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CSE 1111 Midterm #1 Study Guide

by: Megan Hageman

CSE 1111 Midterm #1 Study Guide CSE 1111

Megan Hageman
GPA 3.806
Intro to Computer Problem Solving
Cindy Grimme

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About this Document

Hey guys, here is a study guide for our midterm coming up on Oct. 20th. I included all the sections we covered and notes on important things to remember for the exam. I hope it's helpful and good l...
Intro to Computer Problem Solving
Cindy Grimme
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Megan Hageman on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CSE 1111 at Ohio State University taught by Cindy Grimme in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 226 views. For similar materials see Intro to Computer Problem Solving in Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
CSE 1111 Midterm 1 Study Guide Exam Date Oct 20th Excel Intro Remember order of operations and evaluated before and Relational operators gtltltgt ltgt Cell Referencing Absolute Addressing keep the formula the same when copying it across the row or down the column use before the row letter or column number Advanced Excel Functions Common Functions SUMnumber 1 number 2 AVERAGEnumber 1 number 2 MNnumber 1 number 2 MAXnumber 1 number 2 COUNTvalue 1 value 2 ignores text COUNTAvaue 1 value 2 use to count cells with text ROUNDnumber number of digits COUNTFrange criteria use if criteria is text or a Boolean expression ex COUNTFA1A10 quotgt5quot SUMFrange criteria sumrange AVERAGEFrange criteria averagif range Cha s Linearea charts changes or trends Scatter charts functional relationship BarColumn charts discreet values Pie charts parts of a whole 100 Large Workbooks Reference cell on a different worksheet SheetnameCe Reference Boolean Functions Always give a TRUE or FALSE result Use reationa operators ltgtltgtltgt or AND OR and NOT ANDogica 1 logical2 all arguments must be true for the statement to return TRUE key words every both all ORogica 1 ogica 2 only one argument has to be true for the statement to return TRUE key words any some at least one NOTlogica reverses the argument f were looking for none use NOTORogical FfuncUon DOES NOT RETURN TRUE OR FALSE IFogicatest valueiftrue valueiffalse Logicaltest value or expression that will return TRUE or FALSE Valueiftrue value returned if ogicatest is TRUE Valueiffalse value returned if ogicatest is FALSE You can use Boolean functions as the ogicatest Nestedifs you can add in another IF statement into the valueiftrue or valueiffalse spots if there are further criteria after you determine to rst statement is true or false Reference Functions Use LOOKUP function instead of using a bunch of nestedifs LOOKUPookupvaue lookupvector resutvector Lookupvaue criteria to lookup Lookupvector range that you are comparing the criteria to MUST BE IN ASCENDING ORDER Resutvector range that contains corresponding values you wish to nd THE ALGORITHM WILL GIVE YOU THE GREATEST VALUE THAT DOES NOT EXCEED THE VALUE BEING SEARCHED FOR Financial Functions PV present value PVltrategtltnpergtltpmtgtltfvgtlttypegt FV future value FVltrategtltnpergtltpmtgtltpvgtlttypegt PMT payment per period PMTltrategtltnpergtltpvgtltfvgtlttypegt RATE rate per period RATEltnpergtltpmtgtltpvgtltfvgtlttypegt NPER of payment periods NPERltrategtltpmtgtltpvgtltfvgtlttypegt Outgoing cash incoming cash Type 1 at the beginning of the period 0 end of the period Remember to plug in rate as rate of periods When using the NPER function pay attention to if it s asking for how many months years etc


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