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MCAT Definitions you need to know

by: Jordan Belmonte

MCAT Definitions you need to know MCAT Exam prep

Jordan Belmonte
Brown U
MCAT Exam prep
MCAT Exam prep

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About this Document

20 pages of definitions and details for the MCAT
MCAT Exam prep
MCAT Exam prep
Study Guide
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This 21 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jordan Belmonte on Tuesday December 23, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to MCAT Exam prep at Brown University taught by MCAT Exam prep in 2014. Since its upload, it has received 277 views. For similar materials see MCAT Exam prep in Professional Education Services at Brown University.

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Date Created: 12/23/14
Mcat2012H Biology 1when chromosomes uncoil the nucleoli are reformed and two nuclei are the two poles of the cell stage is known as a prophase bmetaphase c telophase d anaphase 2 Mental retardation short stature broad face and squint eyes are the symptoms of a down s syndrome b klinefeter39s syndrome c turner s syndrome d xyz syndrome 3 Chiasmata formation takes place during the process a crosing over b attachment c pairing d leptotene 4 Healing of a wound and repair is the phenomenon which takes place by the process of a mitosis b meiosis c cell growth d mitosis and meiosis 5 Which of the following is the main cause of cancer a mutation bcontroed cell division c regulated miiosis d haploid division 6 Covalent bond frmed bw two monosaccharides a glycosidic bond b hydrgn bond c peptide bond d disulphide bond 7 Bond formed bw glucose and fructose to form sucrose IS a 14 glycosidic linkage b 12 glycosidic linkage c16 glycosidic linkage d 13 glycosidic linkage 8 In an amino acid in which the Rgroup is H its name will be a alanine bglycine c leusine d valine 9 Fatty acids are the organic compounds containing H O and one of the following a COOH b NH2 cacyl dsucrose 10 Posomes are used in gene therapy against ahyperchoesteroemia bcoronary artery angioplasty ccystic brosis dSClD 11 Genetically engineered cells are introduced into bone marrow cells in the treatment of a hypercholesterolemia bcoronary artery angioplasty c cystic brosis dSClD 12 Wof is depleting and causing thinning of ozone a Cl b Br c CFC d C 13 The typical environment of a particular organism population community is called aniche lecosystem chabitat dbiosphere 14 Excessive enrichment of water with nutrients by human activity by which large amunt of living organic matter grows is called a archeotrophication leutrophication cenrichment d low trophication 15 In an ecosystem mycorrihza is an example of asymbiosis b predation ccommensalism dparasitism 16 Successive stages of eating and being eaten by which recycling of materials and ow of energy takes place is called afood chain bfood web ctrophic level dfood link 17 The sex of individual of next generation alwayz depends on one of the parent who is ahetrogametic bhomogametic cisogametic disomorphic 18 Which of the following will be haemophilic a XHXh bXHXH cXhY dXHY 19which of following is X linked recessive trait in humans ahypophosphatemic rickets bcolour blindness cbaldness dbeard growth 20 Which trait in humans is an example of multiple alleles aeye colour bskin colour cABO Blood group dRh blood group 21a gene at one locus interacts with another gene at another locus the interaction is known as adominance bmultiple allelism cpleitropy depistasis 22 The combination of a pentose sugar with a base result in a compound known as anucleotide bnucleoside cnucleic acid dpoynucleotide 23an enzyme and substrate reacts through a special feature or site present in enzyme known as abuilding site bactive site ccatalyst site dinhibition site 24non protein part which is covalently bonded with enzyme is aprosthetic group bco factor cco enzyme dactivator 25one of the pyrimidine bases is absent in DNA auracil bthymine ccytosine dadenine 26enzymes increases the rate of reaction by a increasing temperature bdecreasing pH cdecrasing activation energy dincreasing activation 27which disease is causeh by RNA enveloped virus and spread in epidemic form ain uenza bherpes simplex cpolio dsmall pox 28structure which contains the gene for drug resistacne bacteria are anucleoids bmesomes cchromatin bodies dplasmids 29antibiotics that kill microbes immediately are called amicrobistatic bmicrobicida cbiostatic dchemotherapeatic 30 Which of the following fungi cause vaginal thrush acandida baspergius ctortula dpenciium 31body cavity of round worms is called apseudocoelom bcoelom cacoelum denteron 32fasciola is endoparasite of acoon bliver csmal intestine dbile duct 33trypanosoma is transmitted in human beings by aplasmodium banopheles chouse