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by: Nasir Kerluke MD


Nasir Kerluke MD
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nasir Kerluke MD on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST102 at Ohio University taught by DouglasBaxter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/224401/hist102-ohio-university in History at Ohio University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
FINAL EXAM Monday November 23 at 1010 AM IN CLASSROOM 227 BENTLEY Material covered Lectures since the last exam Lect 14 18 h cent Economy amp Society through last day of class Kagan textbook Chap 15 Society amp Economy Under Old Regime in 18 h Cent Chap 18 The French Revolution Chap 19 Age of Napoleon amp Triumph of Romanticism Chap 20 Conservative Order amp Challenge of Reform 18151832 Paul Johnson Napoleon l have mounted a list of IDs for the final exam on Blackboard amp will draw from this list for final What will you need to bring to exam A bluebook purchased in advance none provided in class Pen Yourself Exam format 140 points First Essay question 70 points Second Small Essay question 40 pts 6 Identification Items 30 pts You will always have a choice Sample Large Essay questions I Large Essay Question 45 minutes suggested7O possible points Write a detailed intelligent and wellorganized answer to any ONE of the following questions A Which was more radical the first French Revolution of the National Assembly or the 2nd French Revolution of the Convention Why B How did conservatives after the French RevolutionNapoleon try to oppose the spread of rev ideas C Why is Napoleon significant to the History of Europe D What are the basic features of the Industrial Revolution in England Practical Hints Notice that while these questions are very broad they are really asking you to do two things 1 recall the key ideas from Baxter39s lectures reinforced by central themes of the Kagan or Johnson text and 2 illustrate these themes by as much detail examples as you can Sample Small Essay ll Second Essay Question 25 minutes suggested4O possible points Write an intelligent and concise answer to ONE of the following questions Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England during the eighteenth century What changes took place in the European family in the 18 h century amp why N 3 What role did the average person le peuple play in the French Revolution 4 How was Napoleon a llModern Man who represented a new world from the Fr Rev to the world today Sample IDs Ill Identification Items 20 minutes suggested 5 points apiece a total of 30 possible points Select any of the following items and 1 identi it tell what an item is and 2 explain its significance why it is important in a larger context and worth remembering Hint this can often be done by connecting it to a larger theme It is a wise strategy to always put the word significantsignificance in your ID sans culottes Tennis Court Oath Night of August 4 h Napoleonic Code Advice Less need to budget your time You have full 2 hours but only 2 essay questions small amp large Read questions thru carefully amp select ones to answer you can sketch out a brief outline on your question sheet not bluebook You can began exam in any order Practical Hints Biggest problems with past exams Lack of details for essays Failing to mention significance in Ids Connect ID to larger lecture theme An excellent essay Understands what question asks Demonstrates knowledge of material Provides thoughtful answers Key ideas Many details Is clear and well organized Remember You need to have a broad understanding of major themes and then command of details Don t try to mass memorize Remember themes amp then connect examples details End of Presentation Ids For The Final Exam Thomas Malthus Malthusian Family Structure Great Demographic Transition Great Increase In Population Beginning In 18Lh Cent The New Husbandry Agricultural Revolution Subsistence Agriculture Vicious Agricultural Cycle Potato Enclosure Movement Cottage Domestic or Putting Out System Proto Industrialization Steam engines Coketowns Class Struggle Bourgeoisie Proletariat Le Public Le Peuple Ancien R gime First Estate Clergy Second Estate Nobles Third Estate Commoners Church Tithe Manorial Dues Estates General Cahiers Abb Sieyes s pamphlet What Is The Third Estate Tennis Court Oath Fall of Bastille Night of August 4m October Days National Assembly Declaration of the Rights of Man And The Citizen Assignats Civil Constitution of the Clergy Non Juring Clergy Emigr s Flight to Varennes The Convention J acobins Sans Culottes The Terror Committee of Public Safety Maximilien Robespierre Republic of Virtue Olympe De Gouges Lev e En Masse Cult of The Supreme Being Revolutionary Calendar 9 Thermidor Year II Thermidorean Reaction The Directory Gracchus Babeuf amp Conspiracy Of Equals Military Coup Of 18th Brumaire The Consulate Concordat Of 1801 Code Napoleon Continental System Guerilla War Volksgeist Turnvater J ahn Invasion Of Russia Waterloo Congress of Vienna Congress System Romanticism Liberalism Radicalism Nationalism Utopian Or Pre Marxian Socialism Conservatism Prince Metternich Burschenschaften Carlsbad Decrees Decembrist Revolt Louis XVIII Charles X Revolution of 1830 July Monarchy Louis Philippe Greek Revolution of 1821 Lord Byron Revolutions of 1848 Peterloo Massacre Reform Act of 1832 Rotten Boroughs Chartism Factory Legislation


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