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by: Taylor Martin


Taylor Martin
GPA 2.3
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd

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About this Document

Heres the study guide for exam 2
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd
Study Guide
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This 26 page Study Guide was uploaded by Taylor Martin on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 1060 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Joseph Kidd in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
What is Artemis Roman name What does she do Symbols Cult sites Diana Goddess of the hunt wilderness and moon 0 Patron of young girls and childbirth acts as a midwife o Replaces Selene as moon goddess Bow stag moon Delos Ephesus brauron 0 Violent worship such as beating and maybe human sacrifice Epithets Cynthia ephesia brauronia Who is Artemis mother and father Leto and Zeus Who is Artemis brother Apollo What happens with Artemis and Actaeon c He spots Her and her Virgin followers nymphs bathing in the woods 0 She turns him into a deer and makes his own dogs attack and kill him How many children does Niobe have 7 sons and 7 daughters 14 Why does Niobe mock Leto Leto only has 2 children Apollo and Artemis but the women of Thebes want to worship her What happens when Artemis and Apollo nd out Niobe mocked Leto They kill her children 0 Apollo killing her sons and Artemis killing her daughters 0 Artemis spares 1 daughter who becomes her follower o Niobe turns to stone becoming Mt Sipylus Who is Callisto What happens with Zeus and Callisto A One of Artemis39 nymph followers B Zeus spies Callisto and turns himself into Artemis in order to get close to her and has sex with her What is Artemis39 response What does Hera do A She kicks Callisto out of the group and abandons her in the forest pregnant and alone B She finds her in forest abuses her and turns her into a bear What happens with Callisto39s baby 0 She gives birth to a human baby but they get separated 0 He becomes a hunter and encounters her but doesn39t recognize her 0 Before he can kill her Zeus turns the mother and son into a constellation O Ursa Major and Ursa Minor How is Orion born o Hyrieus is generous to the gods and serves them the only animal he has The gods reward Hyrieus Generosity by granting him a wish 0 He wishes for a son Zeus Hermes and Poseidon pee on the hide of the ox 0 After nine months Orion is born What does Orion do to Artemis What is her response A Orion tries to rape her B She has a scorpion bite him 0 The Constellation Scorpio is created from this story What was Euripides Tragic playwright What are his most famous plays 0 Hippolytus o The Bacchae Who was Theseus the father of What was he the king of A Hippolytus B Athens Who was Hippolytus stepmother Phedra What is Hippolytus What does he want to be A Asexual B Virgin follower of Artemis Why does Aphrodite want to hurt Hippolytus He does not fall for her charms What does Aphrodite do Makes Phaedra fall in love with What happens to Phaedra because of Aphrodite She overtaken by love for her stepson and tells a servant of her love 0 The servant then tells Theseus How does Hippolytus respond Hippolytus is disgusted goes into an angry rant and curses women and sex What does Phaedra do how does she get revenge on theseus A She kills herself plans B Leaves a note for her husband saying that theseus raped her What does Theseus do in response Exiles his son and prays to his father Poseidonto kill Hippolytus What does Artemis to do Theseus Tells the truth about the death of his wife Forgives him since he was agnorant of aphrodite39s plot What does Artemis promise Hippolytus c To kill Aphrodite39s lover O supposedly Adonis and promises him 0 That women will cut their hair in remembrance of him De ne Syncretism Fusing two or more gods or religious ideas into one Hecate Goddess of What Where does she live Where does she appear and with What object A Triple faced goddessGoddess of witches and black magic B Lives in the underworld C At crossroads wrapped in snakes and holds torches Who are the three goddess that represent Hecate Artemis Selene and Hecate Apollo Roman God of What Symbols Cult Sites Epithets What do they relate to Apollo God of sun music creativity reason becomes leader of the Muses gives inspiration to poets Bow lyre dolphin sun Delphi Delos Pythian Delphi