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MIDTERM 1- Textbook Study Guide

by: Isabella DeCredico

MIDTERM 1- Textbook Study Guide CMN 136

Isabella DeCredico
GPA 3.9
Organizational Communication
Virginia Hamilton

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About this Document

Midterm 1 - Textbook Study Guide
Organizational Communication
Virginia Hamilton
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Isabella DeCredico on Friday October 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CMN 136 at University of California - Davis taught by Virginia Hamilton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 133 views. For similar materials see Organizational Communication in Communication Studies at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 10/16/15
MIDTERM 1 Textbook Study Guide Test Date 1019 The History of Management and Leadership The key contributions sayings or ideas of the following people Frederick W Taylor 0 Father of scienti c management 0 Time and motion studies ef ciency and effectiveness 0 Studied workers with stopwatch which concluded how to produce quality results in the shortest period of time 0 Industrial psychologist Max Weber 0 Father of bureaucracy o bene ts of bureaucratic idea of ef ciency rules division of labor chain of command hierarchy no ownership move from a family familybased model to a merit based model Henri Fayol do NOT need to know 14 principles 0 Father of scienti c administration 0 Wrote the 14 Principles of Management Advocated that the managers should not be the most skilled in the trade but have a wide rang of knowledge Elton Mayo 0 Father of behavioral approach to management 0 Psychology and sociology start of humanistic approach 0 Hawthorne Effect 0 Messed with the lighting in a factory to see how it would effect worker s productivity l concluded when you give humans attention they perform better Later it was proven that test results were falsi ed however still added a caring aspect to ef ciency and effectiveness Abraham Maslow Hierarchy leadership has to motivate workers and ful ll their needs 0 Levels 1 basic needs food shelter 0 Level 2 safety 0 Level 3 affiliationbelongingness social relationships 0 Level 4 selfesteem con dence 0 Level 5 selfactualization our unique purpose 0 Major contribution is the concept that managers must get to know their employees and understand that each employee is different and that what motivates on person may not motivate another Douglas McGregor Theory X and Theory Y classical vs humanistic o Assumptions of traits of workers ie Lazy vs motivated 0 Theory x low regard for humans have a negative outlook believe people to be negative 0 Theory y high regard for humans have a positive outlook believe people to be internally motivated o McGregor believes we should practice Theory Y Mary P Follett Mother of con ict resolution Humanistic approach collaboration not power over but power with Advocate of manager employee relations Lillian Gilbreth Took of with Taylor s research 0 Used motion picture cameras Cheaper By The Dozen was a movie made off of them W Edwards Deming do NOT need to know suggestions 0 Systems theory Statistician who believed in teaching statistical process control methods 0 was denied by American business leaders but accepted by theJapanese Taught quotSystem of Profound Knowledgequot as well as 14 key principles managers needed to make their business more effective and lastly seven deadly diseases of management Peter Drucker 0 Management guru Had elements of critical approach Scolded CEO s for making so much money compared to workers 0 Suggested that main goal of business is not to make maximum pro t but rather meet the needs of customers Advocated that they should help nonpro ts Slight socialism o quotThis is morally and socially unforgivable and we will pay a heavy price for itquot William Ouchi Took off of McGregor and created Theory 2 which incorporates human relation to theory y o Collectivism high regard for employees wanted to create an amazing culture for his organizations Power Politics and Con ict Know what is said about power politics and con ict in the introduction and quotpower in organizationsquot section 0 Power politics and con ict can 0 Increase productivity and ef ciency or reduce them 0 Determine organizational o Create or cost jobs success or survival 0 Power in organizations 0 the ability both to in uence the conduct of others and to resist unwanted in uence in return What are the ve sources of interpersonal power and what do each of them refer tomean 1 Reward power control over rewarding outcomes ie Give positive things or eliminate negative things 2 Coercive power control over punishing outcomes ie Giving negative things or removing positives 3 Legitimate power legitimate position of authority ie Parents teachers police of cers 4 Referent charismatic power attractiveness charisma ie Martin Luther King Jr 5 Expert power expertise knowledge talent ie Doctors lawyers mechanics IT What are the responses that employees will typically have when a manager uses one of the sources of interpersonal power P38 39 Reward power and coercive leads to a compliance response Referent leads to identi cation 0 Legitimate and expert power leads to internalization What is the de nition of quotcritical contingenciesquot What are the speci c examples of critical contingencies in business 0 things that an organization and its various parts need to accomplish organizational goals and continue surviving 0 Speci c Examples know them raw materials needed by a company to manufacture goods employees who make the goods customers who buy goods banks that provide loans to buy inventory and equipment information What is nPow people are driven to gain and use power by a need for power this is learned during childhood and adolescence 0 highly ambitious people with high are competitive aggressive etc and are likely to be effective managers What are the ways a person can quotreduce uncertaintyquot PAGE 4243 0 If we can reduce uncertainty regarding the critical contingences that will provide a source of power 0 Gaining resource control 0 Information control 0 Decision making control 0 Substitutability how replaceable are you how valuable you are 0 ie Our children are not substitutability 0 high centrality high in uence What are the ways in which a leader can quotmanage destructive politicsquot 0 De nition of politics 0 Manage destructive politics P48 50 0 00000 Set an example Communicate openly Reduce uncertainty Manage informal coalitions and cliques Confront political game players Anticipate the emergence of damaging politics


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