modeled after Greek sculpture 0 Camargo s rival 24 Marie Anne Camargo 0 popular 18 century French ballerina Palais Royal 0 gaylight style lusty contrasting movements 0 beautiful technical Dance D Ecole 0 danced in men s steps shorter skirts predecessor of tights lowered heel 0 Salle s rival retired 1751 high pension 0 good with elevation and able to cross feet in air rapidly 0 Wore soft slippers predecessor of ballet slippers Barberina Campanini 0 successor to Salle Camargo became nun Lo u is D u p re 0 God of noble dance 0 Teacher of Camargo Vestis Gaeta n Vestris 0 18 century choreographerdistinguished member of great ballet family 0 scheduled to perform as Apollo but role taken by M Gardel playing the role of the Sun God and refusing to Wear the mask Aug uste Vestris 0 demi character dancer illegit son of Guetan Vestris Feuiet commentator on Beauchamps codi cation and translated byjohn Weaver through movementsnot sound ballet d action 0 ballet in which dance actually promotes dramatic representation instead of interrupting it for meaningless displays of virtuosity by Noverre 0 rivals dance d ecole Wants unity no masks 0 John Weaver 1 to convey through movements no speechsong 0 Loves MarsVenus 1717 Jean Georges Noverre 17271810 1760 book Letters on Dancing 0 dancing should be mean of dramatic expression and communication 0 collection of short dances thrown together to casually Written music 25 no relation to plot all ability showcased proposed a set of sweeping reforms in ballet debut 16 years old Opera Comique 9ballet master four years later became leading choreographer critic writer reformer of ballet first to fully envision ballet s artistic possibilities and eliminate conventionalized movements gestures stage traditions philosophy 0 must move audience emotionally through dramatic expressiveness 0 plots should be unified in design with logical stories that contribute to a central theme 0 scenery music plot should all be unified music should be Written to suit dance 0 Pantomine needed to be made more simple and understandable Jean Dauberval French dancer and choreographer who composed La F ille Mal Gardee La Fille Mal Gardee The guarded Girl 1789 Grotesque Comic dance French Revolution 1789 Challenged ballet in public life as a form of entertainment that was essentially an aristocratic art and identified with the pastimes of royalty that once ed the country in terror Men are equal to Women do same steps partnering Gas lighting Pink silk body stocking Supernatural theme Wires to y 1820s pose brie y on Pointe Marseillaise danced as a great public spectacle Changes in dance after French Revolution Ballet resumed but with different themes to ballet scms cul0ttes Ameircan Rev criticized religion catholic church Brought the idea of social and political democracy Shoes lighter canvas balance W Wires 0 1820s pink leather balance brie y Wo Wires 0 1860 box pointe shoes Women dominate paris opera SUZANNE FARRELL BALLET Born in Cincinnati ohio Trained Cincinnati conservatory of music Moved to newyork at 15 Pursued career as a ballet dancer One year at school of American ballet Chosen by george Balanchine at 16 Performed many international abllet Danced for 28 years Over 100 pieces by Balanchine Retired il989 Created Suzanne Farrell ballet 2001 GEORGE BALANCHINE Father of American ballet Born Russia 1904 Choreographer for Ballet Russe BALANCHINE TECHNIQUE Neoclassical enhanced classical ballet technique adding layers of modern movements African aesthetic hips move more freely Two people enough to create story Movement related to musicStravinsky Plotless abstract 26


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