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Criminal Justice 273: Correctional Process study guide 1

by: JoseAbregoUWM

Criminal Justice 273: Correctional Process study guide 1 273

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee > Criminal Justice > 273 > Criminal Justice 273 Correctional Process study guide 1
GPA 3.3
Correctional Process
Ruben Burgos

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About this Document

Here is the study guide for the midterm. This study guide includes sets of questions for chapters 1-10.
Correctional Process
Ruben Burgos
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by JoseAbregoUWM on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 273 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Ruben Burgos in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 149 views. For similar materials see Correctional Process in Criminal Justice at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


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Date Created: 10/18/15
Criminal Justice 273 Correctional Process Study guide Ch 1 The corrections system WNQP PP P r tr tr tr to WNHO39 14 What is social control and the 3 basic concepts of social control What is the purpose of social control What is federalism Who is involved in one or more aspects of the correctional system What are the goals of federalism What are the key issues of corrections How is corrections paid for Most correctional systems are what What is the definition of technology in Criminal Justice What remains in doubt about treating offenders and what are those types of doubts What is the issue with correctional strategies There is greater emphasis on what types of technologies Examples According to The Great Experiment in Social Control what happens if there is an increase in the prison population What would be the effects on society Ch 2 Early History of Corrections WNQP PP P r tr tr tr tr tr to LnPUJNr O39 16 17 18 What are the earliest know forms of penalizing bad behavior What laid the groundwork of European law What would happen to Roman law breakers What were some early laws in Europe What is wergild Wergild was also used to reduce what What were the five common forms of punishment in Europe before the 18003 What was the benefit of clergy What did advancements in scientific thinking lead to The scientific revolution led to what What did it refine Who was Cesare Beccaria The prevention of crime is more important than what How can crime be prevented What is punishment meant for Imprisonment should be more widely employed and there should be better quarters for what Beccaria was known as what Who was John Howard and what did he write He contributed greatly to what act What was this act 19 20 What did this act do for prisons What were the five things that motivated correctional reform Ch 3 American Corrections WNQP PP P r tr tr tr to le KO39 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Who were the progressives and what did they emphasize 22 23 24 21 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Who was William Penn and what did he emphasize What was used for a variety of offenses When the penitentiary arrived what was it used for When did the penitentiary first appear What was the Pennsylvania system What were the principles of this system What was the New York system What is the contract labor system The NY system believed what What did the Pennsylvania system believe Which system did most European visitors favor What was the lease system How were prisoners used in the south During the reformatory movement why were reformers disillusioned with the penitentiary system What was the Mark system In Cincinnati in 1870 indeterminate sentencing was replaced with what type of sentence What was necessary for a prisoner s release How were prisoners classified What penitentiary practices were seen as humiliating What did the superintendent of the Elmira Reformatory believe were the key ways to reform and rehabilitate prisoners What were the lasting reforms The progressives were mostly what kinds of people How was rehabilitation done The positivist school assumed that crime behavior was not a result of free will but from what Criminal can be treated to not do what What must treatment center on What is probation What is indeterminate sentencing What is parole The medical model is the assumption that behavior is caused by what and what do they require The 1950s was known as what era Prisons were becoming like what What is community corrections and it should be the goal of what Corrections should turn away from what kind of care They should turn to programs that do what for offenders 35 36 37 What declined during the crime control model What kind if sentences were being placed on criminals Especially for what kind of criminals When did the emergence of crime control occur Ch 4 Punishment of offenders WWNQMPPP r tr tr tr t Lump to WWWWNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHH le OGOOQONUIPUJNr KOOOOIOUIJgt What is retribution What is general deterrence General deterrence makes people not want to do what What is specific deterrence Deterrence assumes that everyone acts how What is incapacitation What was an early form of incapacitation What is selective incapacitation What is rehabilitation The goal of rehabilitation is oriented towards who For new approaches to punishment restoration is what What should be the aim of the Criminal Justice system What do these programs involve What are the three basic sentence structures What is a mandatory sentence What is good time credit What is truth in sentencing What must you do before going on parole What are the three goals of truth in sentencing What are indeterminate sanctions Examples What is probation It is an alternative to what Probation is not considered what How are conditions for probation set When on probation probationers may be informed to do what What is shock probation What is the purpose of probation What has happened to the death penalty What has happened to the number of executions What are the factors that in uence the sentencing process Misdemeanor court cases often result in what How is the atmosphere in felony courts What is a presentence report Sentencing guidelines should be discretionary rather than what How does sentencing discrimination occur Ch 6 The correctional client 1 What type of crime gains more attention than white collar crime 99 Ch 7 U PP Ni 9 89 9 10 ll 12 13 14 15 Ch 8 WNQP PP P 9 10 ll 12 l3 14 15 Ch 9 Who makes up the majority of the prison population in the south What are the types of offenders Explain the problems for corrections What are the three types of sex offenders What are the key issues for classifying offenders What does the classification consist of Jails and short term incarceration What is a sheriff and where did the term originate from The top 13 of jail hold how much of the prison population 86 of inmates are what What are the two largest jails in the US What is pretrial detention What happens often within the hours immediately following arrest When do most suicides occur in prison How do people reduce anxiety Almost 23 of people in jail have a history of what Half of all people in jail were under what when arrested What are the legal needs in jail What is bail What is it meant for Many people cannot afford what What is release on recognizance What us pretrial diversion What are issues of jail management History and development of incarceration Who is John Augustus What did he develop What is a split sentence What does decentralized and centralized mean What are the issue with combining probation and parole What is a presentence investigation What are the three steps for probation supervision What is the purpose of the presentence investigation What must be done to a presentence investigation report What is a victim impact statement What are recommendations and some issues What is cleansing What is power and authority What are standard conditions for probation Punitive Treatment What id recidivism Intermediate sanctions and community corrections wmsowewwr What are intermediate sanctions Intermediate sanctions are better towards What What is the continuum of sanctions What are the stakes What are sanctions administered by the judiciary What are sanctions administered by probation departments What is interchangeability What are the two goals of intermediate sanctions What is community corrections 10 For the future of community corrections What must increase from the community Ch 10 Incarceration wwsowewwr What is the oldest prison in America and Where is it located What dominated the 60s70s What has happened to the amount of Hispanics and African Americans in prison The focus of corrections has changed to What What are the three models of incarceration What the types of designs of prisons The number of drug offenders in prison has What What are the three types of prisons and What do they mean What are private prisons and are the benefits and issues of them 10 What types of sentences do long term prisoners usually face 11 What is the largest racial population is prison


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