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Conjugated verbs

by: Courtney Pool

Conjugated verbs Spanish 1442

Courtney Pool
GPA 3.1
Rosa Barrett

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About this Document

Various verbs completely conjugated in the present, preterit, and imperfect tense
Rosa Barrett
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Courtney Pool on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Spanish 1442 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Rosa Barrett in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Spanish in Foreign Language at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
L iALLg L f39 PRETERITD MPERFECTO ERMARSE m tg tsick emr mb diam 915 ENFth anklmxmog M Grin mi if 1m 1 f r fp39h quot r39r39 S if if f i 39 mi quotquot16quot 3 Mf mfm me meFCrmkn t rws er Lg 39f k j A 56 f ma ba SENTIRSE tafeel SKCnJIt5 a sicnh ms senAimq Se skew so sagas g Hr 4V FMS Sgn l m W50quot 105 777 quotW 55 Ear 15 5 l ta take care afa eie 7 m6 CHM m5 cwl amos IEMMa PE cwctam r112 Elf1n quot CANSAESE an get migf 139 y 3 13quot In a Mag 5F rat13m in range T gquot gawk57739 W a ngab C MEL5 3 r17 9 My JEESENTE DESTRUIR to destmy l 391 a u i may PRETZE RITO IMPERFECTD MM i quotn I r ESE M EC H ta 1 d any a w w LEER to read D My d J r V A 33W rquot 77 t ea 11 H a if I if 7 1 r gm x H mm 7 1 quotan 5 f 39 19 3quot PRETERITO IMPERFECTO 7 Afg l i Jwr QEInWHOS 39 Tal 13g 0936 m 35 1 7 if or A CNJCITCHW I 6N 1 SCIquot 7 7 NEH 3a a Sgfa I Aafmx 0 I aw 0 PRESENTE LEVANTARSE to get up w Ma a nos emw mm 6 Eu vr 7 56 Wevmn je EvaknEm PRE TERITO F M7 Wedang 39 ACOSTARSE to go to bed GigLEE nos qcoglramos Jrer acuesk a5 52 veser it i K G k A 2 n 1 1 n in 5 WW9 x mm Mam Fr 5g 0 r Of ui x DIVERTIRSE to have fun to enjoy anesew I ma d lvier 1 05 Cbk39Mimgi a Jr Ch V gr 135 5e CVN IGFR 5 dlv q gn giveacra3 7 sea r g xicx M bic qrx 3e RESFRIARSE to genmick a m W rd A a F g C r r 39 17 39 7 i7 W5 u 0 r mam 1er m0 W magma nos 1390 a R rm re 390 a7 5 fri rwb ng R F g E 7 I mla j gg fajiaquot i Lahf v PRESENTE PRETERITO MPERFECTO SACAR to take out to get grades SOLE 015 SOILOL Satan iis in m baa mag 30 WJC L r 7 k L rfl r l g k I k A k I rwf n LAO 5quot 900 empicw i emplgz LLEGAR warm 39 7 I M C m 7 W V k He aha WE ego 1 Names W 5 9 W3 28 X Hajabm EMPEZAR to begin f 39 i 7 7 7 gr Tawe ziaba W r x w I r pr PMquot P ELQ n empxeztk EMPCZDIH t9 I M k 7 V g I I C ONOCER to know to meetfar the In tune 5 M i I I x If a M US r i 1 fly 5 formic quotUTA C E a C OnO D OHOCEMOS 4 r commas Pi x w 39 RRESENTE HACER to do to make r GIMMQS PRETERITO Wag Name39s h h iLD t U x39i C V Di Y In W 15 IMPERFECTO almath 9amp4qu 39 7 7 a 9r Agemok I L Lama PlHESENTE PRETERITO INIPERFECTO TOMAR to take DIEMb r yomamos rbmo hmog AWNICJW mrh meg r mba omof bung 3qu i 39H39mabo b 7 0mah n EXAMINAR to examine EXOM39IA 0 exp exalt m n no5 exam 39I qum L k m39x


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