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Cell Phys test 2 Study guide

by: Ashley Lutz

Cell Phys test 2 Study guide BIOL 3301 - 002

Ashley Lutz
GPA 3.756
Laura D Mydlarz

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About this Document

Good luck on the test!!
Laura D Mydlarz
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ashley Lutz on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 3301 - 002 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Laura D Mydlarz in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see CELL PHYSIOLOGY in Biology at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Terms Oxidative phosphorylation Cristae Organelle Posttranslational translocation Cotranslational translocation Transcription Translation Targeting signal Translocon Chaperone TOM complex TIM complex translocation competent amino terminal signal presequence Contact site Peroxisome Nuclear pore Nucleus Nucleoplasm Nucleoporins Cytoplasmic filaments Nuclear basket NLS GAP RGS GDI GEF NES SRP complex SRP receptor SRP signal peptidase GPI anchor Glycosylation Hsp70 Vesicle recruitment signal Sarl GEFSec12 SarlGTP Snare hypothesis Vsnare tsnare Brefeldin A Lysosome M6P tag MPR Triskelion TaySachs and Gaucher39s MPSI Concepts Where is it believed mitochondria came from What is the purpose of the double membrane in the mitochondria Where is the electron transport chain located Where in ATP is the energy stored that we use What are the three steps of cellular respiration What is done in each of these steps overall Which of these steps forms the most ATP Which of these steps require oxygen Which do not Where do each of these steps take place Where are the products of each step transported How is the ATPADP concentration gradient important for moving ATP out of the mitochondrial matrix Why is Hydrogen important for forming ATP What are the gradients in the mitochondria Hydrogen ATP ADP What is one of the major byproducts of the electron transport chain What molecule is the final proton acceptor in the electron transport chain Where are protons translocated from and to in the electron transport chain Where are electrons transported in the electron transport chain What causes an increase in the proton gradient What class of pump is ATP synthase What are the three places ATP synthase is found What is the function of F1 in the ATPase protein What is the function of F0 in the ATPase protein What is the function of the stalk Where is the F1 portion of the ATPase protein located Where is the F0 portion of the ATPase protein located What are the solubility39s of the F1 and F0 sections of the ATPase protein respectively How are the alpha and Beta subunits of the F1 section arranged Which section alpha or beta binds to ADPATP What are the three possible conformations of this subunit Which conformation binds ADP and Pi Which conformation causes ADP and Pi to form ATP Which conformation releases ATP Where is ATP released What protein is responsible for maintaining the Hydrogen gradient after the ATPase has depleted it What force powers the ATPADP antiporter Why are the cristae of the mitochondria important Where would more cristae be found what cellsorganisms How do Cyanide and Carbon monoxide effect ATP synthesis What differentiates between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells What are the benefits to haVing organelles What are the problems of haVing organelles Draw the quotroad mapquot of the protein movement in a cell Where are proteins synthesized What is the difference between membranebound and free ribosomes Where do they send their proteins How do ribosomes assemble Where do decoding and synthesis occur in the ribosome How does the translated protein exit the ribosome Where are targeting signals located How to proteins target for double membrane organelles Where are the targeting signals located in and are they removed for ER Mitochondrial matrix Chloroplasts Peroxisomes Nucleus What target signal is used for mitochondrial matrix proteins How are proteins sent across a membrane What is the other name for the General Import pore How is the presequence removed What is Tom40 made of What gradient effects protein entry into organelles Does transporting proteins require ATP How many paths are there to the inner membrane of the mitochondria What do they all have in common What are the differences How many paths are there to the intermembrane space What are the similarities What are the differences What is the function of a peroxisome How are proteins transported into the peroxisome Are proteins in tertiary or primary structure When they enter the peroxisome What is the Nuclear envelope continuous With in the endomembrane system What is the form of the nuclear pore Is the nuclear pore large or small comparatively What type of symmetry odes the nuclear pore have What type of transport occurs through the nuclear pores name both What determines Which form of transport is used When do nuclear pores expand How is the NLS different from most targeting signals What are the main structures necessary to import a protein into the nucleus Where does this process get its energy What is the difference between ATP and GTP What enzyme is used With GTP in transporting proteins What is the RanGTP cycle describe the stepsphases What are the two mechanisms for nuclear export of proteins Describe each process What is the importance of this concept Where must translation occur because of this What is the primary function of the ER smooth vs rough What type of signal sequence is found on ER proteins What molecule is the source of energy for binding of ribosomes to the ER What happens to the signal sequence for ER lumen proteins How do ER membrane proteins enter the membrane How does a Type 1 membrane protein reach its destination How does a Type 2 membrane protein reach its destination How does a Type 3 membrane protein reach its destination How does a protein insert multiple portions of itself into a membrane Where does the N terminus of the protein end up With regard to the membrane and Why What are the different alterations made to proteins in the ER What is advantage to a GPI anchor vs a membrane anchor Where does glycosylation occur organelle and amino acid Other than protein folding What is the function of molecular chaperones What happens to incorrectly folded proteins What are the results of inherited ER folding diseases What are the results of metabolic disorders What are the results of Cystic fibrosis How is hypothyroidism related to the ER How do the proteins being transported effect the vesicle What form of energy is used for vesicular trafficking How many types of coat proteins are there What are the origins and destinations for COP I COP II Clathrin What are the steps to COPII coat assembly What causes the coat to disassemble What codes for the destination after the coat disassembles Explain the process for vesicles docking and fusing With the organelle membrane How does Botox effect vesicles How does the golgi send back proteins that it received by mistake What are the three sections of the golgi Where are they located in regard to the ER to the cell membrane What are the functions of each section What are the subdivisions of the golgi stack What do they do What are the possible destinations for proteins leaving the golgi What are the two types of sorting signals used by the golgi What prevents bursting lysosomes from metabolizing the cell What cells tend to have higher concentrations of lysosomes What is unique about the targeting signal in lysosomal proteins What type of coating is used on M6P protein carrying vesicles What is the other protein in clathrin coats How does Clathrin assemble What is the function of molecular motors What are microtubule tracks


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