Delphinus Dolphin Delian delos What is Apollo the leader of 9 muses Who is Apollo39s family 0 Son of Zeus and Leto 0 Twin brother of Artemis What does Hera do when she nds out Leto is pregnant Where does she go and who helps her in the end A o Extends her labor 0 Says that nobody can help her give birth 0 Makes it so she can39t give birth on stable ground 0 She is allowed to go to Delos and 0 Artemis is born first and helps her mother give birth to Apollo How does Appolo get his sacred place in Delphi Slays a giant snake Who did the snake belong to Ge Who is the Pythia Apollo s psychic priestess at Delphi She is seated on her golden tripod Cassandra and Apollo Apollo wants her as a lover and bargains with her telling her he would give her the gift of prophecy but she must become his lover After receiving the gift she goes back on the deal What does Apollo do in return Spits in her mouth and tells her no one will ever believe her prophecies Apollo and Daphne Apollo chases her and she prays to her father to help her and get rid of her beauty and her father turns her into a tree Apollo decides she will be his sacred tree Apollo and Hyacinthus Was in a love triangle between Apollo and a wind God but Hyacinthus chooses Apollo The wind god makes apollo accidently kill Hyacinthus What comes from Hyacinthus blood His blood makes Hyacinthus ower Apollo and Cyparissus He is a male lover of ApolloHe is given a pet deer from apollo that he becomes deeply devoted to What does Cyparissus do to the deer What happens to Cyparissus A He accidentally kills the deer and wants to die with his deer B He cries so much that he become a cypress tree Apollo and Coronis A beautiful princess that cheats on him How does Apollo nd out His pet Raven tells of her infidelity and Apollo is overcome with anger What does he do to Coronis What does she tell him before she dies A He shoots his lover in the heart B She cries out that he has killed her and his unborn child What does Apollo do to the raven He punishes the Raven by turning it from white to black How does Apollo save his son Who does he give Asclepius to A Apollo cuts Asclepius out of Coronis39 body B Gives him to the centaur Chiron What is Asclepius the god of Healing and medicine What is Asclepius often drawn with A staff with a snake wrapped around it What was the Island of Kos Asclepius temple If you were sick you would go there for healing in his thermal springs What is Asclepius Hubris Does something only Zeus can do and brings someone back from the dead Who is Marsyas A Satyr What does Marsyas nd of Athena39s Flute Marsyas challenges Who to What contest 0 Apollo 0 Music contest What does the Winner get To do anything to the loser What happens with Marsyas Apollo wins and skins Marsyas alive Pan and Apollo Pan challenges Apollo and makes the mountain God a judge While King Midas listens in The God says Apollo wins but Midas thinks pan was better What does Apollo do to Midas So Apollo gives him the ears of a donkey How do people nd out about his ears Midas only tells his hairdresser but the hairdresser can39t contain the secret so he digs a hole and buries the secret and plants grow and whisper quotMidas has ass39s earsquot Hermes Roman Name Position in Olympus Associated with Symbols Cult sites Family Mercury Messenger of the gods takes the dead to underworld Winged Sandals Cap Golden wand with two snakes wrapped around it caduceus Roads and boundaries shepherds would make offerings to his herms Son of Zeus and Maia Daughter of Atlas What does Hermes create Story behind it Lyre tricks the turtle Sandals uses them to hide his tracks Fire sticks uses them to burn cows When he was born he immediately sought to steal the cattle of Apollo and stumbles upon a turtle He takes the turtle makes a lyre out of him and tells the tale of his own conception on it When Apollo leaves his home Hermes steals his 50 cows He disguised his tracks with sandals he makes and he takes the cows to sacrifice two of them to Zeus by buying them on fire with matches he made What does he do with the rest of the cows Hides them in a cave What does apollo do Takes him to zeus to get him to confess What happens with Hermes and Apollo o Hermes is made to give the rest of the cows back to Apollo 0 Both brothers make up with Apollo giving him his golden staff and Hermes giving him his lyre What does Pan teach Daphnis to do Whose sons are they Teaches him how to play the pipes Hermes Who is Hermaphroditus