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Study Guide for Midterm 1

by: Stacy Vargas

Study Guide for Midterm 1 CHEM 1B

Stacy Vargas
Roberto Bogomolni

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About this Document

Hey guys I have create a pretty good study guide consisting of conceptual and mathematical questions. This study guide is based off where we last left off in lecture and what I covered in ACE. I wi...
Roberto Bogomolni
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stacy Vargas on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 1B at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Roberto Bogomolni in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see CHEM 1B in Chemistry at University of California - Santa Cruz.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Chemistry B Midterm Study Guide Exam Data and Equations l DATA electron mass 91 x 1 03931 Kg proton also neutron mass 167 x 10 27 i NA 602 x IDES molleoullefmol x 103 mfg Rydberg s RE 1097 x lo h 66 x 10739135 1 joule E 1 mgrf SE 132 AB hwka FgrGm1m239r2 fl h Iquot my h lquot me Illp Ephmm h v Electrostatic Force 231 x 1039 3919 J um Q1 Q2 12 Eleotrosotatic Potential Energy in 231 x 1039 3919 J Q1 Q2quot 1 E Z 213 111 3943 J 2an as 21 x 10 43 J on e 1m w a Ir E 213 w 13 J 23an 21ml oE 1111 v KE M2 mm in R um 1m sing mil m 0 l Photon energy energy required to eject the electron m v2 in v hoton I ll v m v2 m m 3 W 421 v photon I in v2 Spoc a39l wavelengths 3quot Color 39i39lJl39m111ll red ofle I orange f yellow 500nm fgreen 450 nm Home 400 nm l vio lot 739 Spectral Tl limfrared a 400 f Ultraviolch 5 ll Xrays 1 Describe wavelength and frequency What are the units of measurement 2 Given the following types of electromagnetic radiation which one has the longest wavelength Longest frequency a Microwave b radio c Visible d UV e infrared f Xray Calculate the wavelength of a radio broadcast at V 957 Hz A photon of yellow light has a wavelength of 585 nm Calculate the frequency energy per photon and energy per mole of photons 00 5 An infrared ray has a frequency of 571 x 1012 5391 Calculate the wavelength energy per photon and energy per mole of photons 6 Measurements show that the human eye can detect as little as 235 x 1018 of green light with a wavelength of 510 nm From this data calculate the minimum number of photons that the human eye can detect 7 For the following statement indicate if they are true or false and justify your answer a If a proton and neutron are moving at the same velocity the proton has a shorter DeBroglie wavelength than that of the neutron b An excited electron will emit photons as it falls from n3 to n1 c The higher the energy of a photon the greater frequency d Wavelength of a photon is directly proportional to its energy but inversely proportional to its frequency 8 Fill in the blank for the following statements a The correct hypothesis that a blackbody radiation spectrum given off by heated body at temperature from 4000 to 10000 K is due to being emitted not continuously but in discrete quanta was put forward in 1900 by b is the ability of light to bend around corners c Albert Einstein is most famous for the where he states that light behaves like particles d The principle states that you know either the momentum or position of an electron but never both 9 In the hydrogen atom radiation with a wavelength of 1283nm is emitted as an electron falls from an unknown level to the n3 What is the unknown energy level from which the electron fell 10 What is the wavelength associated with a 5 oz 142 grams baseball moving at a speed of 100 mph 11 For potassium metal the work function minimum energy needed to eject an electron from the surface of the metal is 368 x 103919 J What is the threshold frequency of potassium metal 12 Consider the following quantum levels for the hydrogen atom shown below The absorption spectrum of an excited hydrogen atom consists of spectral lines corresponding to transitions between these energy levels l NUUgt a How many absorption lines are possible considering only these four levels Draw the arrows on the diagram above b Photons with the longest frequency will correspond to a transition from n to n 13 Determine whether or not the following symbols are acceptable for an atomic orbital lf wrong explain what is wrong a 2d b 75 c 5h d 1p e 5h ml 4 3 2 1 1 2 7 5 14 Fill in the table with the missing quantum numbers 15 What is the total number of orbitals that are in the energy level n5 and list the possibilities 16 Consider a hydrogen atom with an electron at ground state How much energy is required to move the electron from ground state to the second excited state What is the frequency of the radiation that must be absorbed in order for this transition to occur 17 Of the quantum state designations listed below which does not describe an allowed state for one electron of an atom l n3 2 m2 ll n4 I 3 m2 lll n2 2 mO N n3 I 2 ml 0 V n1 I 1 m1 a land V b II and III C III and N d land N e Ill and V 18 Suppose the approximate radius of a certain atom is 139pm What is the uncertainty in the velocity of an electron con ned with 139 pm about 10 of the radius Mass of electron 9109 x 103931 kg 103912m 1pm 19 In your own words describe the Pauli exclusion principle 20 Identify the following orbitals and determine the number of nodes present in each orbital 21 What type of orbital corresponds to I 3 22 Which is higher energy the 25 or 2p in hydrogen Is this also true for He Explain


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