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Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Itzel Zelaya

Exam 2 Study Guide 301

Marketplace > George Mason University > Finance > 301 > Exam 2 Study Guide
Itzel Zelaya
GPA 2.9
Intro to Business Finance

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About this Document

Here is a helpful Study Guide for Exam 2.
Intro to Business Finance
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Itzel Zelaya on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 301 at George Mason University taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Intro to Business Finance in Finance at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Finance 301 Exam 2 Exam 2 will cover TVM2 BONDS and STOCKS My advice is to focus on TVM2 and Bonds there will be more questions on those two subject areas I highly recommend redoing the test banks for all three subject areas at least twice before doing the practice texts from previous years Helpful tip 1 Page 2 and 3 from the formula sheet are the main formulas you will be using Helpful tip 2 When redoing the test bank questions some of the questions have YouTube links that help explain the problems better Helpful tip 3 Doing the test bank problems in order rst is helpful then attempting out of order is when you understand and practice the concepts TVM2 97137 129 120 110 136 101 111 121 131 102 112 122 132 103 113 123 133 104 114 124 134 105 115 125 135 106 116 126 130 97 107 117 127 137 98 108 118 128 99 109 119 and 100 Bonds 148 2 18 24 35 44 5 15 25 34 45 6 16 26 36 46 7 17 27 37 47 8 14 28 38 48 9 19 29 39 10 20 3040 1 11 21 31 41 4 12 22 32 42 3 13 23 33 and 43 Stocks 132 1 1421 23 15 256 1626 7 1727 8 18 289 1929 10 20 304 1124 312 1222 323 13 and 5 EFF annual pereentage rate 5 perioda n a year H periodie rate a in a year 1 El 4 Edit quot at m 1 Edit E hetive annual rate 4 eriodio rate jiquot iquot lr t39 i ml i quotquotquotquot 1 Ll 4 APlUl periods per vear 39 imwwm 1 Periodie rate APE Ir a perioda per year i1 4 EEK 39m39i d im n j l with eontinuoua eompounding elm l Bond value epnfi 1 11 vquot oganfuf lvr jii opnai39ufllr 4 faoe lBr eon e H1 NIHrill fr faeef B r 39 n If Elm lHr ll I39IIFH faeeai39f i Brf Financilceleulmor En El mode hond value equala millll where Phil is the opposite of il39ue garment value as of the reFerenee point time 3 ofa aerioa offal eoupon paymenta equal to lith per 1Where the rst eoumn in aid l period Erwin the rel erenee point the laat eougien in paid N from the referenee point a equala the number ol muons paid before maturity and in mumna per vearrnultiplied by the number e l yeara to maniritv and the rate is lE39E per period where III393 equala the l1ondquotavield tru ma turit3r divded hy the number of eoupona peryear r daeoun t rate per ecriodF 1ni39here a period equala l year divided Irv the number of eoupona er year Coupon payment eoupon rate R faee value 1quot number of coupons per year total aggregate dollar amount of eoupona peryearf number of eoupona er year Coupon rate annual eouen rate total aggregate dollar amount ofeoupona er year faee value eldtommaui ty r if the nutnher ofeeupon payment perjyear daeount rate per period H the number of coupon payrnenia per year Currrmt yield total aggregate dollar amount of eeupona FEEFEEEI ai39 hood value eoupon rate H l aee value ji 1quot hand value Bond value total aggregate dollar amount of eoupona per year ourrent yield eoupon rate H Faee value ji Jquot eurrent yield Total dollar return eaah ows from inmtrnent quotI eaoiial gain initial value H percentage return nitial value 5 return lflami ial gan ending value inital value Pereentage return return total dollar return nitial value eaah ows investment 4 eapital gain initial value eaah ows inveatment 4 endng value initial value initial value Pereentage return for a bond return For a bond eoupona 4 eapilal gain initial hond value Eeoupona ending nd value inilial bond value initial hond value Harm n39a ata alt aapital gain intial iiiaidcnda t ending ata aln aalua ni1ialatmln aalua j initial Etaakaralua J 4 PI FatHFth time 1 ii litday a aarliat39 an all mlml39lt tinta mindthaw taken plana diuidaad yiald t aaptital awnaniatian yiald yin1d dividends quot initial Film ital yield ital gain ai39 initial value 1 i alta initial valua initial value initial aralua E ii aapital yialcl 395 aatad tntal upwind can aws fram invaannant 4 aatnd gain armamd initial 1aalitur 1 aaatnd mamas ratttm initial 1aalttur A aaatnd retain 399 aatad gain l t d ending aalua aaamd I39lltlEl aalua aatad manning Iatm39n rat39mn axpaatad tntal Idn ai39 mm nam d initial iralua iaaatndjnmh aw fawn 5 aatntal gain initial italn 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