Story Hermes and Aphrodite son He meets the naiad Salmacis when he swims in her pool As he bathes she watches him from the bushes and then lunges at him and won39t let him go She then ask the gods they never be separated Aphrodite grants her wish and puts them in one body Who is said to have desecrated Hermes Herms Alcibiades How did Alcibiades desecrate them He cut of the Genitals of the statues Dionysus Roman name God of Symbols Family Wife Cult sites Bacchus Wine religious ecstasy reached through various vehicles particularly Wine Grapes Ivy Theatre Thyrsos pine cone topped staff Son of Zeus and Semele Ariadne princess of Crete Thebes Athens Alexandria Epithits Twice born Liberator sets people free man womanish Where is Dionysus from Said to come from east Semeles role Princess of Thebes Semele and Zeus Zeus sleeps with Semele and grants her a Wish Hera find out they slept together and she goads Semele to make an impossible request of Zeus Semele makes a Wish that Zeus will make love to her like he did with Hera He doesn t want to but he can t deny her he turns into bolts of lightning and she dies from his true form How does zeus keep Dionysius alive Zeus sews the unborn Dionysus into his thigh and few months later Dionysus was born What is signi cant about Dionysus worship 0 You need to be initiated into it 0 Mystery religions Dionysus and Amoleus Ampelus is Dionysus lover Who dies Dionysus grieves for Ampelus and cries over Ampelus him What does Dionysus create with Ampelus blood and his own tears Grapevine What happens with Dionysus He makes Wine out of the grapes and drinks it to relieve his grief but Hera sticks him with madness and drive him forth a wander through various parts of the earth Until he lands in India and stays there for several years What has happened to Dionysus when he returns from india What is he said to be riding When he returns from India he is enlightened and powerful Said to be riding either a panther or tiger Who are Dionysus Followers Maenads Nymphs Fauns Satyrs Centaurs What are maenads Human women that worship Dionysus What ritual were said to take place Omophagia eating of raw animal esh Opening of new Wine ritual drunkenness Ecstatic union with the god Men playing Dionysus lead groups of maenads Others may have role played satyrs etc What would the ecstasy give people Superhuman strength Why does Dionysus go to Thebes To get Revenge and spread his religion Who does he want to get revenge on and why Cadmus daughter because they spread rumors that his mother semele was not pregnant with the child of Zeus They claimed the lighting was punishment for Semele39s lies Who is Cadmus What does he want to do Retired King of Thebes and Dionysus grandfather He wants to pray to dionysus Who are Cadmus daughters Ino Agave Semele Autonoe Who is Pentheus What does he want to do Present king of Thebes and Dionysus cousin He is offended by the rituals of Dionysus and wants to put a stop to it What does Dionysus ask Pentheus If he wants to see the Maenads secret ritual What does Dionysus do to Pentheus 0 Makes him dress like a women o Drives Pnrheus insane o Reveals Pentheus hiding place when spying on the maenads in forest What happens to Pentheus and the maenads The maenads chase him down and tear him apart limb by limb Penthouse s own mother Agave pulls off his shoulderWhen the women head back home still under the spell they see Dionysus and he snaps them out of the spell and lets them realize what they have done What does Methustos mean Drunk What does A methustos mean Not drunk What is the Amethyst and how was it made Is a purple stone Dionysus made purple by pouring wine over it o If you wear it you were said to not get drunk What power does dionysus give to Midas The ability to turn everything he touches to gold What does Dionysus do to pirates that Kidnapped him Turns them all into dolphins Pan Roman name What is he Patron of What inventors Symbols Cult Sites Family Faunus Woodland god half goat half man follower of Dionysus Patron of shepherds he is said to invented the Pipes Athens Arcadia Son of hermes What god is Dyrops River god Who is Syrinx A Naiad What happens with Syrinx and Pan Pan tries to rape Syrinx she ask her father Dyrops to turns her into reeds to protect herself from Pans assault What does pan do with the Reeds Makes Pipes out of them Who is Echo Echo is naiaid that Zeus places as guard when he is having a orgy with the nymphs Hera makes her way