y dtse tse y 34the nervous system develops from which of the following layer during embryonic development of animals amesoderm bectoderm cendoderm dmesoderm and ectoderm 35endosperm is formed as a result of apoination bsef pollination cdouble fertilization dcross pollination 36 Which of the following enzyme is released in an inactive form aamylase blipase centerokinase dpepsin 37 Which of the following hormones stimulate the secretion of pancreatic juice from pancreas in liver asecretin bpepsinogen cgastrin dboth ac 38in large intestine vitamin K is formed by the activity of asymbiotic bacteria bobigate parasite cparasitic bacteria dfacutative bacteria 39 During swallowing of food which structure close nasal opening Ahard palate bsoft palate cepiglotttis dlarynx 40 The right atrium of the heart usually receives the adeoxygenated blood boxygenated blood c ltered blood d non ltered blood 41the largest lymph duct called thoracic lymph duct drains into asubcavian vein brena vein cpumonary vein dhepatic portal vein 42which protein plays a major role in maintaining osmotic balance aalbumin bglobulin c brinogen dprothrombin 43 The type of agranulocytes which stays in blood for a few hours and then enters tissues and become macrophages s alymphocytes bmonocytes ceosinophil dbasophils 44 Reabsorption of water by counter current multiplier mechanism takes place at aproximal tubule bdistal tubule ccollecting duct dloop of henle 45ADH helps in reabsorption of water by changing permeability of aproximal tubule bdistal tubule ccollecting duct dloop of henle 46 During peritoneal dialysis the dialysis uid is introduced into which part of human body a liver babdomen ckidney dpancreas 47adosterone helps in conservation or active absorption of a Na bCa cK dHCO3 48 max reabsorption takes place in adistal tubule bvilli ccortical tissue dproximal tubule 49over activity of sympathetic nervous system causes adisturbance of vision bconstipation cdecrease in blppd pressure dincrease in heart rate 50 Which structures respond by impulse coming through motor neuron A receptors bresponses ceffectors dtransduction 51 Respiratory centre is located in acerebrum bcerebellum cmedulla dhypothalamus 52a neurological condition characterized by involuntary tremors diminished motor activity and rigidity is called aepilepsy bparkinson s disease calzheimer s disease dcerebellar tumours 53 A type of cells in human testes which produce testosterone is called ainterstitial cells bgerm cells csertoli cells dspermatocytes 54breakdown of endometrium during mensuration is due to aincrease in level of LH bdecrease in level of progesterone cincrease in level of progesterone dincrease in level of oetrogen 55 Oogonia are produced in the germ cells of auterus bcervix covary d ab 56which of the following diseases can be prevented through vaccination a AIDS and cancer bmalaria and AIDS ctyphoid and cancer dmeasles and mumps 57newly produced cellsindividuals which are identical to each other are known as agenetically modi ed btransgenic animals ctransgenic bacteria dclones 58which of the following is blood borne disease a hepatitis bcholora cin uenza dcandidiasis 59contro of pests by natural enemies is known as acutura control bbioogica control cpesticides control dinsecticides control 60 Which organelle is concerned with cell secretion aribosomes bgolgi apparatus clysosomes dmitochondria 61 Which contains peptidoglycan cell wall a pencillium bbacterium cadiantum dpolytrichum 62inner membrane of mitochondria is folded to form nger like structure called acristea bvesicle cmatrix dcisternae 63the hetrogeneous structure embedded in the matrix of interior chloroplast agrana bstroma cthylakoids dcisternae 64in which phase of cell division the metabolic activity of nucleus is high amitosis binterphase cmeiosis dcell cycle 65LH triggers acessation of oogenesis bbreakdown of oocyte covuation ddeveopment of zygote 66 Syphilis is caused by aHIVAIDS bpseudomonas pyogenes ctreponema pallidum dneisseria 67 Muscles are made up of many cells which are re ected to as amyo laments bmyo brils csarcolema dmusces ber 68the length of myo bril from one Z band to the next is known as a sarcomere bsarcolemma csarcoplasm dmusce ber 69Ca ions released during a muscle ber contraction attach with a myosin bactin ctropomyosin dtroponin 70 A muscle condition resulting from the accumulation of lactic acid and ionic imbalane is called atetany bmuscle fatigue ccramp dtetanus 71the pigment which stores oxygen in muscles aHemoglobin myoglobin c myosin dactinomyosin 72 Neurosecretory cells are present in which part of brain ahypothalamus bmidbrain cpons dcerebellum 73 Function of glucagon aglycogenglucose bglucoseglycogen cglucoseDlipids dglucoseproteins 74addison s disease is caused due to destruction of aadrenal cortex bpituitary adrenal axis cadrenall medulla