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PSY: 315 Exam 2 StudyGuide

by: Emily.nicole

PSY: 315 Exam 2 StudyGuide PSY 315

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Psychlogy > PSY 315 > PSY 315 Exam 2 StudyGuide
GPA 4.0
Drugs and Human Behavior
T. Palfai

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About this Document

All key concepts and vocabulary covered for exam 2.
Drugs and Human Behavior
T. Palfai
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emily.nicole on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 315 at Syracuse University taught by T. Palfai in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 514 views. For similar materials see Drugs and Human Behavior in Psychlogy at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/18/15
resting member potential depolarization hyperhypo polarization action potential sodium and potassium chloride play important role determining the resting potential anion action potentialsodium channel opengoes inmakes more negative periphera vs central somatic vs automatic Sympathetic vs sympathetic beings at middle of spinal cord short prea and long postganglionic Acetylcholine and nicotinic receptor utiizes noradrenaline Nicotiniccurare spina cordventra and dorsalfunctionreflexes ascending and descending tracts The hindbrainmedullabiological reflexes ponscrossover cerebellumbalance Midbrainztectumvision and hearing tegmentumreticular formation substantia nigra Forebrain oldhypothalamus biomotivation thalamusswitchboard basal gangliamuscle movements limbic systemmovementamygdala new brain occipital lobevision parietal lobedecisions frontal lobe All of drug action slide vagus stoff is acetylcholine Otto Loewvi studied this in frog hearts The synapse opens calcium flows in and activates transmitters Neurotransmitter criteriaall Abbreviations for qualifiers Agonists vs antagonists ACHE enzyme that breaks it down Physostigmine ESP 1 When dissolving LiCl in water is the amount of heat absorbed in the breakup of the crystal lattice larger or smaller than the amount of heat released in hydrating ions ESERINknow well renshaw cellnicotinic reticuar formation acetylcholine muscular receptor tryptophan 5 HTPserotonin MAO enzyme breaks down serotonin dopamine Dopamine synapseMAO and CDMt Tropolonemao and cdmt inhibitor Exam questions neuron depolarizationhyperhypopolarization how neurotransmitters are deactivates which of the following statements are false Chloridesodium potassium ions neurotransmittershow are they released neuromodulation what initiates an action potential division of the nervous system parasympathetic and sympatheticsimilarities and differences nicotinic receptors noradrenaine as a neurotransmitter difference between sympa and para2 questions what happens to the heart rate of blood pressure and which type of nervous system causes it Nicotinic vs muscarinic neuronganglionnucleus tractsterminology 2 areas of brain involved of synthesis of dopamine Particular part of the brain6 questions function of particular areabio reflexes muscarinic and nicotinic antagonists physostigmine2 how do drugs described work and what neurotransmitters involvesLSD cocainesurpaine renshaw cell difference between alpha and beta receptors2 questions drugs that inhibit enzymesmany given together this drug and this drug might produce heart rate sweating depression how do they work5 questions otto lewis experiment with heart and Ache2 questions GABA Rho 2 questions colata article in student manual criteria for accepting a neurotransmitter substance choinergic receptors in the brain antagonists for cholinergic receptors drugs with specific leads of action part of the brain and its function Difference between fast and slow GABA synapses what kinds of drugs does the enzyme MAO effect hell with article 3 questions gutamate role of dopamine difference between AMPA and NMDA receptors function of dopamine AM PA receptors Pre med question application of drug at some place and what are the complications of drug


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