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Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Brianna Stechebar

Exam 2 Study Guide ART 285

Marketplace > Central Michigan University > Art > ART 285 > Exam 2 Study Guide
Brianna Stechebar
GPA 2.07
Intro to Western Art II
Barron-Duncan, R

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About this Document

I make my study guides so that you can see the artworks and then cover up the information below so that you can try and memorize the information about the pieces. It is also important to remember a...
Intro to Western Art II
Barron-Duncan, R
Study Guide
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This 19 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brianna Stechebar on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ART 285 at Central Michigan University taught by Barron-Duncan, R in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see Intro to Western Art II in Art at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/18/15
Venetian Renaissance Artist Bellini Title San Zaccaria Alterpiece Date 1505 Artist Bellini and Titan Title Feast of the Gods Date 1529 Artist Giorgione and Titian Title Pastoral Symphony Date C 1508 1510 Artist Giorgione Title The Tempest Date C 1510 Artist Titian Title Madonna 0f the Pesaro Family Date 1519 1526 Artist Titian Title Meeting of Bacchus and Ariadne Date 1522 1523 Artist Titian Title Venus 0f Urbion Date 1538 Mannerism Artist Michelangelo Title Last Judgment Date 1536 1541 Artist Pontormo Title Entombment of Christ Date 1525 1528 Artist Parmigianino Title Madonna with the Long Neck Date 1534 1540 Artist Bronzino Title Venus Cupid Folly and Time Time C 1546 Artist Bronzino Title Portrait of a Young Man Time C 1530 1545 Northern High Renaissance Artist Diirer Title Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Date C 1498 Artist Diirer Title Fall of Man Adam and Eve Date 1504 Artist Griinewald Title Isenheim Alterpieee Date C 1510 1515 Artist Di lrer Title Great Piece of Turf Date 1503 Crancach Artist Allegory of Law and Grace Title 1530 C Date Holbein Artist The French Ambassadors itle T 1533 Date Artist Bosch Title Garden of Earthly Delights Date 1505 1510 Artist Aertsen Title Butcher39s Stall Date 1511 Artist Bruegel Title Netherlandish Proverbs Date 1559 Artist Bruegel Title Hunters in the Snow Date 1565 Italian Baroque Artist Bernini Title Baldacchino St Peter39s Date 16241633 Artist Bernini Title David Date 1623 Artist Bernini Title Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Date 16451652 Artist Caravaggio Title Calling of Saint Matthew Date 0 15971601 Artist Caravaggio Title Entombment Date 0 1603 Artist Gentileschi Title Judith Slaying Holofernes Date 0 16141620 Spanish Baroque Artist Ribera Title Martyrdom of Saint Philip Date 0 1639 Artist Velazquez Title King Philip IV of Spain Date 1644 Artist Velazquez Title Las Meninas The Maids 0 Honor Date 1656 Flemish Baroque Artist Rubens Title Elevation of the Cross Date 1610 Artist Rubens Title Arrival of Marie de39 Medici at Marseilles Date 16221625 Artist Van Dyck Title Charles I Dismounted Date 0 1635


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