dhypothalamus 75 which group is made up of amino acids and their dervatives avasopressin and ADH bepinephrine and non epinephrine coestrogen and testosterone dinsulin and glucagon 76 Thymus gland is involved in the maturation of aplatelets bB lymphocytes ceosinophils dT lymphocytes 77 In passive immunity wof component are injected into blood R aantigens bimmunogens cserum dimmunoglobulins 78mucous membranes offer a physical barriers b mechanical barriers cchemical barriers dbiological barriers 79 Immediate protection is obtained from apassive immunity bactive immunity cvaccination d natural active immunity 80 Immunity in which T cells recognize the antigens or microorganisms is atissue grafting bphagocytosis ccell mediated immunityresponse dhormonal immunityresponse 81 Oxidative phosphorylation synthesis of ATP in the presence of oxygen occurs in a all types of cells b all anaerobic cells call primitive cells dall aerobic cells 82 Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose into two molecules of aglycerate blactic acid cpyruvate dsuccinic acid 83 Before entering into kreb s cycle the pyruvate is rst decarboxylated and oxidized into aalpha ketoglutaric acid bcitric acid cglyceric acid dacetic acid Physics 84 An object having spherical shape of radius r experiences a retarding force F from a uid of co ef cient of viscosity 3 when moving through the uid with speed v what is the ratio of retarding force to speed a6rtnrquot2 b6 rtnrquot2 c6 rtnr d6 nnr 85 For interference of light waves to take place the required condition is a path difference of the light waves from the two sources must be large bthe interfering waves must be non coheren cthe light waves may come from diff sources d the light waves may come from two coherent sources 86 The property of bending of light around an obstacle and spreading of light waves into geometric shadow of an obstacle is called a diffraction bpolarization cquantization of light dinterference of light 87the normal human eye can focus a sharp image of an object on the eye if the object is located at certain distance called a least point bnear point cfar point ddistinct point 88a source of sound wave emits wave of frequency f if v is the speed of sound waves then what will be the wavelength of the waves avf bvf cv uf dv uf 89spectrum of star light is measured and the wavelength of one of the lines as sodium s line is found to be 589nm The same line has the wavelength of 497nm when observed in the laboratory This means the star is a moving away from the earth bmoving towards the earth cstationary drevolving around the planet 90 What is the period of mass spring system during SHM if the ratio of mass to spring constant is 14 art b2T c111 dl2T 91 A wire is stretched by a force which causes an extension the energy is stored in it only when a extension of wire is proportional to force applied b cross section of wire remains constant cthe wire is not stretched beyond its elastic limit dthe weight of wire is negligible 92 Which statement is correct a elasticity is that property of the body which enables the body to regain its original dimension b elasticity is that property of the body that does not allows the body to return to its original shape celasticity is that property of the body which enables the body to regain its original dimension and original shape after the stress is removed delasticity is that property which obey s hooke s law 93 which expression is of rms speed of a gas having n number of molecules contained in the container a sqrootv1quot2 v2quot2 v3quot2 vnquot2n b v1quot2 v2quot2 v3quot2 vnquot2n c sqrootv1 v2 v3 vnn d v1 v2 v3 vnn 94 For a gas of volume V in its equilibrium state if the pressure does change with time then total KE of gas is constant because a collision bw gas molecules occur b collisions bw gas molecules occur linearly ccollision must be elastic dcollision must be inelastic 95 When the dimensions of both sides of an equation are equal then the equation is said to be asimultaneous b homogenous c instantaneous dquadratic 96 Relation for wavelength avf bcf cv uf dv uf 974200V is used in X ray tube to accelarate electron the speed of X ray a210quot8 b310quot8 c210quot7 d310quot9 98the shortest wavelength of continuous X ray emitted from an X ray tube depend on acurrent in tube bvoltage applied cnature of tube d at no of target 99 In which of the fpllowing detectors impulse is independent of particle aGM counter b solid state detector cwilson cloud chamber dall 100haf life of radon a1500 yr b235 min c38 days d410quot789 101 Half life of radioactive element is 1500 yrz the fraction of sample that left after 600 years a 12 b 116 c 18 d14 102 2A current passes through a resistance to certain battery if the resistance is replaced by double resistance current became a 2A b4A c6A d1A 103 Electron gun in CRO contains