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Official exam 2 study guide I&I

by: Peter Wright

Official exam 2 study guide I&I 3262–01/02

Peter Wright

Investigation and Interrogation
Dr. Joshua Battin

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About this Document

This is a detailed list of what you need to know for the 2nd exam in Dr. Battin's Investigation and Interrogation course. It is mostly filled out with basic information, and some in a fair bit of d...
Investigation and Interrogation
Dr. Joshua Battin
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Peter Wright on Friday October 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 3262–01/02 at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania taught by Dr. Joshua Battin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see Investigation and Interrogation in Criminal Justice at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 10/16/15
Types of behaviors that are both truthful andor deceptive Psychopathy level of illness often expert liars who will lie even over smallobvious things to prove their superiority Anti Social BehaviorPersonality Linked to the above Mental health 3 of males and 1 of females suffer from APD in overall population But in prison 40 of inmates display these symptoms It is a highly disproportionate representation Verbal indicators of truth and deception Be familiar with nonverbalparalinguistics 4 ways of answering a question Lying Omission Evasion Truth Also note I will include examples of what a person may say that matches this queue Lying by referral quotLike I said before I already answered that questionquot Generalization statements quotUsually I drop him off at his house at 5quot 0 Memory quali ers quotGosh it39s so hard to remember it was a million years agoquot 0 Estimation phrase quotlfl had to guess I would have to say he did xyzquot Early response Answering the question before the question is nished being asked quotall deceptivequot Response to length The longer the response the more truthful it isin most cases The length has to have logical thought though and stay on subject or it may indicate deception Response latency The longer it takes a subject to open their mouth to answer an asked question the more likely they are of being guilty 3 responses to anxiety Flee Freeze Fight back Level of interest in the interview Seating positiongestures Facial expressions hand movements shoulder movement and seat posture Paralinguistic actions Coughs clears of throat burps etc Question types to go in order 0 Open ended questions allow long talking Open clari cation questions a more speci c question that is still open for a long answer clari es previous statements 0 Speci c questions yes or no I did or did not causes anxiety in guilty suspects How to handle anger Ask person about their troubles how they feel about the interview etc Be casual considerate and calm A guilty person39s anger will be easily settledusualy Perfect chronological order of eventsperfect memory of an event indicate rehearsal and therefore guilt Miranda rights and a custodial interview always give the suspect their rights when they are being detainedarrestedinterrogated How to handle interviewing sex victims have another women in there be very respectful of distance make your purpose there clear you may have to use drawing or dolls to get information Attributes of the subject Re cence lmpertinence Anger O O O DespairResignation Facts on how to use a Data Sheet and why The practice of fore silence Making eye contact and not saying anything to probe the subject into saying more during open ended questions Types of verbal deception questions are in the Truth and False section How should you set up your questions remember the homework assignment where we had to make an interview plan All this material is covered in chapters 56 7 and 8 of the book


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