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U.S. Agricultural Policy

by: Norbert Terry

U.S. Agricultural Policy ARE 433

Norbert Terry
GPA 3.85

Bk Goodwin

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About this Document

Bk Goodwin
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Norbert Terry on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ARE 433 at North Carolina State University taught by Bk Goodwin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/223762/are-433-north-carolina-state-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
STUDY GUIDE FOR ARE 433 MIDTERM Nos 1 September 28 2004 The intent of this brief outline is to offer some guidelines to use in studying for the rst midterm exami The exam will consist of about 15 multiple choice 10 truefalse and two short answer type questionsi Of course my views about the dif cult of questions may differ from yours but my attempt will be to make the questions slightly less dif cult than was the case for the homeworksi u should read Chapters 16 in the text Pasour and Ruckeri You should also read the following papers from the reading package note that the table of contents in this package is not correctithey used the wrong version when putting it together Goodwin Instability and Risk in US Agriculture77 Bovard Seven Myths of Farm Policy77 Read 1 Pencil77 Note that the Tweeten paper is a good one but the latter portion of it was omittediso you are not responsible for that material though you may want to read it Finally you will be responsible for all material covered in the classi Note that much of what we discussed does not appear in the text or readingsi A rough outline of what we have covered 1 The problems of agriculture 2 Various views about agriculture eigi Jeffersonian ideal agricultural creed etc 3 Reasons why the government is involved in agriculture 4 An overview of recent issues in agriculture world food problem farm and resource problems etc 5 Philosophies about agricultural problem solving through policy eg the free market the umanitarian agricultural fundamentalists etc 6 The agricultural policy processihow is a farm bill assembled and what is the process from committee to law 7 Administrative structure of USDA and various missions of the different agencies 8 Basic economic principles about the market collective choice and public c ace 9 The political processivoting campaign funding the legislative and execu tive branches The role of the bureaucrati 10 Lobby groups and their particular concerns Note hereithere is no need to attempt to memorize any of the particular organizations You should just have a general view of the process and the different objectives that various groups may have in their lobby effortsi Some general exam commentsi o Donlt attempt to memorize esoteric facts and gures I have no interest in you knowing what the NRCS or AACl stands forirather I am concerned that you are aware of how different agencies and organizations function You don7t need to know exactly how much the agriculture share of GDP has fallen over timerust that it has experienced a large fall 1 o Read the text and readings carefully I would be happy to place a copy handwritten of my own notes on reserve or somewhere in the department Where they could be accessed by studentsijust let me knowl 0 We Will plan on a reVieW Monday7 9277 at 5 plrnl I Will post it on the rnoodle site When l have a room for us


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