a lament gridanodecathode bcathodeanodecapacitorscreen cemitterbasecollector dresistancecapacitorinductor 104 Two long parallel wires repel each other What would be the reason aboth carry current in same direction bboth carry current in opposite direction cwire 1 has current but wire 2 has no current dwire 2 has current wire 1 has no current 105 If the no of turns of a solenoid is doubled but then current in the coil and radius of the coil remains same then what will be the magnetic ux density produced by the coil a it will be halved bit increases by different amount at different points cremains unchanged dwill be doubled 106 Which is used to estimate the circulation of blood in a patient aC 14 bC 12 cP 32 dNa 23 107 In order to double the amount of absorbed dose in gray what step should be taken aenergy must be quartered benergy must be halved c energy must be increases 4 times d energy must be doubled 108which of the following is the proper way to study the sinusoidal waveform of the voltage avoltage is connected to X input and the time base is switched of b voltage is connected to Y input and the time base is switched on c voltage is connected to Y input and the time base is switched of d voltage is connected to X input and the time base is switched on 109what is the order of wavelength of X rays a10quot 6 b10quot 10 c10quot3 d10quot0 110 A laser beam is a non coherent bmono chromatic c both dnone 111 What is the torque acting on the pendulum of length L inclined at an ange6 a mgL bmgLsin6 cO dmgLcos6 112 Cathode rays are adependent on nature of gas bdepend on target material cindependent on nature of gas d none 1131 degree is equal to ari180 b180n C2i39180 dT573 114if the resistance in the circuit is doubled then what39s the current now ahalf bO cdouble dconstant 115 A monochromatic light of wavelength A is used to produce the diffraction pattern through a single slit of width X which one of the following represents the intensity distribution across the screen mm WM 116 In which of following the change in internal energy is more a in system A b in system B c cannot be predicted d change is zero in both both are cyclic Chemistry 117 One mole of any gas at STP occupies a volume of a 22414dm3 b23414dm3 c22414cm3 d20414dm3 118the relative abundance of the isotopes of an element can be determined by aX rays bmass spectrometry csolvent extraction dchromatography 119if we know the mass of one substance we can calculate the volume of other substance and vice versa This is called a mass mass relationship bmass mole relationship cmass voume reationshipmoe voume relationship 120sublimation is used to purify aammonium sulphate bsodium chloride clead carbonate dbenzoic acid 121the purity of a substance can be identify by a sublimation b lteration c solvent extraction dchromatography 122 Which represents Avogadro39s law a VRnTP when T and n are constant b VRnTP when P and n are constant c VRnTP when T and P are constant d VRPnT when TP and n are constant 123the rms velocity of gas is inversely proportional to sq root of their a T b molar mass c P d V 124plasma consists of a ions and electrons b electrons and neutral atoms c ions and neutral atoms d ions electrons and neutral atoms 125which type of force is present in gasoline a dipole dipole forces b dipole induced dipole forces c hydrogen bonding d London dispersive forces 126 In the structure of NaCl each Na ion is surrounded by Cl ions a 4 b5 c6 d8 127 The charge of one gram of electron is a1758810quot 11C b 1758810quot11C c 1758810quot8C d 160210quot19C 128 The E of hydrogen atom a zero b 1313kJmol c 1313kJmol d1313kJmol 129 Which quantum number tells us about orientation of orbitals a principle quantum number b Azimuthal quantum number c spin quantum number d magnetic quantum number 130 The interionic distance in a crystal of KCI is a 181pm b314pm c95pm d300pm 131 The number of bonds in nitrogen molecule aone sigma and one pie b one sigma two pie c three sigma only d two sigma and one pie 132 Which one has zero dipole moment a NH3 b CHCI3 cH2O dBF3 133 A spontaneous process is a unidirectional and irreversible b irreversible and real c unidirectional and real d all 134 Standard enthalpy of solution of ammonium chloride is klmol a 25 b 162 c 498 d 260 134 Unit of Kc for following reaction H2I2 2HI a moquot2dm 6 b modm 3 c no unit d mo 2dmquot6 135 01 mole of acetic acid is dissolved per dm3 of solution age ionization of acetic acid is a 13 b 15 c 01 d 13 136 Solubility of CeSo43 a increase with increase in T b decreases with increase in T c remains constant d shows exceptional behavior 137 Sea water has 56510 3g of dissolved oxygen in one kg of water concentration of oxygen in ppm is a769 b 565 c52O d411 138 Metallic conduction involves the movement of a atoms b ions c electrons d molecules 139 In an electrochemical series elements