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SW 302 Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Kayce Notetaker

SW 302 Exam 2 Study Guide Sw 302

Kayce Notetaker
GPA 3.6
Social Welfare Policy Analysis
Teresa teer

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About this Document

Overview of the 4 chapters covered for the next exam.
Social Welfare Policy Analysis
Teresa teer
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kayce Notetaker on Friday October 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Sw 302 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Teresa teer in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see Social Welfare Policy Analysis in Social Work at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Date Created: 10/16/15
SW 302 930 Exam 2 Review Chapter 5 lndividual papers due October 21 Papers should be 23 pages long APA formatpolicy analysis outline Pg 77 Social Economic Analysis Pier Sociologist suggested that policies are hypothetical solutions to the problem Suggested that we stop defining things as problems Marijuana prostitution pg 80 homelessness quotpeople who are suffering from not having adequate shelterquot Doesn39t take into account other things that are involved in not having a home Providing a house doesn39t solve all the problems Ex food wellbeing Primary amp Derivative Cause and effect ex mental health and effect on job performance pg 81 Growth Trends AIDS epidemic spreading rapidly no cure money immediately went to funding research for cure Human Behavior 0 Rational Choice Theory assumes people are purposive and goal oriented rational obey hierarchies People will make their choices based on cost beneficial rewards 0 Social Exchange Theory minimax theory Is the cost worth the reward ex robbing a storemaximum punishment worth the reward Social Values Related to the Problem How we decide what an issue isat what point is it a problem 15 major value orientations a lot of them are commonly disputed 0 Material comfort people receiving welfare benefits should not be more comfortable than the least comfortable working person Why are people suspicious of DHR Don39t trust government there to take away your kids 0 National Patriotism Comparison of our policies to those in other nations apply these to social analysis pg 89 Goals desired state of affairs multiple and may be in conflict with one another Example child welfare want to keep child with parents but want child to grow up in a safe home What is best option Objectives more specific and concrete than goals Economic Analysis Politics and Social Welfare Policy Chapter 11 The way you define things can really make a difference Ex Changing of the definition and time limit on reporting sexual assault Stakeholders everyone affected byinterested in a policy Ex when the city poured gasoline on trash homeless people business owners building tenants were stakeholders Ex drug trafficking communities jails dealers police users taxpayers think outside the box pg 252 How power succeeds Q Pluralism assumes that everyone gets a say 0 Public Choice politicians are going to go with whatever will get them the most votes whether or not it is something that they want or that affects them Q Elitist assumes that people on the lower rungs of society are powerless How Policies are Made Development Models 0 Rational Decision Making 0 lncrementalism ex amendments 0 Conflict theory Phases 0 Problem definitionmainly done by stakeholders Q Legitimation 0 Implementation filling in the gaps and making it happen Welfare policy began following the Great Depression expected for it to be temporary FDR labeled it a narcotic and a destroyer of human spirit thought that job creation was a better idea quotThe Man in the House Rulequot if there is a man in the house you shouldn39t need welfare old way However similar to new way in that they ask for both incomes mother and father Rehabilitate recipient to selfsufficiency child support social service human capital Public misconception of welfare recipients approximately 2 of US population on Welfare in 2010 on test Economic Analysis 0 Macro cost of public assistance Cost of welfare has actually declined Welfare calculated by each state based on amount needed to survive quotsomeone on welfare should never be richer than the poorest working americanquot Read section on economic analysis for help with paper Chapter 7 Aging Social Security as an Entitlement Before 1935 elderly people only received benefits from family members their savings private charities and poor houses as a last resort Then Social Security Act was lnstatedan example of an incremental policy change quotAHow Policies are Made Elderly are typically very vocal about economic issues Pensions 0 Defined benefit plan pre determined amount 0 Definedcontribution investment plans 401 K Q Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Next week test on chapters 5 6 7 and 11


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