over there and echo tries to divert her attention but Hera figures it out What happens with Echo She curses echo making her only to repeat everything people say Who does Echo fall in love with Narcissus Who is Narcissus A Handsome and arrogant boy everyone is in love with How does Narcissus react to her love He rejects her Echo and Narcissus Other women not echo who were in love with him curse him for rejecting them and Aphrodite makes him fall in love with his own image He sees himself in the water and overcome by love but can39t touch his mirror image He is so entranced that he can39t leave the water and slowly dies Echo finds him on draft bed and can39t save him What happened to Narcissus dead body His body become the narcissus ower What happens to echo after his death She became crazed and dies in a cave leaving only her voice behind Demeter Roman Goddess of What Symbols Family Important cult site Ceres Agriculture and the fertile soil Grain torch poppy Persephone by Zeus Eleusis Who is Persephone married to Hades What happens with the abduction of the child Hades and Zeus arrange it Who witnessed the abduction Hecate and Helius witness it What does Hades do to Persephone Hades comes out from the underworld and takes her to be his queen What happens with Demeter She falls into a deep depression because her daughter is taken and she doesn39t know who took Persephone What is Demeter associated with Poppie takes poppie to relieve her grief when daughters are gone What does Hecate say she witnessed Hears the screams from Persephone What does Helios say he witnessed says he saw Hades take her What does Demeter beg Begs Zeus for finding Persephone goes to Zeus to ask for help What does Demeter do in response Wonders earth as old woman won39t let the earth blossom goes to Eleusis What happens with a woman and her child who accounted Demeter She offers Demeter food her son makes fun of Demeter Demeter throws the food at him and turns him into a salamander Who takes Demeter in Metanira and her family What does Demeter become for the family A nanny for Metaniras child What does Demeter try to do to the baby Goes into the home and cares for the baby decides give she will give the baby immortality to Metanira39s son places him in the fire each night to burn off mortality Who catches her and how does Demeter react Metaniras catches her and is outraged Demeter is angry drops the baby on the ood and says her child will not be immortal She also states they must worship her in Eleusis What happens with the earth because of Demeter Since no one is helping her find her child she lets the land die What did Persephone eat Pomegranate What do pomegranates represent Seed is a symbol of fertility What deal happen with Hades and Demeter Persephone has to stay on Earth for 6 months for spring and summer and would in hell for 6 month in the fall and winter in which Demeter will mourn What does Demeter Teach Triptolemus What does she give him What state has Demeter as the patron goddess Agriculture gives him a winged serpent chariot Missouri What is Elusieus Oldest cult sites in greecesanctuary of Demeter What are Demeters rituals o Mysterious religion 0 Know one knows what happens Who is Erysichthon King that conquered a neighboring city What does Erysichthon do Murders the Dryad in Demeter39s sacred tree How does Demeter punish Erysichthon Has a curse placed on him that leaves him with eternal hunger He eats his own esh and dies Hades Roman Name King of What Symbols Family Epithets Pluto Underworld Cerberus Helmet of Darkness Brother of original Olympians wife Persephone Host of many and wealthy one a lot of riches come from under earth What occurs in the Plains of Asphodel Most of the dead lives here What is Elysium Isles of the blessed heaven like place were very few go to Who lords over Elysium Cronus Who goes to Elysium Heros What is Tartarus Place for great sinners What river surrounds the underworld The River Syxt Pool of Mnemosyne Pool of memory 0 For those initiated allows drinker to keep all of their memories from earth Pool of Lethe Pool of forgetfulness o For the uninitiated leave drinker with no memories and unhappy What does Charon do Ferries the dead across the River Styx Who is Charon The son of Tartarus What was the process of Death Dead are honored Coin placed in the mouth to pay entrance 0 Hermes guides the souls below God Charon takes the money and ferries the dead across the river Styx The