are arranged on the basis of apH scale b pOH scale c pKa scale d hydrogen scale 140 The reaction which is responsible for the production of electricity in voltaic cell is a hydrolysis b reduction c oxidation d redox 141 Glucose is converted into ethanol by the enzyme present in the yeast a urease b invertase c zymase d sucrose 142 The rate of reaction involving ions can be studied by method a dilatometric b refractrometric c electrical conductivity d optical rotation 143 When one mole of gaseous hydrogen ions are dissolved in water to form in nitely dilute solution amount of heat liberated is a 1075kJmoi b 499kJmoi c 1891kJmo d 1562kJmo 144 Energy required to remove an electron from gaseous neutral atom is a electron affinity b E c lattice energy d crystal energy 145 Which of the following carbonate of alkali metal is not stable towards heat and give oxide on decomposition a Rb2CO3 b Na2CO3 c Li2CO3 d KZCO3 146the presence of calcium is essential for normal development of plants An adequate supply of calcium appears to stimulate development of which part of plants a leaves b fruit c branches d root hairs 147 Which of the following sulphate is not soluble in water a sodium sulphate b potassium sulphate c zinc sulphate d barium sulphate 148 The trend in the densities of element of group 3A is a a gradual decrease B a gradual increase c first increase then decrease d first decrease then increase 149 White lead has one of the following properties a acidic b crystalline c neutral d amorphous 150 Strongest acid among following a HF b HCI c HBr d HI 151 The noble gas used in the radiotherapy for cancer a xenon b radon c krypton d argon 152 Paramagnetic behavior is due to a paired electrons b unpaired electrons c protons d neutrons 153the geometry of complexes depends upon type of taking placi in the valence shell of central metal atom aprotonation b deprotonation c hybridization ddissociation 154 Acidi ed KMnO4 acts as a reducing agent b excellent precipitating agent c oxidizing agent d germicide 155 A gasoline of higher octane number can be obtained by a oxidative cleavage b steam cracking c thermal cracking d catalytic cracking 156 Ethyne molecule is formed when two carbon atoms joined together to form a sigma bond only a sp s overlap b sp2 sp2 overlap c sp sp overlap d 2py 2py overlap 157 Symmetric alkanes can be produced by a Sabatier sender39s reaction b hydrogenation c kobe s electrolytic method d reduction reaction 158 The catalyst used for the preparation of acrylonitrile a Al203 and NH4C b Cu2Cl2 and NH4C c Cu2C2 and NH4OH 159 When hydrogen atom is removed from benzene group left is called a alkyl group b benzyl group c phenyl group d methyl group 160 Introduction of N02 in the benzene ring is called nitration The nitration of benzene takes place when it is heated with a 11 mixture of at 50 55 C a conc HNO3 and concH2SO4 b concHNO3 and concHC c concHNO3 and conc Acetic acid d concHNO3 and concH3PO4 161during Sn2 reaction con guration of alkyl halide molecule is a remains same b gets inverted c depends upon carbon atom d depends upon electronegativitiy of halide 162 Grignard reagent can be prepared by reaction of Mg with alkyl halide in the presence of a sodium lead alloy b dry ether c alcohol d water 163 Methanol is prepared from C0 and H2 The catalyst used for this reaction is a ZnOCoO2 b ZnOCuO c ZnOCr203 d ZnOAg2O 164 Ethanol reacts with ammonia to form ethyl amine The catalyst used for this reaction is a ZnCl2 bThO2 c C5H5N d Cr203 165dissociation constant of phenol is a 1210quot 1O b 1210quot1O c 1310quot1O d1310quot 1O 166 Dry distillation of mixture of calcium salt of acetic acid and formic acid results into formation of a acetaldehyde b formaldehyde c calcium acetate d sodium acetate 167 Hydrolysis of cyano group by an aqueous acid results into a acid amide b carboxylic acid c cyano hydride d formaldehyde 168 Brick red ppt are formed when aldehyde reacts with a sodium borohydride b sodium bisulphate c felhing solution d formaldehyde 169 The nature of amino acid Lysine is a neutral b acidic c basic d amphoteric 170 Which of the following compounds in the form of aqueous solution will produce CO2 on reaction with sodium carbonate aCH3COOC2H5 b C2H5COOC2H5 c C2H5COOCH3 dC2H5CO OH 171 Collagen an albumin is a derived proteins b simple proteins c polyamide d polysaccharide 172 Urea is produced by reaction of liquid ammonia with a C b CO c CO2 DCaO 173 The calcium sulpho aluminate is a CaAl2033CaSO46H2O b3CaAl203CaSO42H2O c 3CaAl2033CaSO46H2O d3CaAl2033CaSO42H2O 174 The coagulant used in raw water to precipitate suspended impurities is a caustic soda b lime water c soda ash d alum 175 The whiteness of the recycled paper is improved by treating it with a sodium hydroxide b super oxide c normal oxides d peroxides


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