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Islam in the Modern World

by: Patricia Maggio

Islam in the Modern World REL 408

Patricia Maggio
GPA 3.98

Anna Bigelow

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About this Document

Anna Bigelow
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Patricia Maggio on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to REL 408 at North Carolina State University taught by Anna Bigelow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/223991/rel-408-north-carolina-state-university in Religious Studies at North Carolina State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
RELHI 408 Final Exam Study Guide Part I Short Essays comprehensive Review the MIDTERM and the selections below Consider in your responses the following questions What is the author39s overall point How does she make the case for herhis position What evidence does she use to support this position How does the quotation selected illuminate the larger work Choose ve out of seven 10 points each Amina Wadud quotRights and Roles ofWomanquot p 158 quotThe Qur39an treats woman as an individual in the same manner as it treats man as an individual Their only distinction is on the basis of taqwa superiority of men over womenquot Heba Raouf Ezzat quotOn the Future of Women and Politics in the Arab Worldquot p 188 quotHence the process ofempowering women political participation embedded in their social environmentquot Sisters in Islam quotChronology of a Struggle for Equal Rightsquot What are the four documents involved How does the Sisters in Islam argument build How do they make their case p 197 quotWe would like to point out a place in heavenquot Abul ala39 Mawdudi quotPolitical Theory of Islamquot pp 2645 quotIf I were permitted to coin a new term any right to make the least alteration in itquot Abdolkarim Soroush quotTolerance and Governancequot p 314 quotThe truth however is that religious law ritual prescription or proscriptionquot Sherman Jackson quotJihad and the Modern Worldquot p 407 quotin the end however whether Islam UN Charter refers to as 39Trust Territoriesquot39 Sayyid Qutb quotJihad in the Cause of Godquot p 412 quotSince the objective of the message of Islam people should not be lords over othersquot Muhammad Abdel Salam alFarag quotThe Forgotten Dutyquot p 424 quotSo now there can be no valid excuse for any Muslim God Praised and Exalted He isquot Osama bin Laden quotText of Fatwaquot p 4312 quotThe ruling to kill the Americans prevail justice and faith in Godquot39 Sayyid Muhammad Husain Fadlallah quotWe Must Think before We Actquot p 453 quotTherefore the Islamic discourse no matter how closely they be relatedquot Sayyid Hossein Nasr quotIslam and Musicquot p 230 The legality of music yearning ofthe soul for God quotIslam the Contemporary Islamic World and the Environmental Crisisquot what are the problems Nasr identi es What are his recommendations for remediating the environmental crisis Abdullahi anNaim quotHuman Rights in Islamquot p 706 The protection ofhuman rights human rights violations Naguib Mahfouz quotZaabalawiquot p 1112 quotI was in a state of deep contentedness a few drowsy customers were left in the barquot What has brought the narratorto this place Who is the narrator Who is Zaabalawi What are the two main allegorical readings of this story Part II Longer Essays two out of three 25 points each Be speci c in your responses citing examples from the readings 1Khaled Abou El Fadl The Place of Tolerance in Islam What is Abou El Fadl39s purpose in this essay How does he prove his point Explain TWO ofthe critiques of his essay by the other authors in the book What are their criticisms Do you think they are valid How does Abou El Fadl counter their arguments 2In his address to the University at Regensburg Germany on September 12 2006 Pope Benedict the XVI brought up several issues about religion and reason by using a discussion between a 14th century ruler and an unnamed quotPersianquot These references were followed by an outcry demonstrations and violence all over the world What were the objections of many Muslims to the Pope39s speech What is signi cant about the response written by 38 clerics in December of 2006 What critique did they offer and what was the manner and substance ofthis critique What is the Common Word project that ensued and its significance 3 Many of our readings on Islam and governance assert that colonialism and the West have had negative effects upon Muslim cultures and governments in the postcolonial context De ne colonialism explaining its impact on postcolonial societies Compare the views of Maududi Khomeini and Soroush on the nature of the ideal Islamic government 4 Sherman Jackson Sayyid Qutb Muhammad Abdel Salam al Farag Sayyid Muhammad Hussain Fadlallah and Osama bin Laden all represent different views on the nature ofjihad Choose three ofthese thinkers and explain how each de nesjihad how they substantiate their arguments about the meaning ofjihad and how each might respond to the other RELHI 408 Midterm Study Guide Below is a list of some of the readings we have done over the semester so far Your midterm will require you to give short explanations of key quotations from these authors explaining how that quotation is representative in some way ofthe author s thought his or her place in Muslim andor world history You will have about a halfa page of space to write a short essay on ve quotations from a choice of seven 20 points each 100 points Jalaluddin Rumi 12071273 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Main argument Key quotation poem All Religions Are One on handout Amira el Zein No bio Main argument Key quotation p 81 New Sufism as already stated wisdom of each prophetquot Michael Sells No bio necessary Main arguments concerning the reading of the Qur an at UNC Key quotation interview at mpjwwwpbsorgwnetreliqionandethicsweek551seshtml paragraph starting quotThese passages called the 39early Meccan Arabian historyquot Amina Wadud Brief bio Main argument Key quotation p 321322 Two distinctive yet re ective equal humanity John Voll No bio Main arguments concerning revival and reform Key quotation p 522 V th the vast variety Shiite traditions SVR Nasr Main arguments concerning colonialism and modern Muslim states Key quotations p 5634 Macaulay amp Cromer quotations at bottom A single shelf and The European is a close reasoner p 591 Generally speaking the colonial state legacy of colonialism Muhammad ibn Abd a Wahhab 17031792 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Main argument Key quotation from Cook p 202 quotI will tell you about myself falsely praises himselfquot Jamal alDin alAfghani 18391897 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotations p 15 quotSince the state ofthe 39ulama39 his own homequot p 19 quotWhen those who rule lslam integrityquot Muhammad Abduh 18491905 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotation p 21 quotAt length human societycleansing withinquot Rashid Rida 18651935 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotation p 43 The type of patriotism progress ofthe whole Sayyid Ahmad Khan 18171898 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotations p 34 quotThe wellbeing ofthe people our real Lordquot p 36 quotToday we need as in former days doctrines of Islamquot Sayyid Abu ala Maududi 19031979 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotations From commentary on Surat a Ka run httpwwwuscedudeptMSAguranmaududimau109htmIS109 quotfthe Surah is read the matter of Faithquot p 74 quotBe it in the sphere mora good of one anotherquot Hasan al Banna 19061949 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotation p 62 quotIn a whimsical moment democratic regimesquot Sayyid Qutb 19061966 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotations From his commentary on Surat al Ka run httpwwwislamworldnetgutbs109txt quotTo clear up this muddle to cut all arguments vain argumentsquot p 103 quotOne ofthe characteristic marks fault of that age ratherthan that of Islamquot Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini 190019891 Brief bio who where when occupation activities Type of reform advocated Main argument Key quotation p p 338 quotlfa knowledgeable and just jurisprudent undertakesdominate people with disregard to God39s orderquot


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