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Study Guide for Chapter 5

by: Rk18370p

Study Guide for Chapter 5 MCA 227

Marketplace > Pace University > Communication > MCA 227 > Study Guide for Chapter 5
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Writing for Print Media

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About this Document

Chapter 5
Writing for Print Media
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rk18370p on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MCA 227 at Pace University taught by Czerwinski in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Writing for Print Media in Communication at Pace University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Chapter 5 Covering the News You ve Just Been Assigned a New Beat Now What 1 2 Do Research a Library Talk to your predecessor a Learn about people b Who s who and What s what Achieve a mindmeld with your editors a Find out about what readers want Meet People a Hit the streets Make Lists a Key sources i Names titles phone numbers b Upcoming meetings and events i Stay on top of dates c Story ideas i Profiles backgrounds trends Working a Beat Do s and Don ts DO DON T Familiarize yourself with state s open records and open meeting laws Withhold facts Don t keep damaging facts out Follow the money Study budgets Be rude or confrontational Call sources back Verify the information you got was right Waste the sources time Cut the chitchat Write for your readers Keep things simple Don t be a follower Writing Obituaries l Addresses a Analyze if giving the address is really necessary You don t want people to have their homes burglarized or bombarded with people Cause of Death a Unless the person is a pop singer and their cause of death is juicy keep this private for the families of your readers Past Personal Problems a Leave the past in the past Flowery phrases a Don t get too spiritual and don t use cliches Other terminology a Funerals are scheduled not held Information that is essential a Name Chapter 5 Covering the News b Identification i Who they were or what they did c Age d Dayplace of death e Cause of death i Depends on publication f Birthplacebirthdate Background i Education military service h Survivors i FuneralBurial Information Covering Accidents or Disasters 1 Writing the Lead a Usually lead with the what or who b Delay naming the victims until the second or third paragraph 2 Writing the Rest of the story a Distribute the key facts in a logical sequence b Use caution 3 What to Do when preparing your newsroom a Anticipate worst case scenarios b Obtain information on local agencies emergency planning c Keep a phone list handy d Devise a newsroom battle plan e Prepare a field kit 4 What to do when you arrive on the scene a Go to where the action is b Question authority first c Talk to victims and eyewitnesses i Use sensitivity ii Ask permission iii Go slow iv empathize d Record details and capture the scene e Check in with editors Covering Fires 0 Identify yourself 0 Find the command post 0 Introduce yourself 0 Get as close as you can but safety first 0 Wear boots 0 Watch wording Chapter 5 Covering the News OOOOOOOOOOOO Include Victims names Injuriescause of death Type of building Location Time How it was discovered Cause of fire Number of firefighters Estimated cause of damage Weather Plan to relocate victims Arrests Covering Crime Begin with the inverted pyramid lead to summarize key facts Shift to chronology recount the dramatic events End with a meaningful quote Details to withhold O O O O O Minors Victims of Sensitive Crimes Endangered victims Suspects Avoid stereotypes When writing court stories Include 0 0000000000 Court name Judges name Specific charges Translations of jargon Brief recap of case Descriptions and details Quotes and dialogue What happens next Include the verdict Reactions What happens next Covering Speeches Research the speaker Research the topic Grab a good seat Bring a recorder Chapter 5 Covering the News 0 Start with a compelling lead 0 Put the speakers name here 0 Highlight the speakers key points 0 Include O The speakers name Credentials Reason for writing the speech Sponsor Time day location Quotes Comments Responses OOOOOOO Covering Meetings 0 Group name 0 Location and length 0 Topics of debate 0 Important decisions 0 Quotes 0 Reactions 0 Crowd 0 Atmosphere 0 Graphics 0 Unusual events 0 What happens next Advice on covering campaigns and elections 0 Prioritize 0 Get to know the candidates 0 Do your homework 0 Decide what really matters 0 Brainstorm story ideas Covering Sports 0 The final score 0 The teams names 0 When and where 0 Key players 0 Quotes 0 Strategies 0 Key statistics Chapter 5 Covering the News 0 Injuries 0 Team s records


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