dead are judged by three judges Dead ushered to their final destination What happens to the dead that can39t pay Charon Would just wander around the River Styx What is Cerebrus Three headed dog that guards the underworld If anyone living comes into underworld he would eat them What is an Asphodel Field Gray ower on graves associated with death and you eat them in the underworld Who else is in the underworld Hades Who is Thanatos God of Death usually has wings Upside down torch Who does he work with Works with his brother Hypnos What are the Furies 0 Goddess of justice and vengeance o If you commit blood guilt they would pursue sinners with snakes torches cut them up and will torture them in Tartarus What brings you to Tartarus o Violating Guest host relationship 0 Blood guilt What is Guest host relationship 0 The good relationship and hospitality between a host and their guest is absolutely sacred 0 This was so important in fact that Zeus would avenge any guest or host who had been mistreated What is blood guilt killing a family member Ixion Where is he found Story Murders his father in law Zeus forgives him for crime and invites him to Olympus he lust after Hera and Zeus makes a fake Hera to trap him Ixion then rapes the Fake Hera violating the Guest Host relationship What is his punishment Zeus then straps him to a fiery wheel What happens with the fake Hera She ends up having the first Centaur What does Tantalus do Story Murders his son Pelops cooks him offers him to godsTantalus is placed in Tartarus What does Zeus order about Pelops 0 That the Fates bring him back to life 0 Demeter ate his shoulder so the give him a ivory one to replace it How is tantalus punished Tantalus he was made to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches with the fruit ever eluding his grasp and the water always receding before he could take a drink What is Peloponnesus Island of Pelops Story of Sisyphus and Zeus Serial killer betrays Zeus wealthy merchant that shows hospitality to people and then kills them Zeus then strikes him down with a thunderbolt What does Sisyphus ask his Wife to do Throw his body in the town square How does Sisyphus trick Thanatos Sisyphus asked Thanatos how his chains worked As Thanatos goes to Show him Sisyphus trapped Thanatos o This cuases death to stop How does Sisyphus trick Persephone Tells her his wife threw him into the square and that he wants tell his wife to honor him So she lets him go out underworld Zeus then sends Hermes to take him back into the underworld and put him back in Tartarus What is Sisyphus punishment He has to roll a boulder up a hill and the furies continuously push it back What happens with Tityus39s birth Whos Child and Where does he come from Zeus impregnates Alara he hides her under the earth in Ge so Hera wont find her when he grows to a large size he splits Alara open and then Ge has to finish the pregnancy What happens with Hera and Tityus Bribes him to rape Leto because one of Zeus39 lovers Zeus then places him into Tartarus What is his punishment Zeus has an eagle eat his liver What happens with the Danaids 49 sisters who murder their husbands on wedding night and they are sent to Tartarus What is their punishment Fill bottomless jugs Orpheus Parents Role What can he do Apollo and Muse Calliope He is a traveling wise man prophet healer and musician Charm anyone or anything Story of Orpheus and Eurydice What does Orpheus do After Orpheus and Eurydice are married she steps on poisonous snake and diesHe is heartbroken so he goes to underworld to plead his case to Hades and Persephone He plays them sad tone so Hades allows him to take her What condition does Hades give to Orpheus in order for him to take her As long as he doesn39t look back at her as they walk out they let him take Eurydice Why don39t they both make it out Orpheus looks back and Hermes takes her back After she is taken back a second time What does Orpheus do Stays on shore of the underworld but then later leaves and goes into isolation rejecting all women What do the maenads do to him They tear him apart for rejecting women What happens to his head and lyre o The head is own over a river as the lyre follows and continues to play music 0 The head and lyre are found by nymphs on lesbos where they create a shrine and he became a prophet How do greeks feel about Orpheus Who is he linked with He had been a real person Apollo


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